Instructional Variables

13 Dec

Thursday, Desember 8th, 2011

Yeah, today is MMSEL class again, I don’t feel sleepy like last week, I have more spirit today, even though I feel tired because so many assignments, hehehehehehe.

Today, we learn about Instructional Variables, it’s about instructional that can develop students’ interesting in learning. Instructional variables consist of introductory focus, personalization, feedback, assessment and learning. Introductory focus is talking about first impression in the first meeting, like example from Miss Lydia , when we arrived in SSE in the first time, we have so many question, how the learning process will be run? We have so many feelings like scary, afraid, and curious about the learning process in SSE, Actually not only us, but most of students when they came as freshmen in their new school. It’s very important that in the first meeting, teacher must give good example to them, so that, the students have motivation to follow learning process and not afraid again. After that, we talking about personalization and giving feedback.

After we learn the material, miss Lydia ask me to discuss in group to be a motivator, and present it in front of our friends. I’m very interesting when I hear this, my spirit increase fastly, hehehehehhehe. My group consist of, Novani, Titiah, and Huda. We are a good combination in that time. We want to give motivation about multiple intelligences. We present not in the classroom, but we present in front of SSE, so it feel like outdoor class. Very interesting, hehehehhehe. We have number two to present our motivation. Huda as moderator, Novani as someone that has intelligence in Music (Agnes Mo cerai), and Titiah as someone that has intelligence in Sport (Valentina Risa), andI am as motivator. In our motivation we talk about multiple intelligences, every students is unique, so that we cannot coercive our students to be good in mathematics if the has good in music, it’s no problem, when, the study mathematics, but don’t make them o be expert in everything. Everyone has strength and weakness. So we must proud about our students has. This is the main point about our motivation.

I think enough for today, I feel happy, because today we present again and role play again like last week, hehehehehhe. Hopefully in the next meeting, there is a role play again. 😀


Evik Dwi Priagung


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One response to “Instructional Variables

  1. vaniuno

    December 13, 2011 at 6:03 pm

    Same with me, evik. last week, I really enjoy the class with the various activity. Motivation session when we act as a motivator is really interesting activity. That activity is like increase our motivation. We share about different theme, for sure its really interesting. We learn a lot from other groups performance. Really nice! 🙂


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