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Week 12: Instructional Variable & Motivation Session

Last week, MMSEL class was very different with previous class. Most of MMSEL class last week spent in an activity, outdoor activity, motivation session. Before that activity begun, Ms. Lidya asked us to show our emotion that day, whether happy, sad, sleepy, or whatever emotion that day without say even a word. We have to use our face to express our feeling. So many expression appears, but mostly is happy, about me of course still sleepy hehehehe. After showing our face expression, we continued to watching video (thanks to Ratih for remind me about this). The video shows teacher who gave instruction to students and the students seems very well prepared for these instructions. In my opinion, it takes times to make students do something like that, and it was amazing.

Next activity learns about Instructional Variables. The instructional variables divided into four parts, introductory focus, personalization, involvement, and feedback. First is introductory focus, it means teacher should be able to create a beginning or opening of a class that attract students’ attention. Besides attract students’ attention, opening activity also should be able to provide a conceptual framework for students. Hence, the expected result is students’ attention gained and they got conceptual knowledge of the material.

Second is personalization, it means that teacher should be able to make connection between the material and students’ live. This is also important for help students to get the main concept of the material. The common example is contextual learning that related the learning material into real life condition.

The main activity in last week is motivation session. We were divided based on article’s posting group to create a motivation session. In my group which consists of Novani, Evik, Titiah, and I choose multiple intelligences as main topic to be delivered. Then, we began to discuss the technical aspects and how we will deliver the material. Based on discussion, Evik was chosen as motivator, Novani as Agnes Mocerai, Titiah as Valentina Rissa, and I as moderator. Then, when our turn comes we begin the role play. The main point of role pay is to convey the teacher candidates/audiences that students are unique; they have different need and different interest in learning. So, as teacher we have to aware and do not force what we want to them.

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Week 11th Reflection: Positive Climate and Motivation

In this week we have three major activities in our MMSEL class, drawing, gallery walk and role play. Those three activities were helping me understand what kind of factors or aspects that needed in our class in order to make our students motivated to learning and motivated in the learning process.

First is drawing about classroom condition that bring positive climate and motivate students to learn. Last week I drew a class with semi-circle siting arrangement, so teacher could see all students and all students could see teacher too. Other consideration was this class expected to accommodate students with visual type learning, this sitting arrangement provide equal chance to see the board. I also tried to accommodate kinesthetic learner, this semi-circle sitting arrangement provide more spaces so kinesthetic learner will have more chance to move. Besides that to support learning process, I also put some learning resources and computer that connected to internet in one corner of the class, for preparation just in case if students need more resources.

After finished the drawing, Ms. Lidya asked us to put our drawings to the wall and did gallery walk. The class divided into two group, first group was consists of half of students’ numbers will stayed in their drawings ad explain what the meaning that lay behind the drawing. The rest students will present their drawings later after Ms. Lidya give instruction to swap the position.

When the gallery walk finished, Ms. Lidya formed group to make role play about topic that given. My group consists of Ratih, Shinta, Nanay, Joey and I, presented role play about Order and Safety in the class. Then, after several minutes discussion we decided to divide the role of each person. Joey and I became students who bullied Shinta and Nanay, and Ratih become teacher. Our role play was good enough, so our friends could get the message that we want to deliver through role play.

Another role good role play was fourth group who presented role play based on topic Task Comprehension. They played the role play very well and from their role play I could get that in Task Comprehension, they emphasize on students need for autonomy by gave students chance to choose task that students want to do. Besides that, fourth group also emphasize on importance of the task for students and how to increase students’ awareness of what students should do in order to complete the task.

Gallery walk and role play really help me to understand the material easily. I hope I can create activities that more interesting in my future class, so my students will motivated and enjoy the learning process, and more important is to make them addicted for learning.

Huda Marofiq


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Week 10th: Teacher, Learner, and Class Environment

This week is first meeting after midterm. In this tenth week we did several activities in class. These activities were doing in group. There are three groups, A, B, and C. Each group has different topic to discuss. Group A focused on classroom environment, group B focused on learner aspect, and group C focused on teacher characteristics aspect. At that time I got B as my group.

First activity was writing; Ms. Lidya distributed piece of paper to us. Then, we asked to write paragraphs that explain about our most skillful field of us. Fortunately, Ms. Lidya provided guiding question to us that helpful for us to write our most skillful field, like what is the skill that we mastered, how we master it, is there any obstacle in master it, value that we got, and motivation to master it. After finished our writing, Ms. Lidya asked us to discuss with other group’s member in small group of three. In that discussion I got Faqih and Ipin as my discussion partner, we shared our though based on aspect that we have been given before.

When the discussion finished, we continue to next activity, searching information on library and internet. Group A searching about classroom structure, group B (my group) searching about self-regulation, and group C searching about teacher characteristics. In this activity, group A, B, and C divided into two small groups so there were six groups in the class. In these small groups we work to prepare gallery walk, some of us used book and others use internet reference. After several minutes searching information and discuss in small group, we wrote the discussion result in our given flipchart.

After our preparation finished, we began gallery walk activity. One of group member stay in the poster as presenter of poster and the rest of group members visited other groups’ posters. The visitors listen to presenter explanation, asked for more detail information. Unfortunately, in this time I only could visit classroom structure poster and missed teacher characteristics poster. It happened because when I want to visit the teacher characteristics I swap position with Joey as presenter. However, in the last minutes I had little time to saw the teacher characteristics poster, but still not enough.

Overall, last week meeting went well. Generally, classroom structure, learners’ self-regulation, and teacher characteristics build atmosphere that influence students motivation to learn and in learning process. One thing that I thought missed is confirmation of information from Ms. Lydia toward information that we got from internet.

Huda Marofiq

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Perspective of Stupidity

In this week sixth of MMSEL class, we have different activity, and I like it; watching a movie. The title of this movie is “I Not Stupid”. This movie is one of inspirational movies that I have been watched. This movie is telling many stories that usually happened in our daily life such as friendship, school, bully, gossip, motivation, trusty, and belief. The big picture of this movie is about endurance / patience in facing problems that strongly influenced by motivation.
Brief story about this movie is about students who sit on EM3 class. This class has an unmotivated teacher who teaches in mathematics. The teacher said that EM3 students are hopeless. However, the situation changed when they have new teacher who motivate them in learning Mathematics. In this class there are three students who become central of the movie.

First student is Terry who very obedient and has middle-low intelligence. He has a mother who very obsessed with English and very authoritarian. His father is an entrepreneur who facing decreasing market shares in his business. He also has sister who very labile and like other adolescence, want to become free. Second student is Kok Pin who shows talent in art but his parents obsessed in Mathematics & Science, so he forced to be mastered at mathematics and science by using negative reinforcement by his mother. Third student is Boon Hock who has capability in mathematics but face problem in learning because he has to help his family who has low income.

These three students share same problem, having parents who see them as stupid students and desired them to be mastered in Mathematics & English. Besides that problem, they also have their own problem which increases their problems. For example, Terry always needs other people to protect him (needs of safety) from someone who bullied him. Other problem is Boon Hock who actually has talent in Mathematics but has limitation on learning time. He has to help his family in food court, studying, and babysitting his sister at once. However I think he is most lucky one, because his mother is not as extreme as Terry’s or Kok Pin’s mother. He also show increasing mark after he motivated by EM3 Mathematics’ new teacher.

Another example is Kok Pin who always receives punishment when he got bad mark by his mother. Actually, his mother is undesired those reinforcement but her friends suggested to use negative reinforcement. This reinforcement becomes extrinsic motivation which pushes Kok Pin to study hard and get good mark (showing goal of performance). Even though he has learnt very hard he still got bad mark and it make him feel scared to going home. In the state of scare of his mother and her punishment, Kok Pin decided to commit suicide by jumping from the building (failure that decreasing self-esteem). Fortunately, police officer catches him (even at first there is misunderstanding) and save him from his death which is has been in front of his eyes (needs of care and love).

I Not Stupid


Like another predictable movie, this movie also provides a happy ending. First, Kok Pin won drawing competition in USA and also recommended to study there. Then, Terry’s father and Kok Pin’s father making peace. Even, Kok Pin’s father help Terry’s father to regain market share. At the end, this movie implicitly told us to beware of our action who judges someone as stupid. Maybe, at that field s/he has weaknesses, but in other filed s/he could be far mastered compare with us. So, it is very unwise judging someone (especially students) just from one perspective, we have to see them from different and many perspectives, especially for us as teacher candidates who will be deal with various students in the class.

Huda Marofiq

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Week Fifth: Last Week of Teaching Experience

This week is the last week we doing Teaching Experience and embedded course on it. In this week I taught my class twice. Besides teaching, I also did Classroom Action Research (CAR) that I have been prepared from previous week. Little explanation about my CAR, I decided Student Teams Achievement Division (STAD) grouping as a method to increase students motivation to learn Mathematics. I prepared group distribution, materials, and worksheet.

However, when I knew that I will have very “active” students in my class, I knew that my CAR plan is destroyed. It is impossible to directly apply grouping in the class that there is gap between male and female students, between high learning pace and low learning pace students, between active and inactive students. Start from that, I renewing my plan from STAD to pair group.

I confidently thought that pair method at least work in the class. However I was wrong, even not completely wrong. I assumed that by doing worksheet in pairs will calm them down a bit, but it was wrong.Another problem appears. It is true that they formed pairs, but they did not want to do the worksheet. In this emergency situation, I need to make a right decision. I do not know this decision is right or not, but I decided to use personal approach to each pair in the class. I came to their desk; ask is there any problem that they met in working on worksheet. Then, based on their problem I tried to give them suggestion, clue, probing, made analogy, use step by step in answer questions on worksheet, and if they done it wrong I tried to convince that it was not true. By using personal approach, I could lead students in the class who ignored me, very “active”, and talkative finished worksheet that I have prepared for them. It was a great moment for me; at least I could make them following one of my instructions, answering question on worksheet.

Reflecting on previous week, I thought having class which contains of students who “active” in not the way I want them active will dragged me into sorrow. I confessed that I dragged into sorrow, but I saw a rare-golden-chance that maybe will not come to me again next time. Then, I took the positive side that this class is a challenge for me to improve my teaching skill and class management. I wonder how sorrowful I am now if I do not take the positive side of my class. That condition reminds me to a very wise sentence that I quote from a cartoon movie, Avatar the Legend of Aang. In that movie Prince Zuko said that “Sometimes clouds have two sides, a dark and light, and a silver lining in between. It’s like a silver sandwich! So when life seems hard, just take a bite out of the silver sandwich”.

In the end, that all lead me into a conclusion; teaching students who very “active” is not a disaster, it is a rare-golden-chance to be great teacher

Huda Marofiq


Week Fourth: Teaching Experience

Start from 10th October, my friends and I (section B & D, 2009 cohort) are doing teaching experience. This teaching experience was designed for two weeks. Fortunately there is no class during teaching experience session, it purposed for make us focused on our teaching experience and other embedded tasks on teaching experience. This semester I placed in a famous national high school in Kebayoran Baru area. In that school I got XI Science as class that I will conduct teaching experience, classroom action research (CAR), and other embedded class. As usual, we also got master teacher as our advisor in teaching experience and I got Mr. N as my master teacher. He is very good teacher, his math acquisition is good, very good. He could deliver the lesson material without any losing grip even the class is noisy.

Mr. N gave me many lessons to be learnt, from communication, learning flow, Mathematics skill, explanation skill, class management, and creating enjoy learning environment. That is all I got from twice observation in his class. One thing that I have not understood yet is class management. He teaches in one of XI science class that contains of students who could be categorized as noisy, ignorance students. He likes has charisma that even his presence in front of the class is enough to make students calm down. That is contrast with me, even I increase my voice volume students still not pay attention.


That is only a part of unexpected condition in my class. What about the other parts? It still contrasts. I have been taught twice in that class, most of my energy ruined for gaining their attention to lesson. At first I thought there was something wrong with my teaching, however when I heard same story from my friends who taught in the same class with me, I feel something wrong not just in my side. After all, I could not blame students who acted like that in the class, as teacher I have responsibility to make learning take place no matter the cost. Starting from this statement, I tried to communicate with them more personally. This action very helpful from me, by using personal approach to them I could lead them to do task that I gave to them.

One important thing that I got from what happened in my class; to be a teacher means to be ready for whatever condition of the class and ready for whatever condition of the students.

Huda Marofiq


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Third Week Reflection: Dreams, Belief, and Hopes

Source:The Solutionist

This week we are majority talking about dreams, our dreams. I think dreams is very powerful motivation for us in ‘enjoying’ struggle on assignments, exams, tests, and all of obstacles that appears. I also think that believing on a state where we reach (I hope surpass) our dreams is the most powerful motivation. Imagining our dreams come true is the best motivator when I fell in the deepest state of stress on obstacles.

My picture describe my dreams, it pictured me sit under the apple tree similar like Newton’s situation when he found Newton’s law after an apple fell on his head ( I hope I will face situation like him, when an apple fall then it will change the world). The first dream is about graduated S1 degree (Mathematics Education) from SSE and graduated master degree in management of education and computer science from one of the 10 best universities in world. Second dream is building a school for them who have great talent but do not have chance to get good education. Third, dream about building international standard hospital (I hope it will be the best hospital in the world). Fourth, running my own company business; I have a dream create employment(s) to decrease jobless people in this country. Fifth, I want to present happiness to my parent, one of them is by bring them to Mecca, to pilgrimage. Sixth, I want to marry someone, a woman who I love and love me, having children and house for my family. Seventh, I want to travel around the world. The cause of my travelling is because the world needs me to spread my knowledge of invention(s) that I have been created in order to create better world.

After showing our dreams, Ms. Lydia distributes material papers about belief. Then, Ms. Lydia divides us into several groups to do jigsaw reading. The material papers contains of several belief, belief about future outcomes, belief about intelligence, belief about capability, and belief about value. After read and share in expert group we back to our home group and share what we have got in expert group.

Last activity, we were writing down our belief and expectation of learning MMSEL course and learn in SSE in a piece of paper. After writing down all of our belief and expectations, we switch with our friends and analyzed our belief and expectations based on what we have learned.

Huda Marofiq


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Week Two: Breakfast, Poster, Role Play, & Maslow

Week two of MMSEL class was started by remembering classmates’ name and their breakfast from the first row to the last row. Hahahahaha, it was hard enough to remember classmates breakfast, because some of them have extraordinary breakfast (for example me hehehe). I was fortune enough, because at that time I sat on second row, it about at 9 or 10 chairs from first mate. The most unlucky one is my friend who sat on the last chair, Nanai. She has to remember 20+1 (include Miss Lydia)’s breakfast, wow it was hard job. 🙂

After nickname and breakfast thing, our class continue to poster presentations,we were presenting poster that we have done in first week. The presentation method is 2 stay-2 stray, so we could learn all of materials from other group’s posters. It is a good chance to present and learn from other at once. My group, consist of Evik, Novani, Titiah, and I, presented Sociocultural theory fron vygotski. Actually, the content of posters are similar (I think it same) with learning theory that we have got in first semester. So, it make us feel familiar with those materials. After poster group presentation, we continued to Maslow’s Theory. Because of one of our groups presented Maslow’s theory, so explanation about Maslow’s theory explain by Maslow’s group.

Next activity was role play. Before role play started, Miss Lydia divide us into pair work, distribute material papers and discuss with pair. The material is about self determination, which divided into 3 needs, competence, autonomy, and relatedness. After pair discussion, miss Lydia ask us to merge pairs to bigger group and sharing our findings, and also tried to make up a role play based on the selected material. It was hard at first, we must make up a-non-preparation role play, but after several minutes brainstorming we could make a good enough role play. As a result, my group could show ‘awesome’ acting.

The last activity is learn about self worth. Self worth is a emotional reaction that purposed to protect their pride and to gain acceptance or acknowledgment from others. Even, sometimes people could lies for the sake of self worth.

This MMSEL week is getting better, and I hope always getting better in next time (I am not said first class is not good). I also hope MMSEL give me knowledge and competence in giving motivation for my beloved students in the future.

Huda Marofiq


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First Class Reflection: Motivation’s Motive

Nick Vujicic


Talking about motivation, it reminds me to two things, first Mario Teguh, Andrie Wongso and friends, and second Inception. Those two things are related to motivation strongly (based on my perception), but before I go through to those things I want to talk about our first class. Read the rest of this entry »


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