Never Doubt to your choise

13 Dec

Last Thursday, there was MMSEL section as usual. I was not in good condition. I got an acident a day before. However, I could not let my self sad. I have to be happy, because it was nothing. This condition was apropriate when the class began (opening session). Mrs. Lidya wanted to see our mood on the day. Mostly, students were in good mood include me. we showed a smile that indicated our mood.

After showing our mood, we talk about the topic ”developing interest learning activity”. It was about how to make our students interest to our students. It aims to get students attention in learning process, so students can focus to understand about topic of subject we teach. We discuss about anything that can make our students interest and why it can make our student interest. Besides that, Mrs. Lidya showed us a video. The video was about teacher that gives instructions to students or kid in learning process. This video showed us that in giving instructions to the students, teacher has to control students so they can follow teacher instructions. Then, we shared the video content to our pairs.

After we discuss it, we were asked to join to our group. We would have a seminar in that class. The seminar was about motivation. Each group has to disscuss what we would speak to the audience. One of the member group had to be a motivator that performed in front of the class. Fortunatelly, we were not in class, but outside the class in presentation or giving  motivation. The motivator of each group were; Ratih, Riyan, Fitri, and I (Arifin). At the time, we were amateur motivator. 🙂

In my mind, Ratih and Riyan give motivation about how to be a motivative teacher and get students interest in learning process. Fitri and I gave motivation about how to make ourselves believe with our decision to be a teacher. When I perfomed to give motivation to the audience, I could not focus to my topic. I tried to give motivation to my audience. It was about not to doubt to our decision to be a teacher.  We can be sure if we did not doubt to our decision. So, never doubt to the decision to be a teacher. 🙂

Nur Arifin (2009110006)


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2 responses to “Never Doubt to your choise

  1. ratihanindiya

    December 13, 2011 at 6:29 pm

    thank you for motivating me to still on the track to be a teacher 😀
    a very powerful motivation with statement “kalo gak mau malas, jangan malas”, it wake me up!
    aaaah i forgot to add the movie session on my reflection 😥 that class was really strict to the rules however they enjoyed the class. it’s really inspiring 🙂
    thanks Ipin for motivating and reminding me hehehe

  2. trianaafriani

    December 13, 2011 at 9:02 pm

    Great motivation ipin 🙂
    you can convince us again to be a teacher,
    i love your statement ” untuk mengatasi sebuah keraguan atau yang lainnya, kata ampuh adalah “jangan” ” i think it just the simple word, but its hard to apply it. but we need to tried it.
    Thanks ipin


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