13 Dec

The first things that come to my mind about our last meeting are ‘Face-book-update’ and role-play day! 😀

We began with showing our expression at that time in the circle. We were making a big circle and showing our expression without saying anything. I thought that some of my friends were ‘pretending’ their mood; they showed happy, curious, sad, and everything, but I guess they all felt sleepy. 😛

This topic was about instructional variable and we did motivation role-play to understand about it. This topic consists of introductory focus, personalization, feedback, assessment and learning. Introductory focus is saying about lesson beginning that attracts student attention and provides a conceptual framework for the lesson. Teacher should make her/his first meeting becomes ‘eye catching’ and meaningful learning. It can be a motivation to students because they LOVE the SUBJECT, not the teacher. Personalization is about linking the subject with real life situation. Wondered that my high school teacher never did like this, they always directly jumped into the lesson without motivating us. It is terrible for students like me (who already realize it) because I don’t know the purpose and objectives that we should learn about that. Students will be motivated if they know the goals and application in real life.

After a little lecturing, we were asking to do role-play. As we did before, I did a little discussion with my group; Faqih, Andi, and Nia. The idea was motivating teachers’ candidate to be better future teacher with fashionable way. I was being a motivator like Mario Teguh. I don’t think I did perfectly like Mario Teguh because I never found he ever explained about ‘fashionable teacher will motivate students’. The main point of my own motivation session was teacher should be fashionable in cover and in their soul. The reason is, fashionable teacher will be a good motivator because of they are good looking. However, fashionable isn’t always about good looking, it also about fashionable heart of teaching. Teacher should be creative, active, and lots of spirit, it comes from teacher soul and heart, and then they will be a good motivator for students. By using this, the instruction that I explained in motivation session, it could make my friends/audiences be motivated to be a teacher. If we cannot make them directly love the subject, let them love us then motivate them to love the subject. 😀

I have been trying to be fashionable-motivate-cheerful-inspiring-extraordinary teacher! I can do it, I will do it, I pray for it! 😀

Ratih Anindiya


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Posted by on December 13, 2011 in Reflection per week, Reflection week 12


One response to “Fashionable-Motivate-Teachers!

  1. SeñorJoeyPanjaitan

    December 13, 2011 at 6:34 pm

    Dear Ratih,

    wow, it is great to see your posting, makes me feel like I also attend the classroom in that day. 😦
    Well, I agree with you that fashionable teacher is not limited on the outlook, but also considering the heart of the teaching itself.. Good reflection!! 😀

    Jonathan Saputra


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