Reflection week 11

06 Dec

On Last week, there was MMSEL session as usual. It was also the first day Mrs. Lidya asked students to present their understanding about previous topic. It only happened for latest students that came to the class. Faqih, as the latest students came, had to present his understanding about previous topic in front of class.

After that, there was drawing session. It was like an elementary school activity, but I like it. We were asked to draw an ideal class condition so that it can support students to learn optimally in it. In fifty minutes later, we had gallery work about our picture that we had made. There were so many amazing pictures. We had different idea and complete each other, and we had to share our picture to our friends.  We did it in thirty minutes.

After the activity, Mrs. Lidya divided class into 4 groups. The next activity we had to perform our role play. Each group gets their different topic. The topic were about; order and safety, challenge,  and task comprehension. My group performed about task comprehension. It was about how teachers gave comprehension about the value of the task that they gave to students.

Besides our own group performance, I also see the other group. It was “order and safety” group. This group performed how to give an order and safety to students.  The teacher showed a physical safety such as asking students to clean their class from garbage. In the other sides, teacher gave emotional safety by giving motivation to students in doing project and gave a guardian to students, so students stay in the right way. That’s on the safety aspect. On the order aspect, teacher gave an authority to students to choose topic of students’ project. It allows students to build and develop their idea in learning process. Not only that, it is possible to increase students motivation can confidence in learning.

Nur Arifin (2009110006)


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2 responses to “Reflection week 11

  1. anggraenihna

    December 6, 2011 at 11:33 pm

    I agree with your statement, ipin.
    “We had different idea and complete each other…” . yes, we have to share each other, it can add our knowledge. right? 🙂
    and I agree that teacher can develop students’ idea by giving them authority in choosing a topic for their project. they can decide their own way to do a project and makes their thinking more creative.

  2. hudamarofiq

    December 7, 2011 at 11:39 pm

    When I read your reflection, I remember my time in senior high school. In there, some teachers gave tasks to students just for formality procedure. They never told my friends and I what is the importance of what is the value that they want to delivered through the tasks. As result, the students done the task also just for the sake of formality. Soon the students forgot about the way they done the tasks.
    Thanks God for giving us this lesson.


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