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Creating Interest in Learners

By: Matt Benge and Amy Harder

If you were to close your eyes and picture your favorite teachers, you would likely find that each was very skillful in captivating your interest. Upon further study, you might find the interest produced resulted from your favorite teachers finding engaging activities or experiences that were related to the subject being taught, such as a nature walk when teaching about the environment or a scavenger hunt when teaching exploration. This method of creating interest into the classroom, called the Interest Approach, is very effective and widely applicable (Lancelot, 1929).

William Lancelot, the “Father of the Interest Approach,” believed a learner’s interests are important in learning and that those interests play a critical role in the development of a person’s thinking ability (Lancelot, 1944). He purported a learner’s “interest existing in any given topic flows into any other as soon as a connection between the two is seen” (Lancelot, 1929, p. 55). It is the responsibility of the educator to establish the connections between a learner’s interest and new knowledge. These connections can be created through the use of the Interest Approach.

Methods for Creating Interest

Applying the Interest Approach requires some thought and effort from the educator. The general tips that follow can help you begin to apply the Interest Approach during your teaching activities.

  • Be attentive to the development of interest the learners have regarding the subject or topic at hand.
  • If the learners are already excited and interested in the topic, encourage their energy and enthusiasm for the subject to keep them interested.
  • You must work to create interest if the learners are unsure or are genuinely not excited about the topic.

Using Natural Impulses

The following is a list of natural impulses that may be appealed to when teaching. Natural impulses not only help create interest, but also aid in the facilitation of the learning environment. Natural impulses should always be used when teaching (Lancelot, 1929). The following is a list of natural impulses with examples of how to incorporate them when educating.

  1. Activity – actively engaging the learners’ minds
  2. Nature – an outdoor activity involving trees, animals, or the ocean
  3. Curiosity – creating a scavenger hunt when learning about exploration
  4. Wonder – taking a real or virtual field trip to the Grand Canyon
  5. Creativeness – learners painting a picture of the Grand Canyon
  6. Gregariousness – a group activity or project where the learners interact with one another
  7. Competition – a sport, game, or project where learners are competing against one another

Yah , through this article we can reflect that a true educator is not one who makes learners memorize information. A true educator is one who is able to assimilate knowledge within the minds of learners. As a result, learners become sound, careful thinkers. The Interest Approach is not the only element in quality teaching, but it is an important educational tool. Creating interest in the minds of learners ensures the information learned is not only retained, but applied as well. As an educator, it is your responsibility not only to teach, but also to teach in a way that will make learners want to come back for more.

For your information in this reflection , I just put an article from then  reflect to the daily life as an educator and student. It’s because of I couldn’t join MMSEL class last week :).


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It’s totally about class climate

Last week in MMSEL class, we discuss about class climate. What kind of class climate which can motivate students in learning?. First, we learnt about the theories of class climate. They are about safety order (give the students safety or in other words teacher might not to do bully), success (guide them in raising their academic performance through feedback and open ended question), challenge(challenging task), and task comprehension (task which closed to the real life). After that, to ensure our understanding, Mrs Lydia asked us to play a role play. Why must be role play? I guess that, it prepare us to be in real condition so by playing role play we will know what’s going happen in our class. Not only that, for me role play is really help me understand about the concept. I am not really sure that by reading I can understand about the theory precisely. So through role play, it can help me to imagine about the purpose of the theory.
Well, talking about role play I have shared about the distribution of player in role play. Did you still remember guys?. Yah,,, like I ever told you before that in every role play I always get a role as a teacher. So, again and again I role as a teacher. My group has an opportunity to role about “challenge”. What does it mean?. Challenge is a part of teacher role to give a challenge to the students. Challenge here is kinds of challenging task. So in a role play I gave to my students challenging task. First, I asked them work the task individually. After that, I clarify to the students, is the task was easy?. Then they answered, it is so difficult miss I can do it by my self. Well, because of they felt difficult to do individually then I asked them to work in a group. I also guide them in doing the task. For every group who has finished the first task, they can put another which has provided by the teacher. So there was a level of task which is higher and higher. And for the group who was slow in finishing the task, they will be challenged but teacher still guide them in doing that task.
Another role play is about “success”. What success means here?. Here success means that teacher should encourage the students to be success in a learning process. Teacher can guide them if the students find obstacles in doing the task by scaffolding and open ended question. Teacher also give them feed back which can motivate them in learning, so it such a positive reinforcement.
So by giving that kinds of treatments to our students. It can help them to raise their academic performance 


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What make us motivated in learning in the class?

That was actually I have learnt in the tenth meeting of MMSEL. I just knew precisely about the factor what made students motivated in learning in the class. There were about class structure, self regulation, and teacher characteristics. I and my friends analyze those factors through discussion (pairs and share) and gallery walk (1 stay 2 stray). In the small group, we share about our experience when we were studying in the primary or secondary school. We share about what condition of class which make us enthusiast in learning, what kind of teacher who can motivated us in learning, and as a learner  how do  we  addressing the phenomena.  Each of us has different experience. For me, I will enthusiast in learning if the situation of the class is comfortable.  Comfortable means that the environment is clean, tidy, and the member of the class was cooperative. While for my friends, he will more enthusiast if the teacher was really understand what the students’ needs and appreciate for every single students work. When the teacher understand about what students’ need and appreciate for every single students work, he felt that he was involved to the learning process. That’s why as a teacher we should have good communication skill with our students. Because through communication, it will bring us to the self relatedness between students and teacher.

After having discussion about those kinds of factor, we go deeper through literature study.  I and my friends go to the ICT lab to find any resources about class structure. We concern on mastery focused and performance focused. Then we draw a flow chart about class structured on a poster. Through poster, we did gallery walk. In this gallery walk, there were one member stay and two members stray. What content which I still remember from the gallery walk is about mastery focused and performance focused. In mastery focused is depending on the effort of students, because in mastery focused is about learning oriented. While in the performance focused is depending on the student’s ability, because in performance focused is about performance oriented. That’s why as a teacher candidates, I reflect on my self. I should consider to the multiple intelligence. Because every students have different intelligent, because of that we are not allow to just focus on mastery focused or performance focused. We should balance both.



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Let’s them express, what they wanna do………

I Not Stupid, What a nice movie it is!

My first impression when I saw this movie is “it is going to be sad”, because I assumed that Korean drama always melancholic and dramatic. Well, that’s why I must be ready with a piece of tissue J

This movie is kind of education movie, so many lesson learnt that I can reflect to my life. Especially me who am going to be a teacher, I learn the way of their teacher in treating the students. I like the way in motivating the students. What I still remember is when she was appreciating her student’s drawing (it such an external motivation for him). Actually, her student was drawing during her lesson but what she did to him?. Did she get angry? No…. she was not angry any more. She felt happy and appreciated what the student did. “What a nice drawing it is!”. That’s the teacher said to him. The students was so happy, he felt that there was still a person who appreciate his drawing. That’s why, he is so enthusiastic while the teacher asked him to make drawing for her (in this case, teacher wants to increase students self-efficacy which is beliefs about capability). He felt that no one care with his drawing even his parents. He never gets any support from his parents especially his mother. His mother always pushed him to master in mathematics and English. Her mom thought that for defending his self to the community, he should master in English and mathematics. She was so worried to her kid, when he just put his focus on drawing. How came drawing help him to defend in community? (By this condition we can see that the needs of belonging which is about love and acceptance from family was not really fulfill – regarding to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs).Oh God!!! I was really hurt by that. Did she ever notice that her kid was so talented?. At this moment, if I can face that people I will tell something to her and said. “Hey Miss, How lucky you are having him as your kid”J. But I guess, it’s not really realizing her. The wise way was the teacher’s way. She sent his student’s drawing to drawing competition. And fortunately, that drawing was becoming the winner. So, since that moment her mother noticed that his kid is so talented. Waw… what a great things she’s did!

Ya that’s story was really inspired me. Interesting!!! Well, as a teacher candidate who is also going to be a parent in school, let’s appreciate our students work and try to understand what our students needJ.


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Keep Going, Miss!!! It’s only beginning

That’s my impression in my second week of school experienceJ

In my second week, I was very enthusiast to face the class because I didn’t want to miss a thing in “my last week” which I have planed before. I should optimize every thing that I wanna do. As a previous week, I involved them in learning process actively. How happy I am? They were still enthusiast to join my class. That’s being my curiosity. What made them enjoy during the process?.  Actually, it was so simple. It just because of understanding each other. In another words, they just need to be understood. Th ey will be enjoy the learning, if teacher gave them opportunity to express their style in learning. One thing that I have done was about discussion. I chose that method because I know them pretty well. I know that they liked P-S. It’s about Pairs and Share.

In this reflection my focus was not about what happen during  the class but I just wanna share what’s my students’ feeling when I joined to their class. They express what they are feeling in a piece of paper. Most of students said thank you for the two week, It was really interesting. They felt that they learning process was interesting. They said like that because it’s rarely happen when they studied mathematics. So, while I invited them to do something not routine, they enjoyed that. They understand what I have explained to them. They liked my way in guiding them to solve mathematical problem. They don’t like my way in speaking because it’s to fast to them.  Ya, sometimes I realized that I spoke to fast.  Ya, in the next I should try to be slow but of course not really slow. They also remind motivate me that sometimes I should be firm and should be better in the future.

Well, I do so really thank you to them because they gave me opportunity to learn aloud “How to manage students in the classroom”. It’s very painful but it’s really joyfulJ. Thank you so much GPS, Thank you so much 1-B students. I will keep up my work to be better and better teacher in the future as what you have told to me “Keep Going, Miss!!!  It’s only beginning J



I hate “Labeling”

This is my fifth school experience, during this program I got many things that I should be learnt. Actually I learnt more either from the teachers or students. I always try to be enjoyed in doing this program.

Well this is my experience in the first week,,,

I was very surprised when my lecturer announced about the school which became our partners during this program. The schools are new schools for us and it’s dominated by private school. I got a chance to take a part in one of private school in Bekasi. It’s one of high qualified private school in Bekasi. Glance, I was thinking that this is not ordinary school; teachers and students are not ordinary too. But I and my friends were very lucky because one of our friends is the alumni of that school. Then we can dig any kinds of information as we want. So, I am not really worried about this school because I have already the background J

In the first meeting we met our master teacher. They told us about the classroom situation and students achievements. They said that, “This student is like this, those students are like that,he is a trouble maker, she is a trouble maker and many more. Just because of that label, I am being afraid to face my students. I thought, what’s gonna be happen to me when I taught? There are so much imagination in my head about the students. But I might not be influenced by the issues. I should prove by myself during the observation.

I observed and try to learn what they want to during the lesson. In my observation I saw that they were very “attractive”. They were really talkative. They liked to have chat with their peers. I consider that, that’s their style in learning but teacher didn’t consider that their uniqueness. Teacher often blame to them which made them “over act” in class. Teacher often gave them negative reinforcement. Teacher seldom appreciate students’work that made students have low motivation in learning. It’ s really ironic for me when teacher respond students question. Student asked about her confused about the lesson but the teacher said,” Hey, it’s not my bussiness”. Teacher also often said,” Hey, that’s wrong”. Oh God! How come? It’s happen! Now, I can understand, why the students became so attractive even sometimes “rebel”.

I decide that I must be different with their teacher.  I try to implent their habit which is “chatting” to the learning process. I involved them in discussion, I try to remember their name one by one, and I try to appreciate of every single their work. How lucky I am, I got MMSEL class. So, I know the way to motivate my students.  Do you know? What’s happen in the class?. I found their spirit in learning. They were active in answering while I try to remember their names. It means that calling the students with their name is really touchful.  They were very active when we invoved them in discussion. Then, I can prove that the trouble makers in class is not really troubel as teacher’s labeling. That’s why I hate labeling.



I got my understanding through sharing

I realized that I had class on that day, but I am so lazy to get preparation. It’s because of the class was started on 8.00 a.m. Because of that I arrived at campus almost 8 a.m. and thanks God, the lecturer was not in the class but her bag was already there. I asked to my friends, “Where is Ms. Lydia?”. Some of them said,” I don’t know precisely, maybe she was going up stair”. Ohhh Okeee……! We have waited her for about 13 minutes, then finally she came. She told us that she had a meeting with the other lecturer to discuss our assignments on school experience. Hmmm, the duty of school experience is increasing day by day after we met of each subject. Well, it is okay for us because we will enjoy with thatJ. After that Ms. Lydia invites us to make a class rule what dos and don’ts. Actually, we focused on attendance. We should come to the class at 8 a.m. but it will be tolerance in 15 minutes. For students who come late more than 15 minutes. He or she will not get students’ attendance.  Ms. Lydia is so fair, because she is going to run the rule next meeting.

Well, on that day I learnt about beliefs on motivation. In delivering the material Ms. Lydia use jigsaw reading to make us understand about that material. On that case, I got an opportunity to discuss beliefs about capability. We share information each other after we read that material. It’s mostly talking about self efficacy. Self efficacy is a part of self concept but self efficacy is more specific. For example: in self concept,” I master in mathematics” but in self concept, “Generally, I master in mathematics precisely in matrix but I am so low in geometry”. That’s why I said that self efficacy is more specific. Actually, we are not just discussing about self efficacy but in a whole class we have discusses about beliefs on motivation. They are beliefs about future outcomes (expectation), beliefs about intelligence, beliefs about capability (self efficacy), and beliefs about value. After we discussed in an expert group we back to our group then we discussed through a whole class. By doing this method we can go deeper to get the information. So, I can understand not just from my perspective but also through others’ perspective. Honestly, I often confused to understand reading material by reading only. I need somebody to share with me. That’s why I often got my understanding through sharingJ.

Desy AB Pertiwi

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They said, it’s not you Desy………………….

In the second meeting of MMSEL, we learnt about some learning theories. It’s reminding us about educational psychology. Did I still remember about those kinds of theories? Ehmmmm, not really remember actuallyJ. Fortunately, Ms. Lydia provided us some articles which really helpful for us.

In the middle of the course, Ms Lydia asked us to play a role play. We should act like what article said to us. My group had an opportunity to act about “the need for competence” . hmmm Role play…….. ya… Every role play in any kind of subjects, I always get a role as a teacher. I don’t know, why do my friends really trust me to play the role? May be, because sense of teacher is already stick on me. Hehehehe “ How exaggerate I am!!!” No…no…no, Not only me who has a sense of teacher but also us, guys!!!. Yes, we are!!! We are SSE teacher candidates have already had that sense. I believe that, SSE students is really passionately to be the next new generation of teacherJ

Ya, talking about teacher, I always get a role as a teacher in any kinds of subject. But in this opportunity, I get a role as a very very very nice teacher. But actually in another role play I often get a role as a killer teacher. That’s why most of my friends really known me as a killer teacher. Then, when I act, some of them said, hahaha palsu…that’s not Desy actually? Hah??? What did you say? I was shock!!! Hmmm, just because of that predicate, they said,” it’s not you Desy”. Oh my God!!! My friends has given me label, just because of my role. As you know guys, am not like what you are seeing in the role play or micro teaching. I am just the way I am who passionately to be new generation of teacher J like all of you guys. But I am really thankfull to that oppurtunity. Because that experience teach me what’s the different between effective and not effective teacher J. How lucky I am to be here, in SSE guys!!! SSE gives us best experience to “Learn, Lead, Shape the future”, together we make a difference J




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What I have learned in the first meeting of MMSEL?

Thursday, September 22 2011 is my first day in MMSEL (Motivation and Management of Students for Effective Learning) class.  I am so enthusiastic to join the class because of the subject and of course the new lecturer. Why am I so enthusiastic in motivation? It’s because of motivation is the power of to make my life alive. I hope by joining this class, it’s not only being the best encouragement for me but also I got many things to encourage my students in the future.

In the first meeting, we discussed what is motivation as we know so far?. For me, motivation is power or such encouragement to make my life alive. Ya actually, motivation is at the heart all of learning or doing something. In the first meeting the learning happen so fun but still meaningful. We share about our motivation, why do we want to be a teacher?. My motivation for being a teacher is just because of my teachers. My teachers have the best influent for me. They are my math teacher in junior high school and my English teacher in senior high school. I am really admire of their way to teach me and my friends. My math teacher always encourage me that,” Hey, Desy come on! Math is not scary as many people think of”. Every single one can master in mathematics by doing practice and practice. So, it’s such a big power for me to make nice relationship with mathematics. It’s not only about the encouragement which motivated me to be a teacher, but also the way of her teaching. I like the method of her teaching. She always makes sure our understanding that we really understand about the concept. Ya, because of it someday if I were a teacher I am going to teach my students like her teaching. For my English teacher, thank you so much for your influence to top up my passion in learning English. She is really passionate in teaching her students. Because of her, I do love more English and ya I got my passion. Being a teacher is one of my passion!.

That’s what happens during the MMSEL class. But in the end of the lesson my lecturer asked us discussed about some learning theories, and it will be continued in the next meeting. See ya… J



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