Positive climate could motivate!

06 Dec

From our last meeting on MMCEL’s class, I could learn so many things and it also inspired me about learning activity that could be apply and meaningful on classroom. I wondered how Ms Lydia arranged her lesson plan that had some interesting activity and had no problem on time management (I guess). As we did, introduction with review by Faqih, then we did drawing and presentation session, discussion and role-play. Because of Faqih was the last person who arrived in the class, so he should review the previous lesson. It was not punishment, it was simple that could be one of guide attention that I never got before.

I learned about some factors that influence positive climate on classroom. Ms Lydia asked us to think and draw our future classroom on a piece of paper, as introduction of this content. Then we did gallery walk, I saw some of my friends’ picture. Some of them were focus on facilitations, cleanness, classroom arrangement, needs of students, and students’ characteristics. However, motivating students to learn is not always about facilitation. Four factors can influence classroom’s positive climate. They are order and safety, success, challenge, and task comprehension.

We learned it from the role-play, I was on order and safety group. It consisted of Huda, Jonathan, Shinta, Nia and I. We presented that order and safety is about supporting needs of autonomy of students, which are physical and emotional. I acted as teacher that supporting students’ physical and emotional of autonomy. I started the class by preparing their physical support, like the cleanness of the class and the learning tools that should be ready before class begin. I also encourage students to learn better and finish their project. If there was students who did bullying that could influence other motivation through emotional behaviors, teacher should remind to be respect and having good attitude in the classroom. By this role-play I could realize that emotional and physical pressure influence students on learning. The response depends on the students, some students are trigger to learn by pressure, and however the other probably could drop their motivation.

Success group also did their inspiring role-play. They presented that success is developing learner self-efficacy. The role-play was show us about giving open-ended question and use variety quality of example, and also developing lesson questioning and feedback. Realize that teacher may acknowledge students’ success as a way to appreciate their effort and thus make students motivated. Each student has different standard of success, then they also have a goal to state that they already success if they reach their goal.

Other role-play, teacher should give challenging task for students. Some students can motivate when they accepted a challenging task, then teacher should applied bloom taxonomy theory and encourage them to reach the highest, but we still consider students’ level of ability. To improve motivation, teacher should make sure that students know why the task is given and should be accomplished. This is about task comprehension. Teacher should concern about increasing feeling of autonomy n value of students.

Thank you for helping me understands the lesson, guys!

Ratih Anindiya – 2009110002


One response to “Positive climate could motivate!

  1. hudamarofiq

    December 7, 2011 at 11:12 pm

    Yeah, I do agree with your statement that not only about facilitation. More important are teacher matters; behavior, encourage words, care, appreciations, and many other. But still, facilitation is important in order to support teacher matters.
    However, in some cases lack of facilitation which is should be disadvantage could be turn into good motivation in the hand of great teacher. Again, teacher hold important role.


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