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Reflection week 12

The first thing we do when class starts is to express our feelings with facial language. We express our faces alternately with the circular. I see their faces very funny when you’re expressing it.
Our topic this week is variable instruktional. The focus of the initial introduction say about the lessons that interest students and provide a conceptual framework for the lesson. Teachers should make learning meaningful or enjoyable meeting. It can be motivating for students because they love the topic, not a teacher. Personalization is about connecting the subject with real-life situations. With this, students will be motivated if they know the purpose and application in real life.
After that, Ms.Lydia asked us to play a role as a motivator to motivate prospective teachers. Before playing a role, we conducted a small discussion of the group. When the discussion, we actually feel the confusion about the topic we choose. Finally, we find an interesting topic that teachers fashionable. We will train a new generation of teachers how to be fashionable teacher who can be role models and the center of attention.
Group I had the first opportunity to do so. It made me nervous group. Although the performance should be done outside the campus, which is so hot and crowded, the group I just go ahead and focus on what we will convey to our audience. Ruth did his part well. A lot of funny things are really beyond my expectations ….  🙂


Nia Salamah




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Reflection week 11

In this week we have three main activities in our MMSEL class, drawing, running galleries and plays a role. All three activities that help me understand what the factors or aspects that are needed in our classrooms so that our students are motivated to learn and be motivated in the learning process.

First, we draw on classroom conditions that bring a positive climate and motivate students to learn. I described a tree, which I interpret as a symbol of coolness.Convenient class is a class that is able to provide comfort and harmony in the classroom. Classroom atmosphere is clean and comfortable. The inhabitants of the class is able to provide comfort and care about each other. In addition to supporting the learning process, I also put some learning resources and computer connected to the internet in one corner of the classroom, to prepare in case students need more resources.

When finished drawing, Ms. Lidya asked us to put our pictures to the wall and do a gallery walk alternately. The class is divided into two groups, first group consists of half of the students’ will stay in the picture they explain what the meaning is behind the picture. The remaining students will present their images.

When running the gallery is completed, Ms. Lidya form a group to make plays on a given topic. My group consisted of Ruth, Shinta, Huda, Joey and I play, the role of the Public Order and Safety presented in kelas.Kemudian, after discussion a few minutes we decided to split the roles of each person. Jonatan and Huda a student who bullied Shinta and I, and Ratih became a teacher. We played pretty well, so our friends can get the message that we want to convey through role play.

The fourth group presents play based on understanding the role of task topics. They play very well played and the role they play I could get that on the understanding task, they emphasized on students’ need for autonomy by giving students the opportunity to choose tasks that students want to do. In addition, the fourth group also stressed the importance of the task for students and how to increase students’ awareness about what students should do in order to complete the task.

Gallery walk and play the role really helped me to understand the material easily. I hope I can make something more interesting in my future classroom, so students are motivated and I will enjoy the learning process, and more importantly is to make them addicted to learning.

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Reflection Week 10

At this meeting, Ms. Lidia divided us into three groups. One group focuses on the classroom environment, the second group focuses on aspects of learning, and the third group focused on aspects of teacher characteristics.

At the time I get the second group.
After division of the group, Ms Lidia our share piece of paper to answer some questions contained in the slide. Questions include, what skills we have, how to develop it, what value we get, we get over the difficulty learning these skills, which affect our motivation to develop these talents.

When finished writing, Ms. Lidya asked us to discuss with other group members in small groups consisting of three persons. In the discussion that I got shinta and novani as my discussion partners, we are with us even though based on the aspect that we have been given previously.

After discussion is complete, we continue to the next activity, go to the library and the internet. The first group to find about the class structure, the second group to find about self-regulation, and the third group seeking about teacher characteristics. In this activity, respectively – each group is further divided into two smaller groups so that there are six groups in the classroom. In small groups we are working to prepare for running the gallery, most of us use books and other references using the internet. After a few minutes to find information and discuss in small groups, we write the results of our discussions on the flipchart provided.

My group, with mita and aida find out about self-regulation. We visited the library together to find out about self-regulation. Based on the book we found, self-regulation is divided into several groups based on grade level. For example, for students in grade K-2, they tend to do things according to setandart adults. For example, they do the work because it was ruled by his teacher, they learn because it was ruled by their parents. So, the brand because it was ordered to do something, because the desire of others, especially adults, not by their own desires.

After each group completed the task, we did a gallery walk. Gallery walk is to help us, especially me in understanding material from other groups.


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Reflection week 6

At the time of watching the film I NOT STUPID, I really reflects me. I really hated it degan english lessons. During my school, I always get the english teacher who is not pleasant. My teachers actually lowers my self esteem and learning enthusiasm memtahkan me. My teachers were not able to provide motivation to improve my interest in learning.
The film is played by three actors, namely Terry Khoo, Liu Kok Pin and Ang Boon Hock. All three actors seem to represent what I feel. Terry Khoo, a child who has an authoritarian mother, all his orders and wishes must be obeyed. It really bothered her determination because all he did was controlled by her parents. I can feel what he felt by Terry, because I have a mother like terry. According to what I feel, is very disturbing my confidence. What I do sometimes right, sometimes wrong. It made me confused, what is meant by right, and what is wrong.
In the case of Liu Kok Pin, he was a boy who finds difficulty to study because he had to help her handling of the store. Actually it has huge potential ability in academics, but he always gets a bad grade. Help her mother make it bothered to develop his abilities. Between learning by helping the mother, in fact equally important and need to do. But, whichever of precedence? Meanwhile, we also have school work to be done. This sometimes makes me confused. I often experience this kind of thing. Sometimes it makes me feel tired and lazy to go to school.
Ang Boon Hock is a child who is not able to master in English and Mathematics. Actually he is very talented in the field of drawing. However, his mother forced him to master in English and Mathematics, while they did not interest him. His mother to give punishment according to me very hard. Ang Boon Hock felt very depressed, and eventually he wanted to commit suicide.
Not bad indeed, when we are forced to do a thing else I do not like. Sometimes, I demanded my mom to get a high score. But my mother never wanted to know my trouble, and what I need. It did make me feel depressed.
That is why, I cried while watching the movie, because I remembered my mother. I also believe, exactly what was done by my mother was because he loved me and wanted to give the best to me … …  🙂


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Reflection week 4

Before you start teaching, my first observation to several different classes. Before you begin to observe my class, I observed another class. The first impression I got was amazing. Previously, I have never had a class with students whom I met in this class. class with a small number of students and students who have a troublemaker, and with discipline and enthusiasm for learning is very less.
At the time of observation in my classroom, students in my class did not have too many problems. Perhaps because the class was a science class. However, they are less motivated to learn. When teachers teach, many do not pay attention, they are busy doing other work. Since then I started thinking, what should I do to improve their motivation.
I teach beginning, I used the method of guided discovery learning. It turns out that method did not work to attract their attention. It makes them do not enjoy the learning process. Finished grade, I met a master teacher and master teacher told me that the students in my class do not like things that long-winded. Those familiar with the formula quickly.
Finally I kept thinking to do anything in class. I chose to use a math game. Hopefully the next learning more fun … ..  🙂


Reflection week 5

The first time I was teaching here, I could not bear to be here for long. Pupils who are in my class are very difficult to do active learning. They tend to passive in the learning and busy doing other jobs. For example, HP’s playing, reading novels, chatting, doing other jobs. It made me continue to think the method of learning fun for them. Many books that I read about active learning methods are enjoyable, the book ice breaking, fun math game books, etc..

Finally, I decided to use a method of learning with fun math games. It made me become more creative and continue to explore more about the learning fun, especially in learning mathematics. All this brings many benefits for me. I can learn new things that I had never known before, especially about learning math fun. Apparently a lot of math games and learning methods that can make learning math more enjoyable.

Games that I use is to play cards trigonometry, where the cards containing the results of special trigonometric angles. Play puzzel, they were asked to pair with the right formula and fast. Guess magic numbers by using the “feature number 9”. Playing horse whispers, where the message is a problem solving that will be completed by other groups. The most recent recipient of the message will be written in the paper and give it to other groups.

Not easy to be set up class. Actually, the students in my class, including a little, only 24 students but I still find it difficult to organize classes. With all of these activities students can engage in learning. Meeting of the 3rd and the 4th be more fun than the previous meeting. I’ve started to feel comfortable being there, whereas before I felt did not want to go back to school.

One lesson that I can conclude from the master teacher of mine was “mathematics is an art, the art of stringing words, in the creative arts, the art of motivation, the art of expression, so the teaching of mathematics is one work of art”. These words always remember and makes me more enthusiastic in teaching and continued to increase my curiosity in the “art of teaching”.

My dislike of school, now turned into a sense of gratitude to Allah for bringing me to the place that brought me to be better ….

How often do we regard something that befalls us to be a great misfortune, when in fact it is really Allah showing His mercy to us. The opposite is equally true. Allah says: “Perhaps you hate a thing that is best for you, and you love a thing that is bad for you. Allah knows, while you know not.” [Sûrah al-Baqarah: 216]

I never know what Allah has planned for me, which I know Allah always give the best to me …

Nia Salamah



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Reflection week 3

Today, I come late again. This time I was late 30 minutes, so can not attend classes with a maximum. Hopefully in the next days do not come late again. amin ….

The meeting this time is different from the previous meeting. We were asked to describe the ideals of our next five to ten years. So many dreams that I want, so I am confused what to draw. Besides, I’m also not good at drawing. Finally I describe a face with lots of dreams. My picture is not beautiful, so I had to describe the image that I created. Hopefully me and my friends can reach our dreams. amin … ..

Next, Ms. Lydia gave papers on trust and we divide into groups to do the jigsaw. The paper contains some of the beliefs, beliefs about future outcomes, beliefs about intelligence, beliefs about ability, and beliefs about the value. After reading and sharing in a group of experts we return to our home group and share what we have in the group of experts.

Finally, we put our beliefs and expectations of learning and studying alone MMSEL in SSE in a piece of paper. After writing down all our beliefs and expectations, we turn to our friends and analyzed our beliefs and expectations based on what we have learned.

Oia, how about experient school friends? What experience do you get? would have been nice is not it? I’m waiting yes you interesting stories. See you … ..

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Second week reflection

In the second week, we do gallery walk of several theories of motivation. I got the information about the humanistic theory of motivation, social-cultural, social-cognitive, and behavioral. It was very interesting study together with friends. Today we also study the humanistic theory of motivation based on Maslow’s theory. The concept of human motivation by Abraham Maslow refers to the five basic needs are arranged hierarchically. Hierarchy of physiological needs, safety, belongingness and love, esteem, and self-actualization. From this theory I can understand that every human has a different priority needs. According to the theory of needs Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which are at bottom no more to be fulfilled in part before someone would try to have a need for a higher level. For example someone who is hungry or a person who is physically in danger did not bother to maintain a positive self-concept (self image as well) than to get food or security; yet so, people who are no longer hungry or is no longer gripped by fear , the need for self-esteem is important.

The most interesting part of this meeting is now playing a role. Mrs. Lidya provide us with two articles on “Needs Self-Determination”. Each group should play the role of self-determination and self-esteem in the classroom. Lidya’s mother asked us to guess what the other group shows us in playing their role. Group I display on the need for self worth. It’s about an emotional reaction or self-evaluation. All of us can learn from each other than role playing. Playing this role can help students, especially me in learning and understanding of the material being studied. I am very pleased with the method of role play, because I can better understand what I am studying.

Hopefully at the next meeting I can find new things are more fun.


Nia Salamah



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Reflection week 1

This week, we learn about intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. intrinsic motivation is motivation that comes from within oneself to be able to achieve a dream or goal in life. Extrinsic motivation is motivation that comes from outside (friends, parents, environment) and be able to help him in his dreams or life goals. Such as our motivation to come to campus. Many of the factors that make us come to campus, could be because their needs or because of other goals (teachers, friends, etc.). These factors are influenced by intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

Intrinsic factor in the last long in a person as long as he still has a purpose in life or dreams. Extrinsic factors will usually disappear when the factors that motivated also missing. To achieve this goal, we need the intrinsic and extrinsic factors. If we only have one of his course, chances are we will have difficulty in reaching our dreams or goals.

One teacher once told me, intrinsic factors and extrinsic factors can we assume like a goat with a shepherd. At the time of the goat herders brought into a field of grass, maybe the goat will not eat the grass there, because he did not have the motivation to eat, in the form of hunger motivation. Although the herders led to pasture, goats will not eat it because it does not have the hunger but the goat was thirsty and need water. So the goats continue to feel thirsty and what is done herders became futile. Similarly, when a hungry goat, goat herders need to take her to the pasture.

Conclusion The above story is that we need a tool or extrinsic factors as our bridge to achieve a dream. As teachers, we also need to understand the needs of our students, so that we can provide to suit the needs of students. So that students can achieve their dreams. Extrinsic and intrinsic factors play an important role in supporting the achievement of life goals.



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