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Article for Week 13

There are four basic areas in managing classroom: Establishing Classroom Climate – the arrangement and atmosphere in class; Conducting Class Efficiently – manage time and students; Reaching All Students – delivery, encouragement, teaching methods; Establishing Discipline – make rules and regulation.

In creating classroom climate teacher wants, first decide arrangement of class. Discuss with students how to arrange the class. Make agreement with students to keep maintain a comfortable environment.

By good time and students management the class will run efficiently. Both students and teacher have to aware the procedure of the class. So, the students will be more focus in learning and it will help students became more discipline.

There are three ways to reach all the students. First make your delivery variously. Use facial expression and body language. Second, encourage students to be active and do their best, show to them that you are believe they can do it. Third, use vary and interesting teaching strategies to make learning interesting.

Rules and regulations are important to maintain the class keeps under control and discipline. It will grow students respect in each other.

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Reflection week 12

At week 12 in MMSEL course, we learned about instructional variables. In this reflection I will emphasize on introductory focus. Introductory focus is about how teacher can engage students at the beginning of the lesson. For me, it is one of the hardest challenge in teaching.

How teacher start the lesson will influence how students will involve in the teaching and learning process. As teacher we need to be creative in starting a lesson. I learned that there are many ways to start a lesson. Teacher can start the lesson by giving questions or cases that relate to the topic. However, there are so many things that we can use to open our lesson. Teacher need to think what activities that can attract students into the lesson.

In the week 12, we did a role play again. We are divided into some groups and every group have to prepare to present a motivation session. It was quite challenging for me, because actually I did not have any ideas how to do it. Fortunately, from the discussion we got idea how to present a motivation session. Ipin, one of my group member had a role as a motivator. I had a role as the moderator of that session. I tried to start the session by a kind of greeting that familiar to my classmate. It was “oooiii, penontoooon.” Then, the audience answered it spontaneously by said, “oooooiii.” I think that I was success to attract them to that motivation session.

From the role play, I learned that to start a lesson we need to know our audience. For a teacher, it means that she/he need to know her/his students well. After that, we can adjust what kind of opening that we can use to attract our students. Sometimes, may be teacher need to think “out of the box” how to start his/her lesson, because the introduction will influence how the whole lesson will work.

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Reflection week 11

At the last meeting of MMSEL course, we did some activities. First activity is drawing. Ms Lidya, asked us to draw a classroom situation. Actually, I am confuse how to draw a classroom situation because my drawing ability is not so good, but I tried to do it. I drew a classroom situation where students can discuss and become active learner. In classroom that I drew the students feel free to give opinion, to ask and answer question. There is no stupid questions in that class. In that classroom, teacher has a role as facilitator, so the students center learning work well. I also tried to draw that the teacher give opportunities to students to use technology in that class. Because in students centered learning students need some resources, not only from their text book and their teacher. Students also can get knowledge from internet, and other resources. After the drawing session, we did a gallery walk. Some of us explain to others about the meaning of our drawing,

After the gallery walk, Ms Lidya ask us to do role play. My group have to do role play about influence of challenge from teacher to students motivation. In the role play, we showed that when the students feel that challenges from the teacher is too difficult for them, the teacher do not decrease the difficulties levels. The teacher need to do other strategy. That strategy is about Zone of Proximal Development. So, teacher give chance to students to do the challenge in group, hence they can discuss and solve the challenges. When students success in solve a challenging task, it will increase their self efficacy. they will ask another challenge from the teacher.

Besides influence of challenge, there are some of topic that influence students motivation in classroom. I want to explain about success that group 1 explained through the role play. In that role play I learn that teacher need to ensure the students that they can do the task. It can be a way to increase students’ self efficacy. For example, the teacher gives open ended question to students. Then teacher trigger students to give their opinion, after that students will convey their argument. Teacher have a task to give feedback to students’ argument. Comment from the teacher can increase students’ self efficacy if it is delivered by positive way, although students’ opinion is not really appropriate. But, teacher comment also can decrease students’ self efficacy when it is delivered by negative way. Other example to make students feel success is give them an example of problem in detail. It can make students feel that they can do the next problem from the teacher.

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Reflection week 10

At the 10th meeting of MMSEL course we learn about what kind of classroom, learner, and teacher that can build motivation to learn in school.

First activity, I wrote about classroom that support students to have motivation in learning. We agree that tidy, clean, and comfortable classroom will support students. Besides that the relationship among students, students to teacher will influence students motivation too. If the member of the class care to each other and eager to help each other it will motivate students to learn in that class.

Second is about learner. We have to realize, even though if the classroom and the teacher support to motivate students to learn it is not enough. Students as the learner need to have self regulation to learn. Especially for students in Senior High School, they are still teenager but they have to learn to be responsible for their self. They have to realize that learning will give advantages for their future.

Third, we learn about teacher perspective. We need teacher that eager to motivate students. For example, the teacher want to give extra time for students to teach them about the materials. Teacher need to care to students condition, do not judge students if they get bad mark. The teacher need to be aware to the factors of students’ laziness. Become a teacher is become a super hero. It means that teacher are expected to help students who need them very much.


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Movie Review : “I not Stupid”

At week 6 of MMSEL, we watched a movie. Title of that movie is “I am not Stupid.” This movie very related with motivation. So many things that we can learn from this movie. In this posting, I will try to explain some parts of that movie which related to motivation theory.

In that movie, there are 3 main characters. They are 3 junior high school students that very close. Name of the first character is Terry, the second is Liu, the third is Ang. They are in the EM3 stream which is have a bad stereotype in society. Most of people in Singapore think that students in EM3 do not have expectation to be a successful person. That stereotype effect students motivation to learn in school.

In that movie, there is a scene that show the class of main characters get a new homeroom teacher. The teacher said to students that she was also bad in mathematics when she was in school. Then the students like very happy because they feel that they are in same condition with their teacher. But, teacher give them encouragement. After she told them that she was bad in mathematics, she also told them that she tried to be friend with mathematics and it helped her to increase her score in mathematics. Ang as the smartest students got inspiration from his teacher’s story. Then since that day, they decided to be friend with mathematics, learn hard and try to understand it. We can relate it to theory of motivation, especially about external motivation. Extrinsic motivation is reason(s) that arise outside of our self. The reason can be other people or environment. In this case, students get motivation from the teacher.

Story of Ang in this movie also can relate to goal setting theory. “It states that specific and challenging goals along with appropriate feedback contribute to higher and better task performance. In simple words, goals indicate and give direction to an employee about what needs to be done and how much efforts are required to be put in.” Ang have strong desire to get good score in math and he study hard to make it happen. And he success to do that. In goal setting theory, there is an explanation about goal commitment. “Goal setting theory assumes that the individual is committed to the goal and will not leave the goal. The goal commitment is dependent on some factors. There are: goals are made open, known and broadcasted, goals should be set-self by individual rather than designated, Individual’s set goals should be consistent with the organizational goals and vision.” In this movie, we see that Ang is very committed to his goal. Although he is very busy at home (take care his young brother, help his parents to sell noodle), he do math exercise to understand mathematics.

There is other story from Liu. Liu is a student who are very talented in drawing but he is weak in math. But, his mother do not like it. His mother wants Liu become good in math, she thinks that mathematics is the key to be success people. Because of that ambition his mother do anything include hit him. One day, Liu’s mom are sick and doctor said that her life expectation is short. Liu is sad to hear that and he do anything to make his mother happy and healthy. Liu study hard to get good score in math. Unfortunately, when his teacher announce the score he still get a bad score. He is confuse, how he can tell that news to his mother because it will make his mother sad and her health will decrease. We can relate it to theory about Maslow’s hierarchy. One of it is about love, in this case Liu as a young son will do anything to make his mother proud of him include study hard in mathematics although his capability in math is weak. People need love in life and will do anything to get it. We can see it in Liu’s story.

This movie inspired me to keep in high spirit to reach my dreams even thought there are so many challenges to make it comes true.

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Teaching Experience week 2

At the second week of Teaching Experience in this semester, I got some new experiences. At this week, I had the third and fourth teaching session in grade X. At the third session, I got 90 minutes for my class. In this session, I changed my strategies to face the students and to make them more motivated. At the previous week, I asked them to work in group of 3. I arranged the group by using counting method. Students counted from one to seven, then they gathered with their friends that have the same number, but, the group work did not really effective. At the third session I gave students freedom to choose whether they want to arrange the group member by them self or let me arrange it. The students decided that they would like to arrange it by them self. I let them to do it. I was amazed, the students worked in group enthusiastically. It didn’t seem like the first time I asked them work in group. From this moment, I realized if teacher gives students freedom to choose in learning process, they will do it happily. There were some students who still didn’t want to do the assignment, but they are not as many as before. Most of students asked me about how to solve the mathematical problems that I gave. I was happy to explain it to them.

At the fourth session of my teaching experience, I only have approximately 45 minutes because the students came late to my class. Their biology lesson took my time without any notification. And it made me have to rearrange my plan for that lesson.

When the students entered to my class, they were looked very tired. Whereas, at that time I planned  to give them a test. I really confused. My students’ condition did not support my planning. Then I decided to give them a game to make them “wake up”. But, I could not let them do the games until it finish, because the time that I had was very limited. They were disappointed, I only said to them that tomorrow we’ll continue it. At least, the game made them a bit “wake up”, hopefully. After the game, I gave them a test. I had to do it, because my master teacher asked me to take students’ score and that day was my last day to teach them. I tried to motivate them by said that I will give the score of that test to their real teacher. I realized that may be my statement will make them become score oriented, but I thought that I need to said it. Because I wanted the students do the test seriously.

At the next day, unfortunately my master teacher cannot come to that school because he was sick. Then he asked me to replace him in the class that I taught during my teaching experience. So, I replace my master teacher. At that additional time, I only explained to them about how to solve a problem about linear equation system with three variables. After that we continued our games and took some picture as farewell party.

I really love my teaching experience in this semester. I got some understanding about how to face students in any condition. And how to motivate them to enjoy the learning process. Become a teacher is not an easy job, I am sure. Besides that, become a teacher means we need to learn as long as we live. And I am sure that I will struggle to learn as long as I live.


Transfer Knowledge is not Enough

In school experience of this semester, I feel lucky because the school is near of my home and my master teacher very cooperative. At the first day of school experience I observed my master teacher class. At that class, I observed the students that would be my students at 2 weeks later. Some of them are noisy, but I think they are smart, actually. The students didn’t pay attention to the teacher. I guess, It was because they were bored and the activity was only doing exercise for their test in the next day.

At the second day, I started to teach at that class. First, I checked students’ presence, then started to deliver the material using power point presentation. But, suddenly I changed my strategy to deliver the materials. I think, if I only did lecturing the students would be bored. Then, I gave some mathematical problems about linear equation system with two variables. Students already got the concepts in junior high school. After that, I asked some students to go forward and wrote the answer on whiteboard. This method was success enough, although some of them did chit chat with their friends. From this situation, I learned that engage students in classroom activity is very important and will motivate them to think.

In the third day, I asked them to work in group. It was very difficult to make them work in group. Almost of them didn’t do the assignment, they only chit chat in group. Only few of them that really serious in doing the task. I said them that the task will be submitted at the end of session, but it did not make students did the task well. However, some of them very enthusiastic because the problem was about linear equation system with three variables. I gave the problem using a video to make them interested. From this situation I learned that it is not easy to make all of students in our class interested and motivated in the lesson. As a teacher we need to be creative in delivering the lesson. However, become a teacher is not about transfer our knowledge to students. It is more about how to make our students think. In my class, I tried to motivate them though encourage them and give applause for students who wrote answer on the whiteboard, although they did mistakes in answer the mathematical problems.

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Influence of Beliefs on Motivation to Learn

We passed the third week of this semester and have entered to the fourth week. In MMSEL course, I think that every week gave me special impression.

At the third week, we learned about Influence of beliefs on motivation to learn. There were some activities that not only gave us new knowledge but also motivate and remind us about our dreams. Miss Lidya asked us to draw our dream for 5 until 10 years later. Actually, I am bad in drawing. But I don’t care, because I know that the essential of this activity is not about the drawing.

From that activity, I realize that I almost forget about my dream. I asked to my self, why I was confuse when I have to draw my dreams? Whereas I know that I have so many dreams. Then I answered, I am so busy with the “present life” and thought that I have not enough time to think about dreams. Hhhmm.. Now, I know that I am wrong. I have tried to do the best for “the present life” of course because I want to have a better life in the future, and its all about dreams.

If we relate it to theory of motivation, having dream is about expectations (beliefs of future outcomes). I got very meaningful understanding from this theory. The higher expectation will be followed by the greater effort. I truly agree with this theory. We have to do action to reach our dreams.

Besides theory about expectations, there is a theory of beliefs about intelligence. There two types of beliefs about intelligence. First is entity view of intelligence which is said that intelligence is stable and fixed overtime, we cannot change it. The second is Incremental view of intelligence which is said that intelligence is not stable and can be increased with effort. I agree with the second one. Because I belief that people need to do the best effort including to reach the higher level of cognitive.

Other beliefs that influence our motivation to learn is self efficacy. Self efficacy is beliefs that our self can do specific task. Factors that influence self efficacy are past performance, modelling, verbal persuasion and physiological state. I tried to look at my self efficacy in certain topic of math, and I remembered that I have low self efficacy in trigonometry because of past performance when I was in senior high school. I thought that trigonometry is like a machine gun that shoot me using so many formula. And I feel dizzy if see them. But now, I think that I have to try to love trigonometry because I am math teacher candidate and forget about my past performance. Because I live in “present life” for the “future” not for my past.

The last theory about beliefs is beliefs about value. It is about the benefits, rewards, or advantages that individual believe may result from participating in a task or activity. From this theory I understand that teaching and learning classroom activities are very important to engage students. teacher has a task to make students feel that their learning activities are valuable for them. Therefore students will be motivated to learn. I think that that is a big challenge for teacher.

Hope we will be able to apply these theories to do the best as teacher in the future.

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Reflection Week 2

In the second meeting of MMSEL we learned about the influence of needs to motivation. At the first, we did gallery walk about theories of learning and related it to motivation. After the gallery walk, I realized that actually we did maybe all of the theories in our life, like Miss Lidya said. It was about how our family, friends, etc  give us motivation. It means that actually theories was coming from our experience and it did not come from “a far far away place”, so don’t think too much about theories, just relate them into our life then for me it will be more make sense.

The second activity was reading about the need for self determination. Self determination is the need to act on and control one’s environment. I think that self determination is the needs of existence.  People need to get opportunities to take decision in their life and also need recognition from others.

In self determination there are 3 psychological needs: competence, autonomy, and relatedness. After we read about self determination, we did a role play. each group got different topic for the role play. My group got the topic about self relatedness. We emphasized it to need for approval. Although in the role play we made the topic become like a comedy, I think that actually it had a deep meaning.

Based on the theory of need for approval, people need to be accepted and judge positively by others. If I relate it to relationship between students and teacher, students need to be understood by teacher that they want teacher look them in a positive judgement. So the teacher have to avoid negative prejudice to students because it will make students become demotivated.

In the school context, I think that need for approval cannot be limited only for relationship between students and teacher, but also among students. Students need to accepted by their friends, because in the whole activity they are interact each other. My group gave an example through the role play. The role play is about a group of students that always get perfect score (10) in every subject. One day, a group member got 5 as her score. After know that, her friend didn’t want to accept her as the member of group anymore. From this role play, we tried to describe how important the feeling of acceptance for people. Approval from people relate to Maslow’s hierarchy. It include to deficiency need, people will do the best effort to get it.

Therefore, as teacher candidates it is important for us to understand about students’ self determination (in general) and need for approval (in specific).

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Reflection of the 1st Week

At the first week we learned about what is motivation, intrinsic Aand extrinsic motivation, whats our motivation to become a teacher and who is/are people that inspire us to become a teacher and why

Motivation is the reason(s) that make us do something in our life. Motivation is very important because it will determine our way to reach something that we want.

Intrinsic motivation is reason(s) that arise from our own self to do something, whereas extrinsic motivation is reason(s) that arise outside of our self. The reason can be other people or environment.

All of the things that we do have motivation, including why we want to be a teacher. Especially for me, the motivation is very important, because it will sustain me to do hard and smart work to reach my goals.

I want to be a teacher because I think that teacher is a profession that can be a bridge to reach my dreams in life. Teacher is the one who have direct interaction with students, so teacher will know what students need to improve their ability in life. Become a teacher is the way for me to get the basic knowledge and ability about how education should be conducted.
Although, at the first time I graduate from High School I thought I didn’t want to be a teacher.Teacher is the one who educate people. The meaning of educate people is not only delivering material in class, but its more about forming students’ mindset and make them eager to learn (seek information/knowledge/ability,etc) that they need. I thought that responsibility is very huge for me.

However now, I think that teacher’s responsibility is a challenge for me if I want to be a person that give advantages to others. That is make others’ life become better through education. Anies Baswedan said that education is the escalator for people to have better life.

There are many people that inspire me to become a teacher. The one who inspire me to become a good teacher teacher is my lecture. I think, he is an outstanding teacher. He cares and friendly to his students and always well prepare in his teaching. And his ability to motivate people is one of unforgettable things for me. He said to me that, “you are already outstanding from the fist time.” And it motivate me to proof that I can be outstanding.

Ismi Apriliani


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