Classroom Condition for Better Students’ Learning

06 Dec

The previous meeting of MMSEL class was funny and exciting.I was late, only 5 minutes, but unexpectedly Ms. Lydia asked me to go in front of the class. I was surprised because the classroom agreement is 15-20 minutes tolerance for lateness. I just went forward, and in fact Ms. Lydia asked me to review what I have learned in the previous MMSEL class. Fortunately, I remembered little bit from the previous class. I explained to my friends about what makes students motivated while learning which are classroom structure, learners’ self regulation, and teachers’ characteristics. Although I felt not confident, but gratefully I could explain smoothly.

After the review session, Ms. Lydia informed us that at that moment we were going to focus on classroom structure. First, we had to draw a picture of motivating classroom by our own. I was excited because I love drawing, but I was confused what should I imagine to create a motivating class. Finally, I just drew what I have experienced during my study about what motivating class is. Then, Ms. Lydia asked us to stick our pictures on the wall. Then we had to do gallery walk. I was very exciting because I could know about my friends’ perspectives of motivating class based on their ideas. I found so many interesting things during the gallery walk. I learned a lot of valuable knowledge from my friends and their creative ideas. Some of my friends didn’t focus on technology as facilities that encourage students to learn, but they focused on condition for effectiveness and efficiency of learning. I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes, technology obstruct students’ learning.It was nice knowing my friends’ thoughts.

After the gallery walk session, Ms. Lydia asked us to do role play in group and we have to demonstrate about classroom structure which consists of order and safety, success, challenge, and task comprehension. My group got task comprehension, so we had to demonstrate it in our role play. Actually all groups performed excellently. Nevertheless, at this time, I would focus on the first group which performed about order and safety. I learned something from the first group. Teacher should make the classroom in good order, which means all all classroom’s substances should be arranged in good order. This could be done by asking students to clean the class from any trash and make the class neat. It is important for students to learn in good order class because messy class will distract students’ attention in learning. Moreover, safety is the most important thing because without secure condition of classroom, students will learn in under pressure condition.Teacher could prevent students far away from bully and other things that can harm students physic and emotion. I learned it from the first group which consisted of Joey, Huda, Mbak Shinta, Ratih, and Nia. thanks guys. 😀

Faqih Al Adyan




Posted by on December 6, 2011 in Reflection week 11


3 responses to “Classroom Condition for Better Students’ Learning

  1. vaniuno

    December 6, 2011 at 2:51 pm

    Dear faqih, nice to read your reflection. Good order class can create a motivating classroom for the students. and for drawing session, you drew about class condition that you have experienced in your school. Can you tell me more about your picture? because in the last meeting, I don’t have a chance to hear your explanation about your picture because of time limitation.

  2. ratihanindiya

    December 6, 2011 at 8:38 pm

    nice reflection faqih.. by knowing others’ thought, we could make it as inspiration for us to be more creative to make better classroom 😉

  3. aidacho2

    December 7, 2011 at 11:07 am

    Hi Faqih,,

    From many pictures that our class drew, we can collaborate the ideas about classroom climate with different perspective. we can re-think/ re-check again which one that should be in our class in order to makes the students motivate to learn.

    Thanks 😀


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