Reflection week 11

06 Dec

This week, we made a picture again 😀 . I felt not confidence to draw anything because I never draw something again for a long time, so I think that my picture is not good enough. Miss Lydia asked us to drawn about what kind of classroom which motivate us to learn. I drawn a classroom which there are some groups of students in discussion and the teacher moved around the class to observed each group in their discussions and guide them to make their discussion get the goals. it means that the teacher as facilitator and the students can feel free to share their opinion.

Then, I made a window as a symbol of fresh air. i also made a trash can to show the cleanliness. those are can make the students feel comfort when they are learning. i drawn a laptop and a book, to shown that the teacher use ICT and resources in their teaching and learning process. I think there are so many characteristic of a classroom which can motivate us to learn, but I just drawn some of the characteristic.

when my friend and I did gallery walk, I feel interested with Eki’s picture. because she drawn two kind of class, the first one was like moving class and the other was like traditional class. the first picture shown a class with chairs of the students that formed a circle and the teacher is in the middle of them. so the teacher can manage students easily. the students also can see each other easily.

After that, we did a role play in each group. My group is about success developing learning efficacy. Teacher starts the class with open ended question and giving students the examples. Make students believe that they can do the exercises and gives feedback. From the other group, which was about challenges, I learned that it’s about giving students structured task, like gives students some exercises from the easy one, middle, until difficult (more challenging) or higher problem. Teacher also gives support if there are some students cannot do the tasks well. The challenges tasks can make students improve their ability in doing exercises or problem from the teacher.

It was a great lesson! 🙂





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3 responses to “Reflection week 11

  1. arifinnn

    December 6, 2011 at 10:34 pm

    yes, Hana..
    it was a great lesson..
    by providing a challenge, our students will motivate to reach their performance goal in learning process.
    I think it is important thing for teacher to increase students motivation.. 🙂

  2. mimitgugu

    December 7, 2011 at 6:41 am

    Yes Hanna,
    teachers not only giving them task and exercise that can challenge them but also teacher have to help and support them if they had difficulties. It will be make them feel safe on that class.

    Mita Pustari

  3. ismiapriliani

    December 7, 2011 at 9:30 am

    I imagine, if we can apply the theories about classroom that can motivate students to learn and aspects that can support them, Indonesian classroom will be fun and meaningful. If all classroom have an ideal situation like that, I believe that we will find high spirit to learn wherever and whenever 🙂


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