My Reflection 11th week

06 Dec

                Today, we learnt about positive classroom climate. First activity, we started by drawing about what looked like a positive classroom climate. I drew a situation that consists of teacher and students who discuss about the material. Teacher and students help each other, students discussed in group. They mutualy encourage to achieve in understanding the material. if there is any problem when students do exercise or task, they can ask to teacher. I drew about it in my paper, student who was asked to teacher and the situation is serius but fun.

In a positive classroom climate, not only students who try to achieve the goal of learning but also teacher has the goal in learning. Actually, teacher learn more when she/he teachs and delivers the material for students. Students and teacher work together to reach the goal. The goal in creating positive classroom climate is order and safety, sucsess, challenge and task comprehension.

Then, we got the piece of paper which had a series of words and the same color. My color was orange and the series of words forming word “Challenge”. My groups consists of Ismi, Desy, and Ayu. We discussed and made a role play about challenge.  In my group, Desy as a teacher, and the other as students. Teacher provide a challenging learning in class with a challenging task  for students. It can increase perception of their self-efficacy and competence when students succeed on task as challenging. The task has relevant and meaning for students.

Mita’s group shown a role play about success. They explained that success can develop self-efficacy of students. Teacher give a variety of examples and task that has relevant to students life. If students feel difficult in doing the exercise, teacher divide students by scaffolding. Teacher start the lesson with open-ended question and give feedback about their learning progress. If students get a mistake, teacher do not judge of their result/work but teacher tells which one is wrong. Teacher also gives motivation that they can to do the exercise. Mistake is a part of learning process, did not mean that they aren’t success. So, I think that we should not be afraid to try something and then make a mistake, because with the existence of a mistake means that we learn.

Titiah Dewi Masitoh


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One response to “My Reflection 11th week

  1. Shinta Puspita

    December 7, 2011 at 8:26 am

    Nice reflection, titiah…
    “the existence of a mistake means that we learn”
    that sentence is really meaningful.
    Every one will learn from their mistakes. If some one do a mistake then he/she will learn how to do a right thing. 🙂
    Really inspiring word… Thanks


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