Be a Motivator . . .

13 Dec

In this meeting, firstly Ms. Lidya asked us to show our feeling at that time with only express it through our face expression. Because of last night I slept late, so I showed sleepy expression. But, by looking my friends expression, it decrease my sleepy feelings, hehe, they were so funny 🙂

After that activity, Ms Lydia explained us about other things that influence student motivation to learn. It is an instructional variable. We were asked about what factors that makes students interest to the lesson or task, and we answered as follows: the lesson or task is about something new, useful, challenging, related to real life situation, makes curious, given in the right time, we need the knowledge, delivered by using visual aid, games, ICT, video or film, fun but still effective, there are some rewards, the teacher is humorist and not “killer”, combination activity with kinesthetic and visual, and the classmates are motivating.

We also watched a video about learning process in a kindergarten. On that video show us about the power of teacher instruction that makes students obey the rule through interesting way. After we watched that video, we discuss it in pair. Beside the positive effect from teacher instruction, we also find the limitation. We conclude that through that instruction, students may always wait teacher instruction, so they cannot increase their initiative, because on that video, teacher always give instruction for the whole activity in that class. That’s our opinion.

The last activity was motivation session. The blog’s groups were asked to become a motivator for our classmates. My group chose a topic about the motivation of our friends to be a teacher is about their own passion or only to find a job for their need (money). Through that motivation session, we hope that our friends will have a motivation to be a teacher not only about money. Unfortunately, my performance was not going well, it because of lack of preparation. But, from this session I learnt much about other group performance and also my group. Aida Rahmi 2009110014


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2 responses to “Be a Motivator . . .

  1. evikvedpriagung

    December 13, 2011 at 11:41 pm

    Nice reflection aida, you said that, your sleepy decrease after you see your friends expression, how about my expression? Hahahaha.
    I wanna ask you, do you have any idea, how to teach students in the first meeting, so that the firs meeting can make students feel enjoy with us.

  2. radianekipur

    December 14, 2011 at 8:52 am

    I didn’t understand when Fitri trying motivate us but she is laugh. But overall topic that your group try to express quite interesting. Trust me not all of students in SSE wants to be a teacher. Whereas Indonesia really need new generation of teacher like us.


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