Reflection Week 10

29 Nov

At this meeting, Ms. Lidia divided us into three groups. One group focuses on the classroom environment, the second group focuses on aspects of learning, and the third group focused on aspects of teacher characteristics.

At the time I get the second group.
After division of the group, Ms Lidia our share piece of paper to answer some questions contained in the slide. Questions include, what skills we have, how to develop it, what value we get, we get over the difficulty learning these skills, which affect our motivation to develop these talents.

When finished writing, Ms. Lidya asked us to discuss with other group members in small groups consisting of three persons. In the discussion that I got shinta and novani as my discussion partners, we are with us even though based on the aspect that we have been given previously.

After discussion is complete, we continue to the next activity, go to the library and the internet. The first group to find about the class structure, the second group to find about self-regulation, and the third group seeking about teacher characteristics. In this activity, respectively – each group is further divided into two smaller groups so that there are six groups in the classroom. In small groups we are working to prepare for running the gallery, most of us use books and other references using the internet. After a few minutes to find information and discuss in small groups, we write the results of our discussions on the flipchart provided.

My group, with mita and aida find out about self-regulation. We visited the library together to find out about self-regulation. Based on the book we found, self-regulation is divided into several groups based on grade level. For example, for students in grade K-2, they tend to do things according to setandart adults. For example, they do the work because it was ruled by his teacher, they learn because it was ruled by their parents. So, the brand because it was ordered to do something, because the desire of others, especially adults, not by their own desires.

After each group completed the task, we did a gallery walk. Gallery walk is to help us, especially me in understanding material from other groups.


Nia Salamah



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2 responses to “Reflection Week 10

  1. titiahdewimasitoh

    November 29, 2011 at 6:44 pm

    Nice reflection,Nia..
    When we did gallery walk, I did not come to your group. I come to other groups who had same topics. I get addition information from you in above, you said self-regulation is divided into several groups based on grade level. Could you explain me later again about it?
    Gallery walk help you in understanding material from other groups, What did you get from other group, maybe you can share about it?

  2. mimitgugu

    November 30, 2011 at 8:29 am

    Yes Nia,
    Gallery walk really help us while learn something. First we can understand more about our topics from book or internet searching and also we can explore another topics from other groups explanation. 🙂

    Mita Pustari


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