What make us motivated in learning in the class?

29 Nov

That was actually I have learnt in the tenth meeting of MMSEL. I just knew precisely about the factor what made students motivated in learning in the class. There were about class structure, self regulation, and teacher characteristics. I and my friends analyze those factors through discussion (pairs and share) and gallery walk (1 stay 2 stray). In the small group, we share about our experience when we were studying in the primary or secondary school. We share about what condition of class which make us enthusiast in learning, what kind of teacher who can motivated us in learning, and as a learner  how do  we  addressing the phenomena.  Each of us has different experience. For me, I will enthusiast in learning if the situation of the class is comfortable.  Comfortable means that the environment is clean, tidy, and the member of the class was cooperative. While for my friends, he will more enthusiast if the teacher was really understand what the students’ needs and appreciate for every single students work. When the teacher understand about what students’ need and appreciate for every single students work, he felt that he was involved to the learning process. That’s why as a teacher we should have good communication skill with our students. Because through communication, it will bring us to the self relatedness between students and teacher.

After having discussion about those kinds of factor, we go deeper through literature study.  I and my friends go to the ICT lab to find any resources about class structure. We concern on mastery focused and performance focused. Then we draw a flow chart about class structured on a poster. Through poster, we did gallery walk. In this gallery walk, there were one member stay and two members stray. What content which I still remember from the gallery walk is about mastery focused and performance focused. In mastery focused is depending on the effort of students, because in mastery focused is about learning oriented. While in the performance focused is depending on the student’s ability, because in performance focused is about performance oriented. That’s why as a teacher candidates, I reflect on my self. I should consider to the multiple intelligence. Because every students have different intelligent, because of that we are not allow to just focus on mastery focused or performance focused. We should balance both.



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One response to “What make us motivated in learning in the class?

  1. titiahdewimasitoh

    November 29, 2011 at 6:23 pm

    Good reflection..
    We as a teacher candidate, we are not only focus on mastery-focused or performance-focused in teaching process. We try to have various methods or strategies in our teaching. Students in class have different characteristics, some of them are learning oriented, and the others are performance oriented.


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