Reflection week 11

07 Dec

At the last meeting of MMSEL course, we did some activities. First activity is drawing. Ms Lidya, asked us to draw a classroom situation. Actually, I am confuse how to draw a classroom situation because my drawing ability is not so good, but I tried to do it. I drew a classroom situation where students can discuss and become active learner. In classroom that I drew the students feel free to give opinion, to ask and answer question. There is no stupid questions in that class. In that classroom, teacher has a role as facilitator, so the students center learning work well. I also tried to draw that the teacher give opportunities to students to use technology in that class. Because in students centered learning students need some resources, not only from their text book and their teacher. Students also can get knowledge from internet, and other resources. After the drawing session, we did a gallery walk. Some of us explain to others about the meaning of our drawing,

After the gallery walk, Ms Lidya ask us to do role play. My group have to do role play about influence of challenge from teacher to students motivation. In the role play, we showed that when the students feel that challenges from the teacher is too difficult for them, the teacher do not decrease the difficulties levels. The teacher need to do other strategy. That strategy is about Zone of Proximal Development. So, teacher give chance to students to do the challenge in group, hence they can discuss and solve the challenges. When students success in solve a challenging task, it will increase their self efficacy. they will ask another challenge from the teacher.

Besides influence of challenge, there are some of topic that influence students motivation in classroom. I want to explain about success that group 1 explained through the role play. In that role play I learn that teacher need to ensure the students that they can do the task. It can be a way to increase students’ self efficacy. For example, the teacher gives open ended question to students. Then teacher trigger students to give their opinion, after that students will convey their argument. Teacher have a task to give feedback to students’ argument. Comment from the teacher can increase students’ self efficacy if it is delivered by positive way, although students’ opinion is not really appropriate. But, teacher comment also can decrease students’ self efficacy when it is delivered by negative way. Other example to make students feel success is give them an example of problem in detail. It can make students feel that they can do the next problem from the teacher.

Ismi Apriliani


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Posted by on December 7, 2011 in Reflection week 11


One response to “Reflection week 11

  1. fitriyanimajid

    December 7, 2011 at 12:21 pm

    wonder to know your drawing presentation Ismi :).
    About challenge in teaching mathematics, I think we really need to give challenge for our student. that’s way differentiate instruction is very useful when teaching in the classroom.


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