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Be a Motivator . . .

In this meeting, firstly Ms. Lidya asked us to show our feeling at that time with only express it through our face expression. Because of last night I slept late, so I showed sleepy expression. But, by looking my friends expression, it decrease my sleepy feelings, hehe, they were so funny 🙂

After that activity, Ms Lydia explained us about other things that influence student motivation to learn. It is an instructional variable. We were asked about what factors that makes students interest to the lesson or task, and we answered as follows: the lesson or task is about something new, useful, challenging, related to real life situation, makes curious, given in the right time, we need the knowledge, delivered by using visual aid, games, ICT, video or film, fun but still effective, there are some rewards, the teacher is humorist and not “killer”, combination activity with kinesthetic and visual, and the classmates are motivating.

We also watched a video about learning process in a kindergarten. On that video show us about the power of teacher instruction that makes students obey the rule through interesting way. After we watched that video, we discuss it in pair. Beside the positive effect from teacher instruction, we also find the limitation. We conclude that through that instruction, students may always wait teacher instruction, so they cannot increase their initiative, because on that video, teacher always give instruction for the whole activity in that class. That’s our opinion.

The last activity was motivation session. The blog’s groups were asked to become a motivator for our classmates. My group chose a topic about the motivation of our friends to be a teacher is about their own passion or only to find a job for their need (money). Through that motivation session, we hope that our friends will have a motivation to be a teacher not only about money. Unfortunately, my performance was not going well, it because of lack of preparation. But, from this session I learnt much about other group performance and also my group. Aida Rahmi 2009110014


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Drawing and Role Playing

In the week 11, Ms. Lydia asked us to draw a classroom environment that we think it would motivate us to learn.  I drew a class with tables for students that can be moved easily, so the students can learn individually or in group easily. I drew many things that I thought important to be in the classroom. After we have done, we all made a gallery walk. We present our picture to other friends. I was happy when some of my friends like my picture. Evik said that he like a mirror that I drew. We (Evik and me) agree that the mirror is useful for students and teacher to prepare their neat before and after the class. Joey said that he like the clock position that I drew. I drew it in the wall beside the class. I didn’t draw it in the front or back of the class because it will makes students or teacher difficult to see it.

After that, Ms. Lydia gave divided us into some groups based on the pieces of paper that we were given. My group was task comprehension. We were asked to make a role play based on the group’s name. In this reflection, I want to reflect my other friends’ group, which was order and safety group. Based on the group role played and explanation, I learnt that teacher have to make some rules to makes the class order, such us teacher and students have to keep the class clean, don’t allowed to use handphone in class, be respect each other, and so on. Teacher also have the environment of the class safety for students, like students are allowed to ask question in order to understand the material, respect each other,  students don’t allowed to yell other friends that may be did some embarrassed thing, and so on.

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Reflection Week 10

In the week 10, I have to make a reflection again about what I have learnt in MMSEL class after Mid Test. The first activity, Ms Lidya divided us into 3 groups. The first group will be the classroom environment group, second will be the teacher group, and the last will be the students group. Every group have to reflect what are the things that influence motivation to learn something based on the theme of each group. My group was the students group and we have to reflect it individually.

After we did the reflection, we share it to another group, so we made some groups that consist of 3 persons that come from different group theme. After that, we sharing together with Ms. Lydia. Throug this sharing I got more information about what are the things that will influence students to learn.

The next activity is Ms Lydia asked us to divide again each grou into two small group that consist of 3-4 persons. We were asked to find the literature about mastery goal and performance goal for class environment and teacher groups and self regulation for my group, students group.

My small group discussed and found the literature about self regulation of students based on their grade. Different grade of students sometimes influence the way of the students to make the regulation or manage their selves to increas their motivation to learn.

After we discussed it, Ms Lydia asked us to present our work with two stay two stray method. From other group that explain about mastery goal and performance group, they said that mastery goal will focus on how the environment or teacher influence the students to master the material or the concept deeper, and about the performance goal focus on how the environment or teacher influence the students to achieve the high score, the best performance and perfect result. From this activity we concluded that we as a teacher have to makes students be balance in both of those goals.

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Reflection: I not Stupid Movie

On the previous meeting, Ms. Lydia explained to us about the task of mid semester. We have to make a paper and presentation based on our teaching experiences. After that, she asked us which one did we want to do? Read an article that she has given to us, or watch a movie? Ofcourse we all want to watch a movie. The movie’s title is “I Not Stupid”. I tells us about three students in the slowest class. Each of the has unique problems, but I know that the problem often occure in our surrounding. First about Terry Khoo. Terry is a rich boy. His mother, Mrs. Khoo is authoritarian parents. She always tell her children that she is the best mother ever. She controls her family, especially her children. She believe that all the things that she gave or done will cause the benefit for her children. These are show as that she has beliefs about attainment value.

Because of his mother influences, Terry growth to be a boy that always following his mother instruction or rules. He become a slower boy because his mother always serve him, he also very obedient, spoiled, and believe his mother that he cannot interfered others’ business. Although his close friends need his advocacy. His mother influencing his self efficacy through her past performance and verbal persuassion. But in the end of the movie, he finally can reject the bad influence from her mother. He realyzes his weaknesses and become stonger than before. This starts froms the exterinsic motivation from his two friends, Ang Boon Hock and Liu Kok Pin.

Same with Terry, Liu Kok Pin has mother that very athoritarian. The mother of Kok Pin is very strict and angry. She want her son improve mathematical and English ability to get a certificate, because she believe that the important thing in their country is certificate to get a job or continueing study. She forces Kok Pin to master the matery of mathematic and English because Kok Pinj is very slow in those materials. She also give negative reinforcement by bullying Kok pin. The motivation in Kok Pin’s mother is about beliefs beliefs about utility value and beliefs about future outcomes.

Aida Rahmi



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School Experience Part 2

In this session I will share my whole teaching experiences from week 1 until the end. But, I only share some interesting or important thing to be shared (in my opinion). Firstly about the welcoming from the school coordinator was very nice. They gave us comfortable room (meeting room) as our base camp during we did our school experiences. They gave us some cups of tea too. For some of my friends and me thought that this is the best school that very welcome to us.

About the master teacher, like I said before in previous reflection, my master teacher is very discipline and firm. She is also angry. When her students asked to her about the material because he/she didn’t understand yet, she will scold her students and said “why you didn’t pay attention to me while I was explaining to you?” or “makanya kalo Ms. jelasin tadi tuh dengerin” or “I don’t want to answer unimportant questions!” The interesting things are my master teacher also gives reward and punishment to her students. During I observe her in the class that I taught; she asked some trouble students to push up (until they debt up to 150 times) and write statement like “saya berjanji tidak akan terlambat lagi” as much as 2 pieces of paper as the punishment. She gives scores if the student can do the exercises that she gave and gave some smart students a chocolate while they were doing test as the reward.

About the students, some students are very active (kinesthetic). They could have a walk during the learning activity, and some of them are very quiet. We have to have power and make them respect to us, so that they want to follow our instructions (for several time -,-‘). Controlling the class is one of my weaknesses, because I have no power (I am not firm enough). I was letting my students’ chit chat with their friends, but I still control and make sure that the chit chat was about discussing the exercise that I gave to them.

The thing that I learnt from my experiences, we have to care about the personal of each my students. Knowing the ability of each students, be patient of the students who cannot understand our explanation, don’t judge them that they are slower, but we have to reflect that may be the approaches that we use in learning process is not appropriate in that class. Guide them personally to make them understand about the material is sometimes needed to built their trust to us, but don’t make them depend on us. These are my challenge…

Aida Rahmi



Reflection of teaching Experience

For teaching experience, I teach a senior high school in Bekasi. That was my friend’s, Annisa Pane, English student in SSE, senior high school. We are 5 students from mathematics department and 5 students from English department. My friends and I ask a lot about that school to Pane. She gave us some information that needed, such as the environments of that school, the teachers, and the students’ characteristics. That school is quite far from my house. I have to set off from my home at 5.30 am in every day. In last week, I have been there for four times, and I will share to you day by day.

First day (Monday):  at 7 o’clock, there is flag ceremony, and we have to participate in that ceremony. We were in the teacher’s line, it seems like we are the real teacher in that school. That’s one of nice experiences. After that, we have meetings with the school vice principal, school coordinator, and master teachers. We were introducing each other, and then they distributed the schedule for us, and asked us to consult with our master teacher.  The next activity, we observed the class that we want to teach, but at that time there was no time for mathematics subject, so we only observed the students. I observed them when they were learning Bahasa Indonesia. The students, especially the boys, are very noisy and some of them annoying each other.

Second Day: I observed my master teacher when she taught in the class that I want to teach (X-A). She is very discipline and firm. After that I consult with her about what material that I should teach on the next day. From that school, I went to campus to prepare the lesson plan and the material for teaching.

Third Day: this is my teaching experience, for the first time I should teach the real class alone. I felt very nervous at that time, but the students are very kind to me. They put respect to me, it made me felt happy 🙂

Fourth Day: I observed my friend, when she was teaching in her class (X-B). The students are better than in my class. They are more active in teaching and learning activity. And my friend (Desy) can explain the material to the students better than me too. After that, I taught again in my class, but I have not enough preparation. So, I got confuse how to manage my class well and confuse how to transfer my knowledge to my students.

Aida Rahmi



I hope, our dreams come true :)

Before I reflect the activities on third meetings, I want to say thank you for Ms. Lydia who gave us comment and respond our reflection well 🙂

This is my third reflection of MMSEL class. At the beginning of the session, Ms. Lydia responds our reflection by showing her firmness to all of us. She emphasized again about the rule of lateness tolerance. So everybody, let’s showing our responsibilities (n_n)…

The next activity, we are asked to draw our dreams on the future in next 5-10 years later. So many picture that we were drawn, but there are some dreams that same each other, such as being a teacher, study abroad, won’t to continue math major (for some of us, hehe), marriage, have some children, and want to make our parent happy. Crazier thing is some of us didn’t know how the way to make our parent happy, so Ms. Lydia asked them to discuss together (just for fun).

After that activity, Ms. Lydia conducted Jigsaw reading about beliefs. From the articles that she gave to us, we all learn and share about the kinds of beliefs, such as belief about future outcomes, belief about intelligence, belief about capability, belief about value, belief about cause of performance. I ware a belief of value’s expert. From this activity, we can know that sometimes people will show their effort because of they belief of something.

For example: people learn biology not becouse of they like that subject, but they need this subject to become a doctor; people belief that they can pass the exam if they study hard; people belief they can do something becouse their parents, family or environment can do that thing; etc.

We were asked to write our hope, belief and expectation to learn in SSE and learn MMSEL. After that, we switched our paper to the pair, and we analyze each other, which one is hope, belief and expectation based on the material that we have learnt before.

Aida Rahmi


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What is the thing that motivates you?

This is my second reflection of the second meeting in MMSEL course. The interesting thing that I liked in the second meeting is Ms. Lydia try to remember all of her students in my class. I like the way she did. Finally, she success to recalled our name. After that, she asked us to make “gallery walk” about the theory that we have discussed in the previous meeting. My group consists of Jonathan, Hanna, Fitri, and me. We discussed about cognitive theory, and when the “gallery walk” one of us stay to present our work and two of us stray to observe and listened for other group’s explanation. Hanna was ill and didn’t come to the class on the previous week.

The next activities, Ms. Lydia explained us about Maslow’s theory. This theory told us about 5 levels hierarchy of needs such as, Physiological Needs. This level is about the motivation that comes from our cloth (sandang), food (pangan), and place (papan) needs. The second level is about Safety Needs. This level told us about a motivation that comes from the need to have assurance of safety, serenity and peace. The third level is about Belongingness and Love Needs, which the motivation comes from our needs of love, friendship, and togetherness. The fourth level is about Esteem Needs, which the motivation comes from needs to be appreciated and recognized by others. And the last level is Self-Actualization Needs. This is told us about the motivation that comes from needs to develop ourselves (e.g. Hobby, passion, etc.).

After that activity, Ms. Lydia gave us some article about the theory of Self-Determination and Self-Worth that influence students’ motivation. Self-Determination is divided into 3, such as: Competence, Autonomy, and Relatedness Needs. We are asked to read those articles by ourselves. Then we shared it to our group, and created a role play about one topic in those articles. Our group creates a role play about Relatedness. Through this activity, I become more understand about the theory that influence student and our motivation.

Thanks 🙂

Aida Rahmi



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First Impression that Motivate Me!

First impression, I think this is very important for a lecturer/ a teacher to building good rapport with the students. First impression determine that the student will like, respect, reject the teacher/ lecturer/ course or not. Here, I would like to share about my first meeting and first impression of MMSEL or Motivation and Management of Student for Effective Learning class, both about the course and the lecturer.

The lecturer of this course was very nice. She could communicate well with all students (based on what I saw). First, she started to explain the objective of this course, then about the assignment, especially about e-reflection of the course in every week through writing on the blog. I think, this way is one of effective way for us to learn deeper about this course, because when we write the reflection, so we have to repeat and remember the lesson again. And, about the article, I think it makes us think critically about how to find the related article with the course and make the conclusion about that article.

In the class, she asked us anything that related to this course. For example, what is our motivation to/ why we come to this course? This question may make us to thought what is/ we want to get from this course. Some of us said that want to get grade A for this course, want to get the experience and the lesson for “skripsi”, etc. And the “skripsi” is one of my motivations too. It reflects what our target in this course, right? As well as the other next questions, why we like or dislike with some course? (What the causes) and why/ how the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation impact to our study.

She also gave us brief explanation about some material and asked to us again to think, pair and share about why do I want to be a teacher and who are (3 persons) the most admire for me (inspire me) to become a teacher.  I shared that I want to be a teacher because when I was in senior high school, some of my friends believed me that I could teach them, and it makes me confident to be a teacher. And for the 3 persons whom inspire me, for example, my elementary school’s teacher who did believe in me and built the sense of my confidence reach the achievement in school.

And the last lesson, we studied about the theories of motivation, like behavioral theories, humanistic theories, cognitive and social cognitive theories, and social theories. We learnt it in group, and my group should discuss the cognitive theory. By this activity, we recalled our knowledge about that theory that has been studied in Educational Psychology course.

From this meeting, I impressed that the course will motivate me to become a good teacher, and hopfully the lecturer, Ms. Lidya, will motivate and inspire me too 🙂

Aida Rahmi



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