It’s totally about class climate

06 Dec

Last week in MMSEL class, we discuss about class climate. What kind of class climate which can motivate students in learning?. First, we learnt about the theories of class climate. They are about safety order (give the students safety or in other words teacher might not to do bully), success (guide them in raising their academic performance through feedback and open ended question), challenge(challenging task), and task comprehension (task which closed to the real life). After that, to ensure our understanding, Mrs Lydia asked us to play a role play. Why must be role play? I guess that, it prepare us to be in real condition so by playing role play we will know what’s going happen in our class. Not only that, for me role play is really help me understand about the concept. I am not really sure that by reading I can understand about the theory precisely. So through role play, it can help me to imagine about the purpose of the theory.
Well, talking about role play I have shared about the distribution of player in role play. Did you still remember guys?. Yah,,, like I ever told you before that in every role play I always get a role as a teacher. So, again and again I role as a teacher. My group has an opportunity to role about “challenge”. What does it mean?. Challenge is a part of teacher role to give a challenge to the students. Challenge here is kinds of challenging task. So in a role play I gave to my students challenging task. First, I asked them work the task individually. After that, I clarify to the students, is the task was easy?. Then they answered, it is so difficult miss I can do it by my self. Well, because of they felt difficult to do individually then I asked them to work in a group. I also guide them in doing the task. For every group who has finished the first task, they can put another which has provided by the teacher. So there was a level of task which is higher and higher. And for the group who was slow in finishing the task, they will be challenged but teacher still guide them in doing that task.
Another role play is about “success”. What success means here?. Here success means that teacher should encourage the students to be success in a learning process. Teacher can guide them if the students find obstacles in doing the task by scaffolding and open ended question. Teacher also give them feed back which can motivate them in learning, so it such a positive reinforcement.
So by giving that kinds of treatments to our students. It can help them to raise their academic performance 


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Posted by on December 6, 2011 in Reflection week 11


One response to “It’s totally about class climate

  1. titiahdewimasitoh

    December 6, 2011 at 6:03 pm

    Very interesting reflection, Desy..
    if we had a role play. of course, you role as a teacher. 🙂
    I believe that we can create a motivating environment in classroom with challenging task and we have to know that every student have different ability.


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