The Definition of a Classroom Climate (Article Group 3) – Week 11

06 Dec

A classroom climate is the combination of variables within a classroom that work together to promote learning in a comfortable environment. There are many different variables that influence a classroom’s climate and certain elements, that are required to establish a successful learning environment:

  • Learning Locale

A classroom’s function is first and foremost to cultivate learning. Students should sense a classroom’s academic atmosphere from the moment they enter it. Every item in the classroom needs to emphasize learning in some fashion. Desks-position, teacher’s content area, board, and other learning locale are designed based on the needs in the class.

  • Respectful Room

In order for students to learn properly, a classroom climate has to include respect. Students all enter the classroom with a past, and they can often bring their problems into the class with them. However, a class climate cannot function properly if students are bickering or disrespecting one another. The teacher can help define his classroom climate by emphasizing the importance of respect on the very first day of class and dealing with outbursts accordingly. Respect is not limited to the students; teachers have to respect their students as much as they want their students to respect them.

  • Safe Space

Respect is only one of the classroom climate variables that promote learning. It does not guarantee that the classroom is a safe space, which is equally important for a classroom atmosphere. A safe space means that students are free to express themselves without the fear of being teased, harassed or bullied. Teachers create a safe space by using a zero-tolerance policy for any hateful or discriminatory behavior. Teachers can also model the behavior they wish their students to emulate to help define their class climate.

  • Teacher Tact

A teacher’s behavior has a great impact on his classroom climate. Teachers often spend too much time on how they want their classrooms to look or their students to behave that they neglect to focus on attuning themselves to their classroom climate. Teachers are a central variable in defining a classroom climate because they set the tone for their students to follow.

  • Student Synergy

Once teachers organize their classes to promote learning, establish a climate of respect and safety and behave in a way they wish their students to follow, it is up to the students to create the classroom climate that is specific to their personalities. Every classroom climate is different because it relies so heavily on the variables within it. Students make up the most populous of these variables and, when they feel they are in a safe and respectful environment, they will express themselves freely. Students’ personalities are integral in a unique and successful classroom climate.

Classroom Climate that Based on Students' Needs


Based on our discussion through this article and the lesson on the 10th and 11th weeks, we conclude that the classroom climate is one of many things that will influence students motivation to learn. Through this article, the conclusion that we made from this articles are:

  • We should consider the classroom tools position. The position itself may help or not the teacher and students’ activity in the class. Classroom situation also have to build respect, trustworthy, and togetherness among students-teacher also student-students. Based on Order theory those methods will help us to make a positive classroom environment.
  • Students need to feel safe in the class, so that they will feel free and confident to express their opinion in the class. Based on Safety theory this method will help us to make a positive classroom environment.
  • Teacher need to have big influences in motivate student and create a positive classroom climate. Teacher as a role model of student, that’s way the teacher should show a good attitude in front of student. To become a great teacher, teacher need more afford to do it. Because teacher should spend more energy and time.

Relate with safe theory in build a positive environment in classroom. Teacher should encourage student to respect each other. No bullying in the class, so every student free to show their ability, personality, and interest.


Group 3:

Jonathan Saputra (2009110004)

Aida Rahmi (20009110014)

Fitriyani (2009110020)

Hanna Anggraeni (2009110036)

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