Reflection Week 10

29 Nov

Last meeting I came late around 20 minutes after class started. I almost couldn’t take attendance on that day. As consequence, I need more time around 5 minutes to take a breath after running from Pancoran busway’s stop to class. When I entered into class, other friends do answering some questions from slides. Ms. Lidya asks me to join with group 2 and follow them to answer the questions. Every group has different questions to answer and I still confuse about the question. Because I won’t disturb other friends, I ask Ms. Lidya about what part that I still confuse about the question. After that we have to discuss with another groups. Hanna, Riyan, and I discuss about each answer. Then, Ms. Lidya guides us to share about what we already discussed. Finally, we find some point who are factors that could motivate from students/teacher/classroom sides. How’s the class structure/self regulation learners/teachers’ characteristics that can give motivation to learn.

Actually, the topics that we learn are about class structure, self regulation learners, and teacher characteristics. Next activities are visiting library or website to search more information about it. My group got topic about self-regulation. Aida, Nia, and I searching in the library and we found psychology book that explaining about self regulation learners based on their grade level. For example for learners on grade 9-12, they already think about their future (Long-range goals) then they manage their self to learn by knowing what methods that could help them while learning. The learning strategies that could help students is teachers can facilitate students to learn by using their own learning methods. It will be help them more.

Self Regulation

We also learn about Mastery Focused and Performance Focused. Mastery Focused is about students learning goals to understand and mastery of the lessons and Performance Focused focus on demonstrating their ability and compared to others.

Teachers should know about the characteristics for each student. Different students also have different strategies to motivate them. As a teacher candidate, we have to believe that we can do it to our students.

Mita Pustari


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One response to “Reflection Week 10

  1. anggraenihna

    November 29, 2011 at 1:22 pm

    Dear Mita,
    thanks for telling me about “self regulation learners based on their grade level”. it’s a new information for me, actually. and I got it from you. 🙂
    I agree with you that “Different students also have different strategies to motivate them”, yeahh we should consider about it as a teacher.
    Thank you 🙂


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