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Instructional Activity

MMSEL course today is started by showing mood. Actually I got miss instruction, because I don’t know the instruction. I think we should show mood based on PPT from Ibu Lydia, but we should show our own mood in that time. So, I just smileJ. It means I feel ashamed. After that we talk about interest, how to design classroom that fulfill student interest. That will be hard, but teacher should do it to make student interest to learn. Even student have different interest, teacher able to generalize it and apply in the class.

We can make an interesting activity in the class based on our instructional variable. The variable is introductory focus, personalization, involvement, and feedback. Introductory focus is attracting students’ attention; it can be apply by using Varity method that interesting for student. Then personalization is link to students’ lives, it mean teacher able to know every student personality and emotion, so teacher should try to fulfill it when teaching material. After that Involvement, involvement is increasing intrinsic interest. It can be apply by using open-ended questions and using hand-on activities. The last is feedback; teacher should give feedback to increase student interest and self-efficacy.

Today activity also a motivation section, every group present their ability in motivate their friend. That is interesting, but I can’t perform well in this motivation section. I am sorry, because my group still confuses the flow of word that should tell to the audience. Actually the ability to motivate is very important to make student feel interesting and motivate to learn. I will learn more to do it.

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Positive Classroom Environment

Yeah, I come again into a romantic class, because the decoration mostly using pink color. First, Ibu Lydia asks someone who came late to go forward and review the material that we already learn before. Faqih got the challenge to review. Faqih review’s quite helping me to remember again the material. I got the conclusion that I still confuse about self-regulation. Next, Ibu lydia ask us to draw a picture that represent the conducive and motivation class. We draw n doing a gallery walk present and look into another graph.

After that we have a role play. My group Faqih, Evik, Ipin, Aida, and me doing role play about task comprehension. Task comprehension is increasing perception of autonomy and value. My group act a role play that represents a teacher who able give a task that giving student opportunity to choose based on student interest. Teacher also tell the student how important the task for student to learn and get new knowledge.

My group has an opportunity to review about order and safety. Order and safety means that classroom as secure place to learn. Teacher as a designer should be able to make every student feel comfort to learn. Ratih as a teacher ask student about their progress in doing project. When some group already go forward, and other group still got a problem. The teacher makes sure that every student still focuses to finish their job and motivate student who still got problem. Help the group to not going down and warning another group to not doing a bullying. Order means that the teacher makes a class rule and a systematic way in teaching. Safety divides into two, emotion and physic. Emotion is making a comfort zone for student to express their self without bullying and physic is require student to make the safe classroom, like a cleaning classroom.


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Meeting after Midterm

After midterm, this meeting is the first meeting. We writing about the teacher and classroom who motivate the student and also how student manage their emotion to be motivate. We divide into three group based on the topic. After that Miss Lydia engaged us to discuss about what we write. We can see that we can decide motivated classroom and teacher based on our experience. The classroom condition and the teacher is the factor that influences student motivation. But after I read some book, I think the classroom condition is formed by the teacher. So, I conclude that teacher is a key to motivate student. But student itself has a big influence into them self. How student manage their emotion, and manage their time also important, it’s a kind of self-regulation.

Based on goal orientation theory, they are separate into two. They are mastery goal and performance goal. Mastery goal is more focused on earning a high grade, and that’s why I work hard to learn. My performance is better than it was at the beginning of the semester. Performance goal is I want to avoid mistakes so I can get a good grade. That’s the reward for studying hard; my performance is better than other students. It’s good for teacher to make student have a good mastery goal, performance goal.

sometime the class condition also based on the total student in that class and the facilities. If the total of student in the class to much, it’s can be noisy and conducive. About facilities, it is also impact the student motivation. if it is comfort it will influence student motivation.


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Yeaaah,,, Wacthing Movie

Agenda for MMSEL course today is watching movie,, yeah, I like it so much J. I like it because watching movie is my favorite way to make me relax. I am always watching movie when I am feel bored. That’s way I am really happy, because I can learn from watching movie. The movie that we watch is “I am not stupid”. Hmm,, from the title I can imagine that is a wonderful movie.

I think too much waste time at the beginning of the movie, too much advertisement. But, wow.. I think the movie is interesting. The student said that there school is a jail. How scary that school, until the student feel not comfort in the school. I think when student feeling about the school are bad, it will be influence student motivation. Student will not happy when coming to the school and not interest to find a new knowledge in the school. When I continued watching the movie, I find the answer. The actors are stay in the class with the image “slow learner student”. Teacher in that class are not motivated the student and just underestimate into student ability. The condition impact to student parent, parent feel shame if their child stay in slow learner class. Parent will push their child without care to their child intelligence. Many parents think that mathematics and English language is an important think, that’s way the child should able and know about that. Finally come a good teacher into that class and giving the student motivation. That’s teacher also appreciate to student multiple intelligence. Teachers not push the student but give them and a energy by giving motivation.

Finally the student try to do the best in that class based on their own goal, like trying to be friend with the subject, to make their parent fell happy, motivated because the teacher, just follow the parent instruction and etc. But we should consider also into student multiple intelligence and interest. Don’t push the students to mastering subject, when they are unable to learn it. Just focus into student ability and give them spirit.


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Learning by Doing

Like I already told before, the second meeting when I teaching experience, will I told in this reflection. Yeah in this meeting I am not really nervous like the first time. Based on the first meeting I try to conduct not really full activity, I just focus to achieve my goal. So, there is no game. Hmm,, even I try to make the activity not really full, there are only explanation time, group discussion, and quiz. But there is always need more time, because when I planning to do explanation in 20 minute, but I need 30 minute. Also at the beginning to start the class, actually need 10 minute to make my student ready and stay in their chair.

In the second meeting I try to apply STAD (Student Tim Achievement Division) method. Student will categorize as a fast and slow learner in sequence. After that I make a group that consists of fast learner and slow learner. I acknowledge the student about the rule of the group. Student should discuss and share knowledge in their group effectively, because the individual quiz result will be add with another member of group and the get the average group result. So the final result will be the average group result. That’s way the student should learn in group effectively and also share knowledge. The fastest learner student will be responsible to share knowledge to the slow learner and also slow learner should learn from their friend in group to contribute in giving the best average result. I consider this method will help student to learn effectively in group and motivated to get the best result. Yeah, I can get more experience about school condition and try to make it better.

After this section, I try to interview some student about this method. From the interview I conclude that this method effective to increase student motivation But some student still unhappy with this method. Actually they are the fastest learner student. That student feels this method will be loss their quiz result. They told me that grouping method is good for them to learn and share knowledge, but it is to risk for them because they afraid if some student who get a high result will be decrease when another member get the low result.

Actually the biggest problem in social class at Labschool is about increasing student motivation, because student social mindset is “anak buangan”. Social student feel castaway when they cannot enter the science class. My master teacher told me that the best way to increase student motivation in social class is giving praise. The mathematics teacher should be careful to give problem solving question to them, because if the student can’t answer the question the will under estimate to their ability. That’s way the teacher should make the question serially from the drill one until the problem one.

Teaching experience and conduct CAR (classroom action research) is really useful for me as a teacher candidate. I can practice my knowledge that I already learn and show the reality in the field. I can become more familiar with school condition and the problem in there.


Class Regulation Help me

Start from 10th October 2011 until two week forward I am going to have school experience in SMA Labschool Kebayoran. Hmm,, quite make me tense, because I am should teach social class about limit function. Oh my God, I am really confused about how to deliver the concept of limit function easily. As we know that limit function will be a new knowledge for secondary student. After that I am also should design a CAR (Classroom Action Research) in my class. Unfortunately I just have two meeting with my student, because in the next week they are going to have a holiday. It means that I just have a time to doing my CAR when I meet my student and they are no time to observe the class situation first. Yeah, I just try to get information from my master teacher about the class condition. My master teacher said that social class is a “anak buangan”, because most of them are a student who lack ability in calculating and can’t enter science class. That’s way teaching social class need more skill and should be patient.

My first indicators about social student are: need more motivation and should make the student busy with activity to handle the class situation. Actually I want to use STAD grouping method to increase student achievement in mathematics. I am going to divide a group that have the same ability, because they are consist of fast learner and slow learner. In the first time I just want to use individual method and I will compare it with grouping method in the next meeting.

Now, I will told you about my first experience teaching in social class of SMA Labschool. I conduct an activity that consist of watching video, game, doing exercise and quiz in the last most of them need individual action. But my planning are can’t run well because I can’t connect my laptop to the LCD, I spend much time when explaining the concept, and the time are separate with the rest time. That’s way so many times that castaway and I can’t run my planning well. I should eliminate the game section, even its make my activity boring for the studentL.

Motivation that I require from the student mostly intrinsic motivation and also extrinsic, because in this meeting the student work individually and need to get good result in their quiz time by working individually. Student need to use their intrinsic motivation to understand the concept and also become extrinsic motivation when I said the quiz result will be giving to your teacher.

Actually I just have two meeting to tell. So, I just told you my first meeting for this week. I will tell the next meeting in the next reflectionJ. Now I just have a conclusion that make a class regulation are very useful for us who still practice in teaching. The student will be easy to control only with remembering them into the class regulation that already agreed in the first.


Dream Picture

MMSEL course today are really meaningful because Miss Lydia ask us to draw our dream in a piece of paper. Why it’s become meaningful? Yeah, because I draw all of dream for 5 until 10 years later. When I present my picture to my friend, Oh my God, I draw so many things. It’s mean that I have so many dream. But I think we spend time to much for present dream in the picture.

After that we have a jigsaw reading about “The Influence of Belief on Motivation to Learn”. My part is Self-Efficacy: Belief about capability. From the reading material I know that Self Efficacy is part of Self-Concept, for example Eva love’s mathematic (Self-Concept), more specify Self-Efficacy Eva belief she can solve algebra operation well. They are four factors that can increase student Self-Efficacy, past performance, observing the modeling of others, verbal persuasion, and psychological factor.

It’s time to share and listen to others. I tell to my group about what I already know about Self-Efficacy (belief about capability). After that, I hear my friend explanation. They are belief about future outcome: It’s like a future goal and they are contain a time to achieve that goal, after that beliefs about Intelligence: Separate become Entity view and Incremental view. The Entity view thinks that intelligence is essentially fixed and stable over time. Incremental view belief that intelligence is not stable and can be increase by effort. Finally Belief about value: Belief about value separate into three types. First Attainment view belief they have ability and feel expert. Second Utility value more looks something from the purpose for their self. It’s useful or not. If it is useful they will take it, but if not they will left it. The third is cost, they feel that they have so many things to do and not have more time to do another thing. . But nobody explain belief about causes of performance.

That’s all about belief that influences learner to engage in and preserver on task. We as a teacher candidate should aware about this case and know the way to overcome. Because we should assured all of student in a good motivation to have a learning experience in our class.


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Role Play (Yeah,, I like It)

At the first, when the class start. Miss Lydia wants to remember our name. That’s way she gives us an activity to tell our breakfast menu and before that we should told all of name and their breakfast before us. Luckily I am seat in the front, so I just need to remember a few people. After that we should present the poster that we have done and gallery walk to another group poster. But I am got little bit confuse when hear social culture group present their poster.

In this meeting we focus more to Maslow’s hierarchy of need and the need for self-determination. Rian ask Miss Lydia about Maylow’s pyramid, Should we categorize our need like pyramid start from Physical until self actualization (with the bigger one in the based and the small one in the top)? Because some theory tells about that pyramid can be upend. I agree with Rian, I think people who can’t get the based need can achieve up need too. When I hear Miss Lydia answer, I can accept it. Because Maslow theory of need can represent the general phenomenon, although is it possible to miss the step and next the up step.

I am happy today, because the need for self-determination material should preset in role play. Every group present different role play, so another group guesses the theme of role play. I like this activity so much, because I can see the example of self determination from the role play. I also flashback and realize “hmm,, sometime I do something like that”. Like I want to look smart (the need for competence) and when in Junior High School I want always stay in “kelas unggulan” (the need for relatedness).

Like I already told before, Motivation likes energy. That’s way teacher should giving motivation for their student. Give motivation for student not only by telling but also teacher can integral into teaching and learning process. Like giving praise and critics wisely, Always show a good emotion to student, offer help, engage student to monitor their learning goal, give student opportunities to show they ability and etc.


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Make a Difference

Today’s’ meeting is very interesting because I meet a new lecture and I can hear my friend’s motivation to become a teacher. My friend story is very interesting, especially Nia’s story. She told that she had meet president because she follow teaching competition and become the winner. Wow, that’s great. I am very proud of her. I hope she is become a great teacher letter. Another story are also interesting, like Evik interest to be a teacher because he wants to be a spotlight. Like Miss Indonesia “semua mata tertuju padamu”. That’s right Evik, teacher also an actress right?

Actually we learn about what motivation is and what kind of motivation. What is motivation itself? I think motivation is a goal and energy to achieve the goal. They are two kinds of motivation, extrinsic motivation and intrinsic motivation. Because me and my friend already have this from Educational Psychology subject, its make this meeting more enjoyable because we talk about motivation more personal. When the activity classify the motivation (extrinsic or intrinsic) from some motivation come to MMSEL class its quite make me confuse. At the last I know that extrinsic motivation will depend to the matter that make someone motivation. Extrinsic motivation will be lost if the motivated doesn’t axis. Whereas intrinsic motivation more strong and outworn, because it’s not depend to the other.

I am happy to know that my motivation to be a teacher not only extrinsic motivation, but also come from my heart (we call it intrinsic motivation). From my heart, I want to be teacher to make a difference. Like SSE slogan “together we make a difference”.



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