Motivator Teacher Candidate :)

13 Dec

This is my reflection about a great motivator in our self as a teacher,,,

Today i learn so many thing about motivation but the important thing in this part is located how we as a teacher can be an inspire people or our student by our talent. 🙂

That so many thing, I get from Ratih. I get how to be a fashionable teacher which is it must looking good inside and out side. From Fitri and Aida how to be a great teacher without thinking how much we pay to be a teacher?. From Huda we get how to serve our student which having different need and intelligence as an human being.

I believe in my heart when I feel with my heart what Huda said about teacher is only can be serve in general way but teacher also should good personal approach to their student, because teacher is come from a human with so many deficiency, error and fail but improve their ability to making deficiency, error and fail is our strength as human being.

I remember that life is so easy and sometime it’s running very complicated, but Allah always with us to support us to be stand up in here in SSE until today, like Nur Aripin said that if you want to NOT SAD so let’s DONOT SAD, if you want to NOT LAZY so DONOT LAZY and if you want to NOT GALAU so DONOT GALAU,,,

First i think that’s word very easy to said but very hard to show in the real life, but it’s really easy when you believe that you can apply that’s theory in your real life. 🙂

Actually as a teacher I feel in this university we must show how our friends can feel our spirit as student, we can making a good thing. If we can not making good thing for at least can making our self feel calm and enjoy for survive and breaking the challenge to reach our goal. 🙂

Thank you my friends,,, without you I’m cannot stand in here,,, 🙂


Posted by on December 13, 2011 in Reflection week 12


2 responses to “Motivator Teacher Candidate :)

  1. fitriyanimajid

    December 13, 2011 at 5:47 pm

    good reflection andy. every people have their own way in motivate their student. which one do you choose andy?

  2. anggraenihna

    December 14, 2011 at 7:20 am

    nice reflection Andi,,
    yeaa, sometimes it’s hard for us to realize the words “Don’t be like this, Don’t be like that..”
    but we should be believe with our selves. we can do anything as a well as we want to do that.



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