Reflection week 10

30 Nov

At the 10th meeting of MMSEL course we learn about what kind of classroom, learner, and teacher that can build motivation to learn in school.

First activity, I wrote about classroom that support students to have motivation in learning. We agree that tidy, clean, and comfortable classroom will support students. Besides that the relationship among students, students to teacher will influence students motivation too. If the member of the class care to each other and eager to help each other it will motivate students to learn in that class.

Second is about learner. We have to realize, even though if the classroom and the teacher support to motivate students to learn it is not enough. Students as the learner need to have self regulation to learn. Especially for students in Senior High School, they are still teenager but they have to learn to be responsible for their self. They have to realize that learning will give advantages for their future.

Third, we learn about teacher perspective. We need teacher that eager to motivate students. For example, the teacher want to give extra time for students to teach them about the materials. Teacher need to care to students condition, do not judge students if they get bad mark. The teacher need to be aware to the factors of students’ laziness. Become a teacher is become a super hero. It means that teacher are expected to help students who need them very much.


Ismi Apriliani


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