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The first things that come to my mind about our last meeting are ‘Face-book-update’ and role-play day! 😀

We began with showing our expression at that time in the circle. We were making a big circle and showing our expression without saying anything. I thought that some of my friends were ‘pretending’ their mood; they showed happy, curious, sad, and everything, but I guess they all felt sleepy. 😛

This topic was about instructional variable and we did motivation role-play to understand about it. This topic consists of introductory focus, personalization, feedback, assessment and learning. Introductory focus is saying about lesson beginning that attracts student attention and provides a conceptual framework for the lesson. Teacher should make her/his first meeting becomes ‘eye catching’ and meaningful learning. It can be a motivation to students because they LOVE the SUBJECT, not the teacher. Personalization is about linking the subject with real life situation. Wondered that my high school teacher never did like this, they always directly jumped into the lesson without motivating us. It is terrible for students like me (who already realize it) because I don’t know the purpose and objectives that we should learn about that. Students will be motivated if they know the goals and application in real life.

After a little lecturing, we were asking to do role-play. As we did before, I did a little discussion with my group; Faqih, Andi, and Nia. The idea was motivating teachers’ candidate to be better future teacher with fashionable way. I was being a motivator like Mario Teguh. I don’t think I did perfectly like Mario Teguh because I never found he ever explained about ‘fashionable teacher will motivate students’. The main point of my own motivation session was teacher should be fashionable in cover and in their soul. The reason is, fashionable teacher will be a good motivator because of they are good looking. However, fashionable isn’t always about good looking, it also about fashionable heart of teaching. Teacher should be creative, active, and lots of spirit, it comes from teacher soul and heart, and then they will be a good motivator for students. By using this, the instruction that I explained in motivation session, it could make my friends/audiences be motivated to be a teacher. If we cannot make them directly love the subject, let them love us then motivate them to love the subject. 😀

I have been trying to be fashionable-motivate-cheerful-inspiring-extraordinary teacher! I can do it, I will do it, I pray for it! 😀

Ratih Anindiya


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Positive climate could motivate!

From our last meeting on MMCEL’s class, I could learn so many things and it also inspired me about learning activity that could be apply and meaningful on classroom. I wondered how Ms Lydia arranged her lesson plan that had some interesting activity and had no problem on time management (I guess). As we did, introduction with review by Faqih, then we did drawing and presentation session, discussion and role-play. Because of Faqih was the last person who arrived in the class, so he should review the previous lesson. It was not punishment, it was simple that could be one of guide attention that I never got before.

I learned about some factors that influence positive climate on classroom. Ms Lydia asked us to think and draw our future classroom on a piece of paper, as introduction of this content. Then we did gallery walk, I saw some of my friends’ picture. Some of them were focus on facilitations, cleanness, classroom arrangement, needs of students, and students’ characteristics. However, motivating students to learn is not always about facilitation. Four factors can influence classroom’s positive climate. They are order and safety, success, challenge, and task comprehension.

We learned it from the role-play, I was on order and safety group. It consisted of Huda, Jonathan, Shinta, Nia and I. We presented that order and safety is about supporting needs of autonomy of students, which are physical and emotional. I acted as teacher that supporting students’ physical and emotional of autonomy. I started the class by preparing their physical support, like the cleanness of the class and the learning tools that should be ready before class begin. I also encourage students to learn better and finish their project. If there was students who did bullying that could influence other motivation through emotional behaviors, teacher should remind to be respect and having good attitude in the classroom. By this role-play I could realize that emotional and physical pressure influence students on learning. The response depends on the students, some students are trigger to learn by pressure, and however the other probably could drop their motivation.

Success group also did their inspiring role-play. They presented that success is developing learner self-efficacy. The role-play was show us about giving open-ended question and use variety quality of example, and also developing lesson questioning and feedback. Realize that teacher may acknowledge students’ success as a way to appreciate their effort and thus make students motivated. Each student has different standard of success, then they also have a goal to state that they already success if they reach their goal.

Other role-play, teacher should give challenging task for students. Some students can motivate when they accepted a challenging task, then teacher should applied bloom taxonomy theory and encourage them to reach the highest, but we still consider students’ level of ability. To improve motivation, teacher should make sure that students know why the task is given and should be accomplished. This is about task comprehension. Teacher should concern about increasing feeling of autonomy n value of students.

Thank you for helping me understands the lesson, guys!

Ratih Anindiya – 2009110002


Reflection on 10th Week :)

Honestly, I don’t think that I had enough motivation for starting the 10th week on MMCEL class. Started the day with ‘ngebut’ on the way to campus and the playlist that maybe wake me up, it was not really help me to do it. However, the day should be happening.

I thought Ms Lydia could read our minds that still want to lie on the bed, and then she started with Brain Gym to make us relax and ready to learn. For me, it was helpful and could make me relax. The first activity was discussion, but we expected to write down our experience and our thought on a piece of paper before the discussion session. Group A had sub topic about teacher characteristics, group B was Learner point of view, and group C was about class structured. I included in group B, I wrote the answer of guiding question about learner point of view about skills that we had and what can be the influence of developing it. The discussion was not for member of same group, but one circle of discussion should be include different group, which are A, B and C. My circle was Ismi, Andi, Titiah and I. From the discussion, I could get some points. They are situation that can make students motivate to learn if the condition and facilitation could support the teaching and learning at that time, teacher who can vary assessment to the students and have value when teaching like respect to students and learner that have spirit to learn more without scare to be failed.

Ms Lydia summed up all issues that discussed in each circle and wrote it on the board. She gave the main concept and asked us to do reading and discussion on group of three. My group had Self- Regulation topic, we should make summary of it through discussion. Our group found, Zimmerman stated that there are three types of self-regulation; they are self-regulation of motivation, self-regulation of behavior, and self-regulation of cognitive. After that, we did two stray-one stay. From the explanation Desy’s group I got that class structured is about mastery and performance focused. From another explanation that I followed, I got that teacher should be care and have self-efficacy. It could make students more interested and motivated on learning. As teacher candidate, we should be aware to these three main points. It is not as simple as read the article of it, we should practice and apply it into our classroom and it’s sooooo hard. hahaha


Ratih Anindiya – 2009110002


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I not stupid, i’m just UNDERPRESSURE!

This meeting was a bit relaxes session because lecturer promised us to watch a movie. The title was I not stupid. However, it took some couple of minutes for finding the CD of its movie. Before we watched and Ms Lydia prepared the movie, she gave us reading about today topic and related to the movie. This was about the influence of goals on motivation to learn.

Mainly, this is a Singaporean movie. The story was mainly about 3 students who strives their best to be so-called smart. The first student was a poor boy who has to take care on his sister and mother’s store while he is doing his school assignments. His teacher said that he was a quite smart but lazy student. He wanted to be a smart student so that there will be no one who underestimates him. He wanted to be perceived as a smart student by his peers, teachers, and family. Second student was a boy that comes from the lucky family, because his family is rich, has a big house, and also has a company. He did not have a good growth in his life because he never had a decision to his life, even he could not make a drink for himself. His parents do not provide a challenge for him to do something. In other words, he only sits but he can get everything he wants. Other student was a boy who lives with fear. Every time he makes bad scores, his mother would beat him using a rattan. His mother always judge him as a lazy student, doctrine it every day. He even tried to do a suicide. He strive his best to not having a bad score so that his mother will not be beating him anymore.

By this movie and related in to reading material, first and second character include example of performance-avoidance goals; goals that focuses on avoiding looking incompetent and being judged unfavorably. This last character goal also gave the example of social goals; goals to achieve particular outcomes or interactions. In addition, this movie was reminding me about multiple intelligence, some people are expert on one thing, but they left out on some other thing. Last character was really bad on math but he was perfectly good on drawing.

The crucial issue of this movie was the important of social relationship (parents, peers, and teacher) for students’ motivation in learning. This movie also showed that teacher could make student learn better if they can motivate them. When the new math teacher taught, she could manage the class, care and understanding each type of students, and also giving vary assignments. Feedback for students could be ‘wake up call’ to increase motivation of them. She was being an extrinsic motivation of students, and when the time goes by, one of her students realized, that trying harder and learning better could make him understand mathematics.

I really agree that the goals will give a strong effect to our motivation. I felt it everyday. Goals for me are just like our destination. Belief is our starting point. Needs are our logistic to arrive at dreamland. The motivation itself is the fuels to move our body so it can be keep moving forward or backward. Belief, needs, and motivation are supporting each other to achieve our goals. Well, I do believe that every goal made for motivating me to learn. Therefore, to be a teacher, I have to understand my students’ goals so I can motivate them.

Ratih Anindiya


Unexpected Moments: Learn from it!

From my second week teaching experience, it was a bit different from previous week because unexpected moments happened on this week. However, I always ready for anything that would happen. On Monday, I had no class to teach but there was a consultation session with my master teacher. The first unexpected thing happened on that day, my master teacher said that I would have one last teaching and the last meeting would be test/quiz session. Actually, in first day, he said to me that I had four meetings for teaching. He also asked me to make question for this quiz and two lesson plans for next two meetings. Then, I prepared it after he asked me to do it.
Next day, my planning were interviewing my students for my CAR and consulting the quiz’s questions. I was interviewing some students to know their motivation on math as starting point of their motivation. Second unexpected thing happened, my master teacher wanted me to use questions just on students’ textbook, and he asked me to make the new one. I guess…that’s why my students have not motivation because their assessment was not really challenging them to learn more about the content. It’s also proven by result of my interview on one of my students. My master teacher was deeply textbook/handout oriented. However, as teacher candidate, I have to learn to be professional and I have to be good decision maker. I combined some question from my students’ textbook and internet because this quiz it also the media for motivating students to learn and instrument for my CAR.
My last teaching was applying cooperative learning, which is a student teams-achievement division (STAD) grouping methods. I combined STAD with games to increase my students’ motivation. It was going well; every member of the team could participate actively for winning the games and the discussion was happening. They seemed very interesting on doing the task in group and also they could have hard discussion on it. Some students who got confusion would initiatively ask their friends or me. However, they could not answer all questions because of the time and that ‘challenging’ question. I realized that they were not familiar with that kind of question. They were also sticked on the handout, they would open the handout to answer the given question even when they discussed. Actually, I didn’t give them the handout, but they printed my ppt to be their handout. (“—____—)
Last unexpected thing happened on my last meeting; I just had 40 minutes for teaching including for quiz and subtracted by teacher’s announcement. Huaaa!! It because there will be Edufair preparation. I didn’t have time for review or apply other game, I just went through the quiz. Luckily, my students could finish it on time and got nice scores. 🙂
From this situation, I learn to be a good decision maker, I must have plan B for anything and I should motivate students by using something new. 🙂

Ratih Anindiya


Teaching Experience :D

First of all… I want to say that I really miss you all, section B 🙂 hihi

This is first reflection about teaching experience in 5th semester. I was so exciting about this program. I always have so much meaningful experience about teaching and learning through it. In addition, I curious and nervous to apply classroom action research (CAR) on my own classroom. However… we have to do it. 😀

I want to let you know that my TE’s school is located in Menteng (Let say M School). I have to teach in X grade which consist of 23 students. Actually, I was not observing my own class because of the time and rules of both school, SSE and M school. In the first day at school, I met my master teacher; he is teacher of X grade and Social XI class. We discuss about how we start the lesson and the materials that we would teach. Luckily, I could observe their teaching process on Social XI. I found that the teacher cannot manage the class well, students were laughing, chatting, and doing something annoying while teacher wrote something on board.  I thought it’s because stereotyping social class that always be noisy and ‘brutal’. Well… they are noisy but interaction between teacher and students was good, they could answer teacher’s question and wanted to ask if they do not understand. FYI, they still nice with us 🙂

This week I’m done for teaching quadratic equation. It was on Wednesday and Thursday. First time I met my ‘real’ students, I was soooooooo nervous! Mr. Z opened the class and started to introduce me. Mr. Z trusted me to lead the class directly. He allowed me to use what methods or approaches that I want to. He is really flexible to decide the classroom’s activity. While I started to teach, I also observed my classroom. This means for knowing the classroom environment, students’ motivation, blending with students and finding the topics for CAR. I used to apply group discussion after I explained the material. I found that my students had good attitude about mathematics. They actively answered my questions and could do the drilling practice. However, the discussion did not run effectively. I found that my students were doing it individually without discussion even they sat in circle of group and I always reminded to discuss. I was being a good encourager for them by giving feedback and helping the slow learner to achieve the goals. 🙂 Students have less motivation because they just thought that math is about doing exercise and solve it by themselves individually. There was no interaction between students. By identifying it, I can do something or apply one new idea for increasing their motivation. Based on my readings, I found that one idea that can help me to solve it. I will use using cooperative learning to increase students’ motivation.  I hope next week I can prove and solve this problem by using cooperative learning, which is Student Teams-Achievement Divisions (STAD). Let see then… 😀

Ratih Anindiya


Dreams and beliefs :)

On third meeting, Ms Lydia told us to think what we want to be for next 5 and 10 years. Actually, I already made it when I was in high school, I wrote it on a piece of paper then I stick it on the wall of my room (That’s for my reminder and motivator). However, as the time goes by, my dream has been increase but that’s quite similar with it. As I said yesterday, I have (I think) five big dreams in my life. They all are about dream to continuing study in Germany, make my family has better life and happiness, make brighter Indonesia through education, manage my own ‘bimbel’ and trip to Europe with Nenek, Mamah, Atek and Aa. I’ve been praying and trying for all my dreams to be true… Hopefully… if we have dreams, we should try our best and keep on fire to reach them. Keep spirit guys! We all do it for our life and also for our beloved country. Together we can make a difference! 🙂 Toi…Toi…Toi…! (German language) :p

After shared our dreams, our next activity was jigsaw. We divided into several groups as home group and then every home group chose one expert on one little topic. I got one topic about beliefs for value. My expert group was Nia, Eki, Novany and I. Based on our reading and discussion, beliefs about value has three branches, they are attainment value, utility value, and cost. Attainment value is when she/he beliefs about the capabilities or ability about her/himself. Utility value is beliefs on a subject/something that can help them to reach their goals. And cost is when they have to make a decision about something/task then they have to considerate the advantages and disadvantages. If it seems impossible and useless, they will let them go. This always happen on us; for example, utility value, we took SSE as our way to reach our goal to be a teacher (or anything about educators) because we belief that SSE can lead us to address it. I really enjoy my discussion on my home group; we can share and learned together, they explained about expectations, two types intelligences, and beliefs about capability. Until now, I’m still feeling my motivation on MMCEL and still reaching my own expectation and dreams to be true. 🙂



Reflection: breakfast name, role play, presentation & discussion

From this second week, i got some interesting activities. Those are breakfast name, presentation (two stay two stray), role play and discussion. To helped Miss Lydia remember our names, then we should tell our name with our breakfast. Begins with Miss Lydia, Mba Desy and go trough from the first row till back row. Thank God, i didn’t sit on back row. Haha 😀

After that, there was a gallery walk, two stay two stray, about our latest discussion. I though that it could make me understand deeply about concept of motivation’s theory. And, i was lucky that my group had the same topic on previous presentation with topic of this session. From the Maslow’s hierarchy of need, there are 5 basic that child need to fulfill it. They are:

– physical person in survival

– safety need

– belonging and love need

– self-esteem

– self-actualization

Those can influence our live. Actually, when we born, our basic need is the first based on Maslow’s triangle of needs, which is physiological; “sandang, pangan dan papan”. Then, others need will following by time goes on. If we don’t have physiological, safety, belongings and love needs, and self-esteem need; we will have deficiency needs or we unfulfilled them then we will try to meet them.
Activity that very powerful was role play. Miss Lydia gave us reading material, then we did short discussion about it and thought 10minues role play about self-determination. Every group has different topic on needs for self-determination. I got need for relatedness with Huda, Ismi, Titiah, and Novani. Need for relatedness is when people wants others had close relation and they want their friend accept him/her with positive ‘packaging’. My group and i did awesome ‘acting’, so did the other group. 😀

By the end of this class, i can understand more about motivation’s theories; i got one good idea/games to remember names because i will be a teacher soon 🙂 ; i just realized that some people on my life used to pretend something to keep their self-worth up. Hopefully second session of MMCEL could help me to be better teacher. 🙂



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Thoughtful Reflection ~(”.~) (~.”)~

The first session in MMSEL subject, I found some interesting knowledge and stories about motivation from my new attractive teacher, Miss Lydea; my friends and their stories. In my opinion, motivation is force to reach goals. The causes that make me take an action to address our goals. There are two kinds of motivation, which is intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is motivation that comes from our self, or our willingness to do what we want to do. Besides, extrinsic motivation is motivation because of external rewards or desire to do something because of external factor. For example, I go to school because of my parents ask me to do it. (If not, they will yelling at me :p lol)  However, the intrinsic motivation is more consistent than extrinsic motivation. In addition, extrinsic motivation can be changed in to intrinsic motivation. There were so many examples of both of this motivation on our last session, especially in learning. I realized  that my motivation to learn mostly comes from myself, but it sometimes suddenly disapear. ah  i dont know what -_-

Teacher, classroom activities, and facilitation of learning can influence students’ motivation. As teacher candidate, i should pay attention for this. It can be a trigger to make better and faster, or can be the worse for the students. In my opinion, effective teaching and learning should be building by the teacher to motivate students. How teacher motivate students will be external motivation, but if they can motivate and construct their own motivation for them self, so that they enjoy and have willingness to learn, it could be changed into intrinsic motivation. By knowing and realizing that, I want to be friendly, fun, attractive, creatif and inspiring teacher. 🙂 amiiiiin….

Based on the theory, there are some strategies that teacher can do for reaching the hierarchy of Maslow. I just realized that my favorite teacher did it explicitly. My physic teacher was understand the uniqueness of the students and tried to reach all students’ need. (as you already know) i am hyperactive students, at that moments my teacher payed attention to me and found  my needs and interest then addressed it and gave motivation to be back on “right”way. He showed that he care about us and always appreciate our work. That’s why i do really love him. 🙂 He always being external motivation to learn something’s new and don’t afraid to try. I also hope that Miss Lydea do so or maybe more for us 🙂

I hope this reflection can inspire you.

I really enjoy firrst MMCEL class. 😀

Ratih Anindiya


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