Eleventh Reflection

08 Dec


This week, my friends and I have learned about Climate Variable that could promote students’ motivation in the learning. There are four variables; those are self efficacy, challenge, order and safety, and task comprehension. For the first time, Ms Lydia asks us to draw an ideal classroom from our opinion. Each student draws it then put it on the wall. Then we have gallery walk time, there are some visitors and architects. The architects should explain what is the meaning of their picture to the visitor and maybe getting some opinion from them. My ideal class is about moving class system. I wish have that class when teaching in the real class. After that my group has an opportunity to present a role play about “Success: Developing Learner Self Efficacy”. There are some points that should be highlight in our role play those are teacher should be open the class by open ended question; in the learning process teacher should use variety of high quality examples; provide scaffolding before expecting students to work on their own and detail feedback about learning progress. Another group presents about challenge. It’s interesting for me because teacher should give variety of challenge problem from the easy one to the difficult one. It will promote students’ motivation. They belief they can do it. In the real class, when the students couldn’t answer one question, they will need a help either from the teacher or the other friends. It will be takes time if they should solve by their self. Another condition maybe happen because the friends could answer their question one’s students would be keep trying their best to solve one problem.



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