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Reflection Week 10th

On last meeting I came to class at 10.10 AM, it is mean that I was late but I could still come and join the class. Well, I could join all activities that conducting on that class and I remember most of the lesson on that day.

Motivation on the class was coming from three aspects, start from teacher, class condition and students’ self regulation. These are aspects that influenced motivation to learn in the class.

First aspect that influenced motivation in learning process is teacher characteristic. Students need motivated teacher to make their motivation increase. For example teacher who has good attitude, professional when teaching, friendly, etc. well students will be motivated to came to the class, because of teacher characteristic.

Next aspect is class condition. The condition of the class also can effect students’ motivation. Class conditions consist of classmates, class facilitation, and class environment. If all of these are in good condition, so it will also make all population in the class motivated to do learning.

And last aspect was students self regulation. This aspect is about how students performance to do learning in the class. This aspect is also consist of how students set their objective when their conducting learning process. So, if how good students performance and students’ objective, so it also influences learning process motivation.

Well, for getting good motivation when the learning process conducting, so these there aspect must be good also.

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Reflection in school experiences 1

“Critical reading skill”

I could not go to school, SMA Yasporbi, to do observation on the first day, so I could not prepare what method should I used to face the students in the class. But it was never minds, because as I teacher candidate we should have “critical reading skill”, the skill I mean is the skill how to read the situation and we can make a conclusion to response that situation.

The condition of the class where I taught is very disappointed for some of my friends who taught in there too, because students in that school had low motivation to study math. Most of my friend’s plan was not running well. Some of them used a “sad face” after they had taught.

I tried to find the problem by asking some question to master teacher about the students who study there. I asked about their characteristic, achievement, economic background, etc. I found the problem that the students could not focus to the lesson and they had low motivation to study. Then I tried to find what method, I should used, to face them. My first plan was I taught to use worksheet, but after I thought deeply, I change my method to be an active learning by using peer discussion and Q&A.

Well the result, most of the students got involve to the lesson, even though there were 2 until 4 students still in same condition. But I think that method was good enough to engage students in that school to learn and also good for increase the motivation of the student.

I concluded that the problem on the school where I taught in school experiences program was not because they were stupid, and also not because they were naughty, but because they had low motivation to study and they did not find teacher like what they wanted.

So active learning was only one part of method, but the main points were how we can increase their motivation and how we can be the teacher like what they like. My last sentence is “you must be well in read the condition”. Because teaching is more than just theory.

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Reflection Week 2

I was late to come to the class almost every day, it was because I woke up late and my place was far enough from campus. On that day, there was a motivation class. I arrived to the class when the presentation on motivation class was running. Some of my friends were presenting their group poster and the others were looking to them.

I came and my lecturer, Bu Lidya, asked me to join to my group. She did not really strict to the ruler and she was wise enough. She did not complain about her students who came late and I agreed with her. Because if the students came to the class even though they were late, it meant that she/he who came late had high motivation to that class. She/he came late maybe because they had external problem and we should tolerant about it and I think it was better then who came to the class without motivation to study.

After presentation session was finished, we were back to the material. The material that day was about needs theory by Maslow. I had some criticize about that theory. The Maslow Theory said that to fulfill the higher needs, absolutely we should fulfill the lower level of needs first. So logically, to fulfill the prime needs, a person must sacrifice the higher needs. For example, needs of self-esteem is higher than prime needs. So a person should sacrifice their self-esteem to get prime needs. And I think it is wrong concept if it applied to our life. Some of literature said that the Maslow theory should be reversed, and I agreed with this opinion.

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Reflection Week 1

Today was mysterious class because when the class was started, I was forced by many questions. In my opinion, that questions were very substantive question. Due to that question, the destination and the expectation of my friend and I could be known.

The class was full of questions from my lecturer, Bu Lidya. We spent most of our time for that class to answer the question given. All students had the turn to come in front of the class to explain what their answer was.

First question was about what was our motivation to come to the class. One of my friends said that she came to the class because she wanted to get knowledge. Another one said that because the lecturer who was kind. The others said because of obligation, GPA, capstone graduated project, experience, parents, etc. But I, myself, came to the class because if I did not come or my absence is more than 25 %, I will fail to this subject and I can’t be graduated, so due to that reason I came to the class. J

The next question that will be answered by I and my friends were about our commitment to be a teacher. Most of my friend said that they will be a teacher and will be committed to that profession. But I said No, absolutely No. my reason is, if we reflect to our country, we have so many students-teachers but they did not have place to express their talent and most of them were idleness. Hence I chose to be a person who will make that place or who will give them an employment.

Well, before we went to the next question, I wanna ask a question to our beloved teacher, Bu Lidya, what the different between motivation and reinforcement? I still have miss conception about those words.


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