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I am a teacher candidates, I am STKIP Kebangkitan Nasional (SSE)' student, I am in semester 3 now... I like to write something important for education,,,, :)

Never Doubt to your choise

Last Thursday, there was MMSEL section as usual. I was not in good condition. I got an acident a day before. However, I could not let my self sad. I have to be happy, because it was nothing. This condition was apropriate when the class began (opening session). Mrs. Lidya wanted to see our mood on the day. Mostly, students were in good mood include me. we showed a smile that indicated our mood.

After showing our mood, we talk about the topic ”developing interest learning activity”. It was about how to make our students interest to our students. It aims to get students attention in learning process, so students can focus to understand about topic of subject we teach. We discuss about anything that can make our students interest and why it can make our student interest. Besides that, Mrs. Lidya showed us a video. The video was about teacher that gives instructions to students or kid in learning process. This video showed us that in giving instructions to the students, teacher has to control students so they can follow teacher instructions. Then, we shared the video content to our pairs.

After we discuss it, we were asked to join to our group. We would have a seminar in that class. The seminar was about motivation. Each group has to disscuss what we would speak to the audience. One of the member group had to be a motivator that performed in front of the class. Fortunatelly, we were not in class, but outside the class in presentation or giving  motivation. The motivator of each group were; Ratih, Riyan, Fitri, and I (Arifin). At the time, we were amateur motivator. 🙂

In my mind, Ratih and Riyan give motivation about how to be a motivative teacher and get students interest in learning process. Fitri and I gave motivation about how to make ourselves believe with our decision to be a teacher. When I perfomed to give motivation to the audience, I could not focus to my topic. I tried to give motivation to my audience. It was about not to doubt to our decision to be a teacher.  We can be sure if we did not doubt to our decision. So, never doubt to the decision to be a teacher. 🙂

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Reflection week 11

On Last week, there was MMSEL session as usual. It was also the first day Mrs. Lidya asked students to present their understanding about previous topic. It only happened for latest students that came to the class. Faqih, as the latest students came, had to present his understanding about previous topic in front of class.

After that, there was drawing session. It was like an elementary school activity, but I like it. We were asked to draw an ideal class condition so that it can support students to learn optimally in it. In fifty minutes later, we had gallery work about our picture that we had made. There were so many amazing pictures. We had different idea and complete each other, and we had to share our picture to our friends.  We did it in thirty minutes.

After the activity, Mrs. Lidya divided class into 4 groups. The next activity we had to perform our role play. Each group gets their different topic. The topic were about; order and safety, challenge,  and task comprehension. My group performed about task comprehension. It was about how teachers gave comprehension about the value of the task that they gave to students.

Besides our own group performance, I also see the other group. It was “order and safety” group. This group performed how to give an order and safety to students.  The teacher showed a physical safety such as asking students to clean their class from garbage. In the other sides, teacher gave emotional safety by giving motivation to students in doing project and gave a guardian to students, so students stay in the right way. That’s on the safety aspect. On the order aspect, teacher gave an authority to students to choose topic of students’ project. It allows students to build and develop their idea in learning process. Not only that, it is possible to increase students motivation can confidence in learning.

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Class condition, Self regulated, and Teacher Characteristic

Thursday, November 24, 2011, was the first session of MMSEL subject after midterm. I didn’t know actually what we were going to learn at the time. It was not make me confused, because I knew we would have enjoy learning. As I guest before, we had enjoyed learning. There were varieties activities in this class. Our topic was about class structure, self regulated learner, and teacher characteristics.

In the opening session, our beloved lecture, Mrs. Lydia, divided class into three groups, A, B, and C. each of students get their group and they had to imagine then write about class structure for group A, self regulated learner for group B, and teacher characteristics for group C. We had to write the ideal condition three of part above base on our experience. Ideal condition means that it can influence our motivation to learn.

I myself was in group C, so I had to write about teacher characteristics in my imagination. In writing it, I remembered my senior high school teacher. He was an English teacher. His name is Mr. Yasin. I always remember about him, because he was a different teacher. I felt comfort when he taught me. He could burn my motivation especially in learning. I didn’t know exactly what makes him different from other teacher. He only gave students a simple concept about a meaningful life. He gave students religion value and moral value in this life. I could never forget about him, even he is not a teacher anymore.

After writing about my teacher, Mrs. Lydia asked us to join with other different group that is A and B. My partner for sharing were Faqih from group A, and Huda from group B. Faqih shared about ideal class condition. as i remember, it was consisted of value that is applied in the class such as; respect, inclusive, empathy, and integrity. Huda shared about how learning can improve his self regulated. Huda said learning about ict can improve his self regulated. It is caused he was very inrested in ICT. And through those idea, we shared each other.

After we shared each other, Mrs. Lidya asked us to join with our three of same groups that is group C. I joined with Riyan, Titiah, and Andi. As our lecture asked, we have to search the theory about good teacher characteristics that can improve students learning motivation. We have to present it to other group.

That’s all our activity on MMSEL section last week.  Suddenly, I remember about my beloved teacher (Mr.Yasin). However, he was a good teacher  that can motivate his students by explaining about  meaning of life. I miss him so much.


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Never Say Stupid !!!

Last Thursday was one of the wonderfull days.  We had MMSEL class as usual, but there was an usual activity. We watched movie at this session. The tittle of the movie was “I not Stupid”. That was a good movie. It was so many value that we can learn from it. One of the most valuable thing is that we can not say people are stupid just because they are not good in mathematics and english.

Based on my experience from the movie, I watched there were three school boys as the main figure of this movie. They were best friend, so they always help each other when one of them got a problem. They were known as the stupid boys, because they always got a bad mark in mathematics and english. Because of this, they got so many pressure from their environment. This condition made them feels not good.

The first student was told as the obidient boy. He always obey his mother instruction and decision in doing anything. It made he can not do anything, because whenever problem came, his mother helped him. Besides that, he came from rich family, he become a pampared boy. He never think about making a decision to do something. But, he always try to help his friend.

The second student was a diligent and brave boy. He always helped his best friend when they got a problem. Besides that, he always helped his mother in her business. Her aunt and her causin always bully him because he was not good in mathematics and english.  But, he was not in under estimate and not give up from the condition. He studied harder and harder to got a good mark. He finally succeess in learning. He got a good mark from mathematics subject.

The third student was the tragic boy. He was not good in mathematics, but his mother forced him and give punishment to learn hard about mathematics to get good mark. He was in under pressure because if he did not get a good mark, he will not success in the class. That condition did not make him stop to draw. Drawing was his hobby, but his mother did not support it. Actually this student had belief in intelligence, because even  he was not good in mathematics, he try harder and harder.

Fortunatelly, they had a good teacher that always support them in doing anything. The teacher explained to them that mathematics is a friend. Because of this statement, they tried to know about mathematics and learn it well. We can say that teacher was success to chance their students perception about mathematics.

From this movie, I got a message about not to say stupid to people just because they were not good in academical achievement. Everyone had their own ability and their own way to develop it. Their way is important to determine their goal in their life, because we had different goals in this life.


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Reflection in School experience (week 2)

My school experience has finished.  I got so many lesson learn from this experience. But, from this I only want to share what are already happen in second week of my school experience. In the second week, I started to use my plan. My plan was to have an action research. I had design all about my research, and I hope it would work well as I want.

I taught X-B class on Sunday and Tuesday. Topic that I taught was about Quadratic Equation. Specifically, it was about sum and multiplication product of quadratic equation factor. On the first day, based on my plan, I will give a lecture to explain the material and give example to them. After that, I divided my class into eight groups consisted of five students. There were quite many groups because there were thirty nine students in the class. It was quite difficult to manage this class. Beside that, my voice was in trouble, because my power of voice was decrease. My students did not listen to me well, and could not focus to the lesson.

After that, I gave them exercises for them. They did it with their group. I assumed my students can do the exercise well, but I was wrong. My students had a difficult to do exercise. To anticipate this condition, I scaffold each group to do exercise. Actually, almost my students had a difficult to solve the exercise. When the students had a same problem, we discussed the problem and solve together. After class, I ask them to review the lesson more, because we will have Team Games Tournament (TGT) session on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, I had prepared the entire instrument well. I hope this session will be more successful. But, the condition was different. Many students still not understand about the topic. Because of this condition, I had to explain more about the topic. This exploited my time to have Team Games Tournament (TGT) session. After that, I asked them back to their group. I gave the instruction and the regulation. Then, I gave five problems for each group member. They looked very enjoy in this session, but some of them can not solve the problem that I gave. I think they motivated in doing that, because they think that the activity was unique. I was very glad at the time.

I think my students need a motivation activity to improve their learning. Motivation is very important thing in learning process. Without a motivation, our students have no spirits in learning.

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Reflection on school experience

Last week was my first week on school experience terms. My school is Labschool Kebayoran. My master teacher named Mrs. Fitri Hidayani. She teaches mathematics for grade X and XI-social. I get grade X-B for my practice class.

On the first day, I and Evik observed grade X-A and B class together. I was so nervous when I meet the students of the school. They looked active and smart. I and Evik were asked to introduce our selves to the students.  Fortunately, they welcome for our coming. After introducing our selves, I and Evik Observed Mrs. Fitri. Our observation focused on how teacher’s method in teaching mathematics especially in algebra or quadratic equation.

On the second day, it was my time for me to teach my class (X-B), but I collaborated with Evik.  We taught quadratic equation especially about discriminant. In our teaching method, we applied guide discovery with worksheet. As I saw, they looked motivated in learning this. They were active and enjoyed in doing their activity. The activities were Discussion, discovery learning, presentation skill, and quiz. For this learning process, they thought that they understand about the concept of the material.

From this experience, I got a lesson learn. I have to design a motivated learning process. By doing this, I am sure our students will enjoy the class even the subject is hard. Besides that, we will help students to understand about the subject well. 🙂

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Third Reflection (Believe it!!)

Thursday, 6th of October 2011, it was a day where I learned my beloved lecture, MMSEL. As usually, there were so many activities that may make us feel happy. Not only that, the activities could motivate us to get our spirits and fresh condition. It was so important because we were still in sleepy. It was earlier than the other day. But, there were something different. Before class started, we created a new regulation for our class. No more late for next meeting.

I never think before, there was a unique activity I think. In the opening session, Mrs. Lydia asked us to draw our expectation in the future about five or ten years later. There were so many expectation that my friends have including me. Actually, my expectation is simple. I want to make my family feel happy in every aspect of their live. As the first son, it is my duty to help them, because they have so many expectations to me. I realized this activity purposed to remember students what were they expectations in their live.  Besides that, it motivated us to keep our spirits in our live as a teacher or a human being.

About one hour later, Mrs. Lydia gave us a material for the session. The general of the material is about belief. Belief is something that convinces us to do anything based on supportive thing. There were six belief in this case, they are; belief about future outcomes, belief about intelligence, belief about capability, belief about value, belief about performance. Mrs. Lydia asked us to make jigsaw learning. I got belief about capability. Based on my discussion with my expert group, there are two views in belief about intelligence. First, entity view, this view belief that intelligence is inherited from our parents. so if our parents are not good in mathematics, we are not too. Second, incremental view, this view belief that even we know that we are not good in mathematics, we still have opportunity to do the best or to get good mark.

In my opinion, as a teacher, we should show to our students that we are the people on entity view. We have to do the best for anything, even for something impossible. It is our special for us as the teacher candidates that create a new generation. Keep spirits!!! 🙂 🙂


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Reflection week 2

Thursday, September 29, 2011, it was one of wonderful day. It was started in campus. The first subject of the day was MMSEL with Mrs. Lydia. In the opening session, class was started with ice breaking. The ice breaking proposed to remember what SSE students eat before they learn in class. Se had o remember and memorize about anything that SSE students eat. It was so fun; there were so many things they eat before learning. So much food. He he


About thirty minutes later, class entered to the core activities. There was a gallery work about theories of learning that related to motivation. Each of group member had to walk around the class to get more information from the others group. It was so interesting, we got so many explanation from the others group. The explanation were about; cognitive theories, socio-cultural theories, socio-cognitive theories, humanistic theories, and Maslow’s theories. By learning the gallery, I got important information about differences of Skinner’s theories and Bandura’s theories. Skinner’s theories concern to how to motivate students by using reinforcement (positive and negative). While, Bandura’s theories concern how to motivate the students with low level thinking by convince them that they can do and solve their problem.


After that, we were given a reading material and discussed it with our peers. The reading material was about “the needs of self determination”. Actually, there were three innate psychological needs to reach the needs of self determination, they are; competence, autonomy, and relatedness. We are asked to understand the material, and then we were asked to role play in group of four or five. the role play was my favorite activities. My group got “the needs of autonomy”. It means that, to get a good self determination for students, teacher should give autonomy to students about what they decide to develop their creativity in doing their assignment. In this role play, we show to the audience two different teachers. One teacher (Mita) as the powerful teacher. She didn’t give autonomy to the students to be creative in doing assignment. One theacer (Shinta) as the good teacher. She gave the students autonomy to be creative in doing their homework or assignment.


From the role play, I got a key message. As a teacher, I can force my students with so many and difficult assignment. It can decrease our student’s motivation to learn the subject that I teach. I wish I could be a good teacher that can understand my students.

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MMSEL Reflection on first meeting

On last week, 22 of September 2011, I learned a new subject for this semester. The subject is about Motivation and Management of students for effective learning. This subject talks about our motivation and students motivation. On the first session, we were asked why did we want to be a teacher. It was an interesting class, because we have a new lecturer named Mrs. Lydia, and there were many activities.
On the opening session, each students introduced themselves to Mrs. Lydia. We were asked by some question. Not only that, we were asked why did we come to the class. We had so many reasons to answer the question. Besides that, we were asked again, why did we want to be a teacher. I think this is a special question. we can reflect to our first decision to be a teacher. For my self, the question had implicit meanings. It remained me, why I want to be a teacher.
From the question, I think I forgot something that is important for a teacher. A motivation, that’s I think. Oh no, I did not realize that I loose my motivation, whereas I am a teacher candidates. It was so bad. If I loose my motivation, maybe I can not improve or develop education in Indonesia. Not only that, I can not create a new generation. It is worse. From this, I have some connection to improve my motivation to be a teacher. Being a teacher is good, but a teacher without motivation will make no change for a new generation and my students will have no motivation in learning.
Fortunately, I learn this subject. It will enable me how to build a motivation for me and my students especially in teaching and learning. I wish I can follow this subject well, so I can apply this knowledge in real life context. Keep spirit, and do the best… 🙂 🙂
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