Teacher = Motivator

13 Dec

I was not attending MMSEL class on last Thursday. So, I am going to make a reflection based on PowerPoint from last session and my friends’ explanation. On the last week session, Mrs.Lydia explains about instructional variables which are promoting students’ motivation at the class. Those are four parts of instructional variables, there are introductory focus, personalization, involvement and feedback.

Introductory focus is an opening session of the lesson which is attracts the students to pay attention to the lesson. There are four ways to giving of providing an introductory focus, there are: giving problems & questions (such as: Problem Based Learning or Project Based Learning), Inductive sequences, concrete examples, and objective & rationales.

Personalization is about how the teacher tries to make connection with students live and the material given. It can be through examples those relate with students’ daily life. On mathematics, teacher can use Contextual Teaching Learning (CTL) method to make relation between mathematics topic and examples from students’ daily life.

Teacher can use four strategies for promoting students’ involvement, there are using improvement drill, giving games, let student doing individual work spaces, and ask students to do group work.

Feedback is needed by students to increase students’ self-efficacy and their interest in learning. On the other words, teacher needs to give feedback to students in order to increase students’ intrinsic motivation to learn.

When I asked some of my friends, they said the main point of last session is a teacher is a motivator. I think that is true. Because a teacher should help students to be motivated when learning and make students interested to the subject. Teacher has big role at the class, because when a teacher stand up in front of the class, it means that she / he have obligation to deliver the materials, engage students’ understanding about the materials and make students to feel enjoy and be motivated while learning. I hope I can be a motivator teacher. 🙂


Shinta Puspita Kencanasari


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One response to “Teacher = Motivator

  1. Andi Firmansya Syahri-Asyach

    December 13, 2011 at 5:23 pm

    hehehe good reflection shinta i agree with YOUR friends thats the topic is about teacher motivator heheh,,,

    i hope i can be great motivator in the future


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