Reflection Week 12

13 Dec

In the last meeting we learnt about Instructional variables, how we develop students interest in learning activities. First, Ms.Lydia asks us to show our expression what we feel without any voice. Because I felt so excited so I show ‘extra’ smile to them :p

“Learning would be interesting if . . .” for me learning would be interesting if I have classmate that can respect and care each other, because it makes me feel more comfortable and be more interesting to learn. We share and discuss it together. After that we watch a video about teaching and learning situation in one class. That video show us how teachers’ instruction can makes students feel interested to learn. We also discuss it with peers. It’s as easy as looked because teachers can easily control the students, but we believe that teacher needs to careful in giving instruction. Teachers also have to get students attention in the lesson beginning. It is Introdutory Focus like what Ms.Lydia explain, so a lesson beginning can attracts students attention and provides a conceptual framework for the lesson.

Next activity is the most interesting activity because Ms.Lydia ask us to present something that can be motivate other friends, in other word we act like a real motivator. Huaaaaaa  It’s will not be easy. In my group; Dian, Riyan, and I, we motivate other friends to be a fashionable teacher. So we try to makes others knows how to be a fashionable as a teachers because students will be more interesting to learn if teachers dressed in a neat. Actually we did that motivate session in outside campus, it makes us little bit shame. In other side, we really enjoy because Ms. Lydia act like a friend with us.

Mita Pustari


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One response to “Reflection Week 12

  1. radianekipur

    December 14, 2011 at 9:03 am

    Have you realized that our lecture still young? She doesn’t like mom if she never inform us about it. Sometimes I could skip classroom condition if I feel uncomfortable. I don’t want anyone broke my day just because of their behavior. Just share my opinion. 🙂


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