For students’ sake of safe and easiness… :)

06 Dec

On the 11th week of MMSEL class, we were learning about class climate. Mrs. Lydia asked us to draw a picture about motivating class climate on 15 minutes. After we draw the picture, Mrs. Lydia asked us to do a gallery walk. There were 10 students on each turn to be speaker. Each student who becomes the speaker must explain the meaning of their own pictures of class climate. There was various kind of class climate which is motivated students to learn. Although there was various kind of class climate, I found the similarities between them, such as: clean, unlimited access to search learning sources, and interactive wall to attach students’ work. Some of the picture also showing good relations between students to students and students to teacher, such as: students support and help each other to learn, students want to discuss with their friends, friendly teacher, etc. So, there were so much characteristics of motivating class climate. Should I manage my class to have the characteristics later? I hope yes!

After that, Mrs. Lydia shared a piece of puzzles to each of us. We had to find our friend which has same puzzles then we have to find a phrase from the connected puzzles. The class was divided into four groups based on the phrase on the puzzles, there are: Order and Safety, Success-Self Efficacy, Challenge, and Task Comprehension. I was on first group, order and safety. Each group must present a role play to show the meaning of the phrase they have got. So, my group and I present the class situation which is shown what is order and safety on the classroom.

My group showed how the teacher manages the class in order to make the students feel safe and did not afraid to stay in the class. Teacher has a big role to prevent physical or emotional bullying from the students and the teacher it and make a safe condition for students to learn at class.

Task Comprehension

Evik’s group was showing a role play about task comprehension. I saw that a teacher should consider students’ ability to do the task. So, teacher sometimes need to give self-autonomy for the students to determine what kind of task they want to do. Teacher also needs to make an agreement with the students about the task for “students’ sake of easiness” when they do their task.

I hope my reflection can help you to remember both of order & safety and task comprehension materials. Thanks to Mrs. Lydia and Evik’s group which has taught me to understand this material. 🙂

Shinta Puspita K


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Posted by on December 6, 2011 in Reflection week 11


One response to “For students’ sake of safe and easiness… :)

  1. aidacho2

    December 7, 2011 at 10:58 am

    Hi mba Shinta,,

    I just want to add your reflection because I also in Task Comprehension group, hehe
    In order to motivate students to do their task, teacher also have to explain the purpose/ positive impact of doing that task.

    Thanks 😀


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