My reflection in MMSEL

06 Dec

Today i have new experiences and new knowledge.

Today Miss Lydia start our lesson by asking Faqih to stand up in front of class and retelling about the lesson in last meeting because his the last person which came to the classroom at that time,,,

Actually he is not the last person whose came to class there are Nia and the other came after Faqih standing on the front.

The lesson in that day starting from drawing a picture about an ideal class according to our mind. I drawing a simple class built by ICT Class. Which is in this class all about technology was applied in this class, every student have IPad for sharing and making they work. The class has projector and mini library and screen for projector. The table of teacher consist of a laptop with i7 processor for watching and asses the student work in the class. The class is very comport using full of AC, speaker and headset. This class conduct for high technology class,,, like my dream class,, J

And my friends have so many different perceptions about an ideal class, like green class, moving class. And traditional class but all the class have 1 main set that is clean and comport class.

Then the class continuous about the lesson, the class divides into several group base of cutting paper, and the group builds base the text in the cutting paper which has been grouping.

There are 4 groups; there are success, challenge, task comprehensives, and order. My group is Challenge, in this group we explain all about how the student can going to upper knowledge and feel for competition each other, so it will be increase the self-motivation to reach the goal to be the number one. And the teacher in this part is providing the task from easy to hard for challenge the students in this competition.

And then i will explain about the task comprehensives, in this part the the student should know about the function of lesson. Why the student should learn this lesson? What the function of this lesson? Is this lesson very important for our life? And etc.

Task comprehensives is making student understanding more deeply and more feel valuable to learning the lesson. Student will give the appreciation more if the know the real life function or the basic foundation about why this lesson so important.

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Posted by on December 6, 2011 in Reflection week 11


One response to “My reflection in MMSEL

  1. Desyahrir Pertiwi

    December 7, 2011 at 7:00 am

    nice reflection Andi 🙂
    ya in task comprehension, students should know what’s the lesson conncted to the real life, so as a teacher we sholud consider to our students’ background when we are giving them task 🙂


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