Reflection Week 11

06 Dec

This week was the eleventh week we studied about MMSEL. This week was talking about class climate. There are several methods that Ms. Lidya use in teaching us. The first one is about drawing. Again, Ms. Lidya asked us to draw about class climate that can support our learning activity. My drawing actually quite bad. I’m really sure that drawing is not my skill/intelligence. So, I gave my best effort as best as I could to draw about it. The ideas about class climate that can support our learning activity are the communication and environment. Communication must be build between students in a group/activity, students and teacher, and students in a different group/activity. The examples of supporting environment are announcement board, poster board, cupboard, sitting position, and many more.

After that, we did a ‘gallery walk’ activity. As the drawer, we play a role as a painter that will explain our picture. I explained my picture about seven to eight times. The most common question that appears is about the arrow. I draw many arrows to explain about the communication that happen between students in a group/activity, students and teacher, and students in a different group/activity. After that, I visited some of my friends’ work. The most memorable one for me is Aida’s picture. Aida draw the class climate that similar with my class in SD Antonius. The most interesting part is in the clock location. The clock located in the middle of the class’ wall. For me, it was very innovative and effective for teacher and students in the classroom.

Last activities are group discussion, role play, and class discussion. First, we discussed the topic that given from Ms Lidya. Ms Lidya divided four big topic into four group, so each group will get a different topic. My group consisted of me, Ratih, Huda, Nia, and Shinta with the topic is Order and Safety. After discussing about the content, we divided the role of each person. Ratih will be the teacher, Shinta and Nia will be the ‘bullied-students’, and Huda and me will be the ‘bad-students’. Our role play was good and all of our friends got the message from it.

Another group that engaged my attention is Mita’s group. They explained about Success Developing Learner’s Self-Efficacy. I got several points from their role play:

  • Teacher provides open-ended question (in this situation, Mita (the teacher) asked about median)
  • Teacher provides variety of examples (in this situation, Mita give the examples if the data is odd and even)
  • Teacher gives appropriate feedback (in this situation, the feedback is for all students’ answer

Overall, the class activity for today is really meaningful and engaged my attention. I learned a lot from today’s learning. 🙂


Jonathan Saputra


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