reflection week 11

06 Dec

In week 11 we learnt about good classroom environment. First activity, we drew our opinion about effective classroom. My perspective about good classroom is class which owns by each teacher. The teacher has their own decision to decorate their classroom. The classroom is designed according to the subject that the teacher taught. Each classroom provides facilities that support students learning, like books, computer, etc.

After we drew our dream future classroom, we display it in class. Students are divided into two big groups. While group one explain their own picture, group two arrive to each of students. Then we exchange role.

I visited the picture that Evik, Huda, Fitri and Mita drew. All of them drew pictures of motivating classroom. Mita and huda’s picture describe a class with high technology, while Fitri’s picture describe a class that carry equity. Eviks’ class describe a clean and neat class that make students comfortable to study.

Second activity, Ms. Lydia gave us a piece of puzzle. We have to joint all the pieces of puzzle. After we joint all of the pieces, we will get a phrase of type classroom. Then we will do role play about it. Four types of classroom are order and safety, success, challenge and task comprehension. My group did role play about challenge classroom.

Task comprehension means teacher gives a detail and structure assignment to students. Consider students level of understanding and consider self-autonomy. The goal of task comprehension is to make students understand the purpose of the task, so the students will get the advantage of the task. Students are not only do the task but also will understand the meaning of the subject.

That’s all the reflection of week 11. Thanks.

Rahayu kinasih




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One response to “reflection week 11

  1. evikvedpriagung

    December 6, 2011 at 4:51 pm

    Nice reflection Ayu, Thank you so much Ayu, because yo remember about my picture, thank you my daughter, you are very lucky because you have a good and responsible mother. heheheheheheheh.
    Okay, yes, we must be prepare about our task, don’t give difficult task for our students, because it can make students not comfort. Also thanks for your group that present about Challenge, because of your group, I understand about it. ::)


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