Reflection on week 12

13 Dec

The topic for this week was about Instructional variable. Before we began the lesson, Ms. Lidya asked us to think and share about something that we like and it also interesting for us. I thought about shopping, it is very interesting for me because I like to see the items (cuci mata) in the store, Mall,ect and if there are cheap and there is a discount or sale, I’m really like it and I’ll try to buy it. Next, it related with the topic today, Instructional variable. There are four factors that developing interest in learning activities.

First, introductory focus is about how to attract students’ attention in beggining the lesson and provide a conceptual framework for the lesson. Second is personalization, teacher attempt to connect the topics with students life in order to increase students’ interest in learning activity.Third is involvement, students are actively participating in a learning activities. Teacher can promote involvement by using open-ended question and hands-on activities. Fourth, feedback is about learning progress that essential for both learning  and motivation. Feedback follows a formative assessment, exercise to guide teaching and the student’s learning. When feedback indicates that competence is increasing, self-efficacy and self-determination both improve, and intrinsic motivation increases.

The next activity, Ms. Lidya asked us to make a role play about an event that give motivation to the teacher candidate. My group consists of Huda, Evik and Novani. Evik has a role as a motivator, Huda as a presenter, Novani and I as guests. We would give motivation about multiple intelligences. Based on Howard Gardner theory, multiple intelligences have eight basic intelligences. They are linguistic-verbal, logical-mathematical, visual-spatial, bodily-kinesthetics, musical-rhythmic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalist. In our role play, I am as Valentina Risa, a person who is strong bodily-kinesthetics because I am a rider. Novani as Agnes Mo Cerai, a person who is strong musically-rhythmic because she is a singer. We had different capability. So in learning process, we has strength and weaknesses. But, we can use our strength in multiple intelligences to develop our weaknesses. For example, Novani as a singer, she is weak numerically, it will be more likely to develop numerical through music. She is tried according to her ability and not force beyond her ability.

Titiah Dewi Masitoh


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Posted by on December 13, 2011 in Reflection week 12


One response to “Reflection on week 12

  1. Shinta Puspita

    December 14, 2011 at 8:08 am

    Nice reflection titiah…
    I can imagine how fun the class at those time.
    Learning through practice seems good for us and help us practice how a teacher should be. 🙂


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