Tenth Reflection

08 Dec

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Week ten is the first time I couldn’t attend the class just because of my unwell condition. What I have learned with this situation? From my friends’ explanation, I know that there are three causes that could promote students’ motivation in learning those are students’ self-regulation, teacher characteristics and classroom climate variables. This session focused on students’ self regulation.  Singer and Bashir (1999) state in their article that self-regulation is considered a “meta” construct that is specifically defined as “a set of behaviors that are used flexibly to guide, monitor, and direct the success of one’s performance”. When I’m trying to relate it in students’ condition, I believe that students always need motivation, thought process and also strategies to reach their personal goals. That’s why they need a teacher in their class. In the learning process there are two kinds of learning focus those are Mastery Focus and Performance Focus. Mastery focus learning only focus in the learning process (how the students engage in the class) and Performance focus learning only focus in the performance (getting high grade). In my opinion those focuses is supporting each other in the process increasing students’ motivation and this is one of teachers’ job that should balancing that’s part. I should highlight this part because I just realized most of my teacher always use score that I’ll get in motivation time.


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