Motivators / Trainers… “Action”

13 Dec

The previous MMSEL class was exciting. The class full of activities (acting). At the first time, Ms. Lydia asked us to make a big circle, then we had to express our face based on the pictures in power point slide. It was a funny activity because I could see how my friends expressed their face when being sad, surprised, happy, guilty, and so on. Their faces were so funny, and sometimes disgusting. Hahahhaha :p

I was learning about instructional variables. I was so excited because at that moment, Ms. Lydia asked us to act or do role play again. But, at this moment, we had to act as motivators or trainers. I thought it was little bit difficult, because for me, motivating students or people is hard. I used to decrease my friends’ self-esteem. Hahaha. I know it’s ridiculous, but that what I heard from my friends. Therefore, I just let my friends in my group to do the role as a motivator/trainer. Finally, Ratih was ready to be a trainer. We were confused at the beginning to decide what topic would be delivered in our group performance. Eventually, we found an interesting topic which is fashionable teachers. We would train new generation of teachers how to be fashionable teachers who could be role models and center of attention.

My group got the first chance to perform. It made my group nervous. Although the performance should be performed outside of campus, which is so hot and crowded, my group just went ahead and focused on what we were going to deliver to our audiences. Ratih did her role as well. After my group performed, I got my chance to be audience. It was my time to see how my friends would be motivators/trainers. In fact, my friends did their job very well. They were excellent. Moreover, I was laughing when Ipin acted as a motivator. He was so funny. Although I realized that he didn’t apply positivism theory. He always told us by using a word “don’t/jangan” which means negative expression.

Actually in that class was learning about instructional variables, but to be honest I didn’t really get the point what instructional variable is, because I just focused on the role play. So guys, could you tell me about the concept of instructional variable. Billion thanks for you 😀

Faqih Al A



Posted by on December 13, 2011 in Reflection week 12


2 responses to “Motivators / Trainers… “Action”

  1. Andi Firmansya Syahri-Asyach

    December 13, 2011 at 5:30 pm

    heheheh nice reflection faqih,,

    hehe i agree with you i do not get the point of the lesson last meeting but, it’s still fun and touching my heart to be great motivator in the future one day,,

  2. fitriyanimajid

    December 13, 2011 at 5:54 pm

    How do you know that your friend happy, shame, sad, surprise, happy, exited, and etc? so, can you guess you friend feeling by look into their face?


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