Refelection week 11

06 Dec

As usual, MMSEL course was interesting, because i got new knowledge based on the activities in the class. first, i wanna say thank you to ms.Lydia also Faqih for explain me again about the last meeting that i miss. it is about self regulation, teacher characteristic, classroom environment also mastery goal and performance goal. After Faqih review about that, Ms Lydia asked us to draw our future classroom. at that time, i just thinking about my future classroom that can motivate students in learning. i reflect to my experience in senior high school also in college. i choose the good one to be part of my future classroom. i drew a class with classrooms wall full of students work. and the tables for students can be moved easily. i gave opportunity for students to choose a comfortable place to learn, whether in the table or on the floor. i want my class always clean and accommodate the facilities of students. After we drew it, we have a gallery walk, i saw various picture that represent their future classroom. but, the goal is same,  the classroom will motivate students in learning.

After that, Ms Lydia divided class in to some groups based on piece of paper that we were given. my group consist of Hanna, Eki,Vani, Mita and I. we did role play about success developing learner is about, how the teacher give open ended question when begin the class, giving meaningful example also feedback for students. From other group i also learned about challenge, i saw in their role play the teacher encourages students to do the best in doing work. the teacher motivated them and trying to convince students that they can do, and it can improve of students ability. the teacher give challenge for them, if they finished their work they can take other problem. if a student cant do it, teacher give opportunity to them to discuss with others students. i saw, giving challenge to students can motivated them to do the best in doing work.

i learned a lot in MMSEL course, very inspiring. 🙂

Triana Afriani


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  1. arifinnn

    December 6, 2011 at 10:51 pm

    inspiring,, yes inspiring.. 🙂
    challenge is the important thing that teacher has to give to students.
    by providing a challenge, students will be motivated to reach their best performance goal in learning process.. 🙂


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