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reflection week 12

Last week was the last meeting that we have in this year for MMSEL course. Oohh.. i never realize about that, i think the time was running fastly. but, the last meeting was very interesting because some activities that we have never meet before.. 😀

At the first time, Ms. Lydia asked us to show our feelings on that time. It was funny, because some of my friends show their expressions in different ways, and it’s so funny :D. Other  friends show the sadness, happiness, and their excited. Then, we came back to our chairs.

After that, Ms. Lydia explained us about instructional variables and how to motivate our students. We did role play in groups, and each group have to did a motivation session. It was very interesting and funny, because each group show their ability as a motivator or trainer with their own way. We did it outside the class, it made us feel ashame actually, because sometimes some students passed and look at us. But, we still continue our motivation session. I get some tips and knowledge from this sessions. For example, Riyan’s group said that the teacher shoul be unique, Ipin’s group said that to fight something’s not good we have to said “Don’t or Jangan!” . My group actually consider about how to motivate the teacher, become a good teacher. We said that if we want to be a teacher, so we should not too much consider about our salary, because teaching is about how we deliver our knowledge with heart. If we do something with our heart, so it will be easy to get something great. Just keep in effort, don’t forget to pray. Everything will come running toward you, if you can do it with your heart. 🙂






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Reflection week 11

This week, we made a picture again 😀 . I felt not confidence to draw anything because I never draw something again for a long time, so I think that my picture is not good enough. Miss Lydia asked us to drawn about what kind of classroom which motivate us to learn. I drawn a classroom which there are some groups of students in discussion and the teacher moved around the class to observed each group in their discussions and guide them to make their discussion get the goals. it means that the teacher as facilitator and the students can feel free to share their opinion.

Then, I made a window as a symbol of fresh air. i also made a trash can to show the cleanliness. those are can make the students feel comfort when they are learning. i drawn a laptop and a book, to shown that the teacher use ICT and resources in their teaching and learning process. I think there are so many characteristic of a classroom which can motivate us to learn, but I just drawn some of the characteristic.

when my friend and I did gallery walk, I feel interested with Eki’s picture. because she drawn two kind of class, the first one was like moving class and the other was like traditional class. the first picture shown a class with chairs of the students that formed a circle and the teacher is in the middle of them. so the teacher can manage students easily. the students also can see each other easily.

After that, we did a role play in each group. My group is about success developing learning efficacy. Teacher starts the class with open ended question and giving students the examples. Make students believe that they can do the exercises and gives feedback. From the other group, which was about challenges, I learned that it’s about giving students structured task, like gives students some exercises from the easy one, middle, until difficult (more challenging) or higher problem. Teacher also gives support if there are some students cannot do the tasks well. The challenges tasks can make students improve their ability in doing exercises or problem from the teacher.

It was a great lesson! 🙂





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Reflection week 10

When I entered the class, the lecturer was writing on the whiteboard. Before it, she divided us into 3 groups. Then, she gave us some questions based on our group. In fact, there are three things that motivate students in learning. There are teacher’s characteristic, learner’s self regulation, and classroom environment. I was in the Classroom group, actually. I read the questions in power point which is shown for me as a guideline to answer or share something about classroom and the other groups got their own questions. For example, in Classroom group “What the characteristic of a classroom which motivates you in learning?” and so on.

After that, we have to write our answers in a piece of paper. I was confused what I have to write there, because sometimes it’s hard for me to transfer what is in my mind into my writing in a paper. When I haven’t finished all yet, the lecturer asked us to make a group of three. Each group consists of one person from each Teacher, Learner, and Classroom group. We have to share about our own answer. First, my friend told about motivation from a Learner side. She said that she got motivation from herself, because she wants to master what she is learned. She did what she wanted to did. And the other friend told us from the Teacher side. He shared about his teacher when he was in Senior High School. He said that the teacher was firm and the explanation were understandable, so that make his motivation increased. Finally, I shared to my friend about the characteristic from Classroom side. A good classroom must be clean and have appropriate class size, so make the students feel comfortable. A good teacher and classmates are also important to build motivation for the student. Because, if the teacher is good in engage the students, and the classmates are support each other, the classroom will have a good environment for learning process.

After we discuss about that, the lecturer write some points from our discussion on the whiteboard. Then, we see the similarities and the differences between those all (Teacher, Learner, and Classroom). Next, we were divided into some groups again. Each group has to find out all of the things about Mastery focused and Performance focused, based on our first group topic. We can find the resources from both of books or internet. After that, we wrote the summary of Mastery focused and Performance focused on the flip-chart. I have known that Mastery focused is about students’ learning to understand and mastering the lesson/ material. Performance focused is about the result of students’ work and the student feels like somebody. After that, we have to present our own work. Each member of each group got the opportunity to present, and the other member can move to learn the other topics from any else groups.



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Reflection Movie: “I Not Stupid”

Last week, we have different activity than before. Yeah, we have a movie class 😀 for one meeting. The movie’s title is “I Not Stupid”. It’s about three children who study in the same school. People judge them as stupid students, just because they are not good in Mathematics and English subjects. Its ‘judging’ makes they always look as annoying and weak students from the people’s judge. Actually, is not true at all.

The first student is Terry. He always obeys what his mother said. It makes his friends think that he does not have any principal about himself. Sometimes, his friends feel annoyed to him because of his behavior.

The second student is Bon Hook.  He is a poor boy. Every time he back from school, He always helps his mother to serve people who want to eat in their small restaurant. He is always disturbed by his cousin and his aunt who judge him as a stupid student.

The third student is Kok Pin. He is very good in drawing. But his mother always keeps him to be a master in Mathematics and English. Those are not his patience, actually. His mother always gives him pressure and negative reinforcement when he cannot get good mark in test or when he cannot do his homework.

One day, there is a teacher who teaches in their class. She told them that to mastering Mathematics and English subject (or whatever subjects), we have to be its friends. Try to understand its subject deeply and well. Never feel afraid to learn about it more. Finally, the students get extrinsic motivation from their teacher. After that, they always study those subjects harder. They study at home, by calling private teacher, or by discuss together after they back from school. Briefly, after all those activities, they face test in their school. Bon Hook gets a good mark, Terry in middle, and unfortunately, Kok Pin did not get a good mark. It makes him feel more afraid to face his mother at home.

Then, Kok Pin’s mother was sick and he is very sad. He works harder to get a good mark so that it can make his mother feel happy, but he can’t. He still cannot get a good mark although he has try harder and more. But One Day, his teacher come to Kok Pin and his family (his mother and father) and said that Kok Pin’s drawing won a drawing competition. He gets some prizes, and it makes his parents feel proud.

The movie tells us to not judge other people in one side. Like a teacher, teacher should not judge his/her students. Teacher should consider about the other things that his/her students have. For example, Kok Pin. Although he was not very good in Mathematics and English, his teacher did not judge him as a stupid student. The teacher consider about Kok Pin’s ability in drawing. The teacher always gives extrinsic motivation to her students, and it can build intrinsic motivation for students’ self.




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Teaching Experience part 2

On the second week I did Teaching Experience, i start to do my Classroom Action Research (CAR). I begin to think about what should I do with those students.  How can I improve their learning better. I think that their problem is motivation, they look like not interest with Mathematics. So I have made a decision to make them more active and be spirit in learning Mathematics. I tried to make them in some groups, let them discuss with their group. Make them move on, so they will not be bored.

When I entered the class, I explained them the material firstly. I explain them still about trigonometry, continued the last meeting. I gave them exercises, I decided to give them 10 minutes only to do that, but it was too short for them. I never realised about that. I think it was enough time because I just give them a few exercises.  I have to go around the class to observed their work one by one, and explain again if they asked me about their difficulties in doing that. Unfortunately, it spent more time than I expected. So I need to think more about how to manage the class time management well.

After that, I made some groups of students. It was consist of 5 until 6 students in each group. I gave them tasks which I shown in my power point. They did that all with their group. I asked them to divided those task for each member, so they can do as soon as possible. They will not spend time a lot again. They do what I asked to them. But there is one group who did not work, it was the 4th group. I do not know what’s wrong with them. I came to that group, and asked them why they did not do their work? They just keep in silent and start to do the tasks. I stand up behind them to control their behavior during they do the tasks.

Then, the other group called me and asked me about their difficulties. After I go around the class to observed the other groups, I was back to the 4th group. They still did not want to do that. Ooouchh, I don’t know should I do?! Finally, I just try hard to smile to them -__-

Sometimes, I asked some students to write down their work on the whiteboard. And asked to the other students about is their friend’s answer right or not? Why the answer like this or that? Sometimes, I asked some students for come in front of the class to find out the formula, and the other students may help she/ he. So, there will be an interaction between them. Before that, she/ he did not want to come in front of the class. So, I have to tell them, “Don’t worry. You can do it” and it was success! (I remembered about the theory of motivation at that time) 😀

Actually, there are many experiences that I got during this Teaching Experience in that SMA. And I’m sure that you all got many great experiences too, friends! 😀



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Teaching Experience part 1

First week in my Teaching Experience, I have so many experiences in the school. I’ve got a school near my Campus, South Jakarta. At the first day, some of my friends (who got the same school) and I have to attend the ceremony at school. In the middle of the ceremony, the school committee introduced us to the students, so the students will be familiar with us. In fact, I have a class today. But I told my master teacher only for observe him in this day. I planned that I would start to teach in class on Wednesday. Besides, my class have three times meeting for Mathematics lessons. There are on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday. In this week, I choose Wednesday and Thursday for me to teach in class.

When I observed my master teacher taught, I see the class situation was noisy enough. The teacher gives the students some notes, then gives examples, explain that in front of the class. After that, the students were asked to do the exercises. Some of them look like confused. They did not know how to do the exercises. Even though, teacher have explained them twice and detailed. This condition becomes my ‘notes’ for my teaching in next days.

On Wednesday, I have a chance to teach in class XI Science 2. I taught about Trigonometry, “Rumus kosinus dan sinus jumlah dan selisih dua sudut”. In this day, I planned to teach use Guided Discovery Learning method. I explain them first about how to find the formula of cosine for add and subtraction of two angles. I made them into some groups, and asked them to do the worksheet which I gave them. But I think Guided Discovery Learning method is not work well to them, because most of them were still confused about what they want to do with that worksheet. Even though, I have explained them for some times. Some of them look like did not want to do that. I tried to be more patience to face them. I explained more and more. Finally, the bell was ringing. It means that the lesson was finish. They have not finished their work yet. So, I explained again in front of the class to finish the topic.

The second day I taught, I continued the previous lesson. Then, I gave them the exercises. I explained about sinus and tangen too. I give them the exercises again, to make them more understand. I walk around the class to see their work, they ask me if there are any difficulties. Today, the class situation was quieter. I feel more comfort with it.

After that, I got feedback from my master teacher. He said that I have to give them more exercises and the exercises should be more varies, so it could be improve their critical thinking more. He gave me some else feedback and it can be my guidelines to improve my teaching well.

~hanna 🙂


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make a fun picture :D

Last week, I learned MMSEL in class just in the first activity because I have to come to the school that some of my friends and I will visit to do teaching experience. First activity, Miss Lydia asked us to draw a picture that describes our own selves for next 5 until 10 years. We have to draw our dreams in a picture. I draw my self as a teacher and I draw some islands in Indonesia. There are the largest islands in Indonesia actually. Why? because it describes about my dreams .

Unfortunately, I have not told you about my picture yet, but I will tell you right now. I draw my self as a teacher because, of course, I want to be a teacher. Although sometimes I’m still feel nervous when I have to teach in class. I don’t know why, it often happens in my self.  I draw many islands in Indonesia because I love Indonesia so much. Maybe some people think that they want to go around to the world, but I’m not. It’s not my main destiny. I want to be a teacher who can teach in some islands in Indonesia. I think it will be awesome! Yeahh, I have a dream to explore Indonesia. Many places in Indonesia that very beautiful to be visited. By becoming a teacher who goes by one island to the other islands, I hope that I will know and get much knowledge about people in Indonesia. As we know that Indonesia has many differences culture. Besides, I can explore Indonesia more. 😀

Hmm now, we go back to talk about our class. :p

After that, I did not follow the class, because as I have told you before, I have to go to SMA to be place to do teaching experience. So, I don’t know more what the next activity in class. But, I have asked my friends to tell me about what they have learned in MMSEL class last week. My friend told me that the second activity is making a jigsaw reading. The material is about “the influence of beliefs on motivation to learn”. There are some topics to be read. After they told me, I think there are many types of beliefs that influence our motivation to learn about something. Actually, our beliefs come from ourselves and our environment. But it back to ourselves, how we can control our beliefs to get our expectation. We have to believe and feel confidence about our selves to reach our dreams.  I think just it. If I have some mistakes in understand this, and if you want to share with me, please do not hesitate to let me know. Thanks 🙂



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Reflection week 2

Last Tuesday, I was so in bad. I was come late to Campus, late for one hour! But it’s not want, it because I’ve got fever and headache, so my mother asked me to have a medicine and take a rest for a moment before I go to Campus. Because of that condition, I sent a text message for Miss Lydia first to tell her that I’ll be come late.

I arrived at Campus at 9 o’clock. I have missed some lessons. When I entered the class, I see that all my classmates were read an article. I took my chair quickly, and then I asked the article to Miss Lydia for me to read. Actually, It was about The Need for Self-Determination and Self-Worth. There is mentioned that Self-Determination consists of Competence, Autonomy, Relatedness, and Self-worth. I have not finished my reading when Miss Lydia asked us to finish our reading and share with our partner. Finally, my partner and I share each other to add our reading that has not finished yet. After that, Miss Lydia asked us to make a role play based on the article that we have read. Before it, she divided us into some groups. Each group has each topic to do in their role play. Each group did not allow telling their topic to the other group because the other group has to guess what topic that is played.

My group consists of Jonathan, Triana, Desy, Faqih, and I. Actually, we got the topics about The Need for Competence. We discuss about what subtopic we will use in our role play, because The Need for Competence is divided for four subtopics. There are Attributional statements, Praise and criticism, Emotional reactions, and Offers of Help. Finally, we decided to use Attributional statements and Offers of Help to do in our role play.

In our role play, there is one teacher and four students. Desy, as a teacher show and explain about Attributional statements and Offers of Help by her role. She gave her students a motivation words like “keep trying. I know you can do it well” or “there is any problem? Can I help you?”. Those are some examples of Attributional statements and Offers of Help.

After all groups have shown their performance, we guess what topic that other groups has played. Then, Miss Lydia gives feedback for us and explains more about The Need for Self-Determination and Self-Worth. I think her feedback has motivated us to do better for the next time. 🙂


Hanna Anggraeni



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reflection week 1

The first time I enter this class (Motivation and Management of students for Effective Learning), I’m sure that this course will discuss about how to motivate students to make them enjoy with their learning. And I think it is true!

The teacher, Miss Lydia has explained us (the students) about Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation. She engages us to learn about that, by mentioning all the examples of Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation as many as we know. By using this method, I think I could remember the examples of Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation more easily.

After that, Miss Lydia gives us two questions, such as “Why do you want to be a teacher?” and “Who teachers you admire most from your school? And give the reasons”. When I read those questions, I became think about my memories when I still at school. For the first and the second questions, I think that I like to be a teacher because it will be very happy if we can share my knowledge to the others. We can make people change, from did not know anything to be know about everything. The other factor is because I remember my teachers when I was in elementary school. Actually, there are two teachers who inspired me. They are very friendly, care, and respect with their students. So the students feel enjoy when they learn with those teachers. Students would not feel scary when they want to ask the teacher about the material they did not understand. Those teacher makes the students, include me, feel comfort with them, with their learning. So I want to be a teacher like them, or maybe more.

The last but not least, I like so much about my friend’s words (Huda and Jonathan), they said that “Teacher is always needed by the others, and teacher is everlasting heroes”. I’m so agree with that!


Hanna Anggraeni



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