Time to Show (Again) :D

06 Dec

Thursday, 1st of December 2011

Today is second meeting after mid-term, I don’t know why, I don’t have spirit to go to campus, maybe it’s because I have done so many things, before I arrived in Campus, I feel so sleepy, but I still have struggle to fight my laziness, huh, even though it’s very hard. As usual I sit in the second row from whiteboard, my favorite place in MMSEl class, and the class started at 8.10 o’clock.

It’s not usual, not like the previous meeting and the other last meeting, in the first, if someone come late to the class, they will be review material in the previous meeting, I think it’s quite interesting, because it can make us more strike with the time. Don’t come late if you don’t want to get a big surprise. Hehehehheehhe. In this week, the lucky friend is Faqih, because he came in the last, so he must review about teacher, learner and environment that can give more motivation to learn

After this review, Miss Lydia give explanation about what will we learn today, yeah today we learn about Classroom Climate that give motivation to us as students. After that, we divided into 4 groups to do role play based on the paper that we get. Wow, Role play, I am exciting directly, my sleepy also gone directly. Is it strange I think No, because I love role play, I love acting, and I love to be a center of attention. My group consists of Ipin, Aida, Fitri, Faqih, and I. All of us are a good actress/actor, hehehehhehe. Okay I’ll explain briefly, we explain about task comprehension that give self-autonomy to students, it’s mean that as a teacher, we must consider about the task, we must make like agreement to student so that students don’t feel hard to do our homework.

About Order and Safety
This part is explained and role played by Jonathan, mbak Shinta, Huda, Ratih, and Nia, they also good actor/actress in this class. I think all of my friends in Section B are good actor/actress, hehehehehe. But, I don’t talk about the acting but I’ll talk about content, Order and Safety.
From their role play, I more understand about this topic, as a teacher we must prepare about students’ safety. It’s actually happen in real class. For Example, when the teacher give project to students, and some group can do well, but other group not, sometimes the good group (the group can do well) often give negative reinforcement like said huuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, “gitu aja gak bisa”, “ih gimana sich, dasar malas”, “gak mau berusaha sih”, etc. Actually it can increase self-esteem students that can’t do well in the project. Based on the case, teacher must prepare about it, the teacher must make students that can’t do well feel safe and encourage them so that they can do better in the next step. Teacher also give advises so that the student’s confident can back again or the advises can help students to work better like Ratih did in the Role Play. Thank You for this group, all of you can make understand about order and safety.

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One response to “Time to Show (Again) :D

  1. Shinta Puspita

    December 7, 2011 at 8:21 am

    Thank you Evik,

    your reflection make me remember about the fourth group explanation.
    I agree with you that teacher should consider the students’ need and one of the way is through give self-autonomy to the students when they need to do some task. 🙂


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