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Reflection week 12

As usual MMSEL course is very exciting for me. At the first time, Ms Lydia asked us to make a big of circle. Then, we had to express our feeling, it was a funny activity, because i saw how my friends expressed their feeling in many ways. 🙂

Last week, Ms Lydia explains about instructional variables which are promoting students motivation in the class. There are four parts of instructional variables, The variables are introductory focus, personalization, involvement and feedback. Introductory focus is about lesson beginning, how the teacher attract students attention and image of the lesson. Teacher should make an interesting part but meaningful on the beginning of the lesson, it can influence of students motivation to learn also get response and good initial assessment of students. Personalization is about how the teacher make connection between students lives and material given. It can help student to understand more about the material, and it can motivate students to learn. The teacher can use real life example to link the material and students lives, because its familiar of students lives. involvement is about how the teacher involve students in learning process. the teacher can involve students in groups, games or activities in the class. And for feedback is about how the teacher giving feedback that can increase intrinsic and self efficacy of students.

After Ms Lydia explains about that, she showed us video. the video is about how the teacher giving instruction and handle the classroom. the video was inspiring for me, because i saw even teacher and students are enjoy in the class. the teacher use variety activities to make students understand the material. Then, we did discussion in pair about the video.

After discussion, we did role play. Ms.Lydia asked us to join with our group. my group are Ipin, Ismi, ayu and I. The theme of our role play is doubt become a teacher. we tried to motivated the audience for not doubt become a teacher. and the motivator of my group is Ipin, he did great job for that. 🙂

Thats all for my reflection, see you 🙂

Triana Afriani



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Refelection week 11

As usual, MMSEL course was interesting, because i got new knowledge based on the activities in the class. first, i wanna say thank you to ms.Lydia also Faqih for explain me again about the last meeting that i miss. it is about self regulation, teacher characteristic, classroom environment also mastery goal and performance goal. After Faqih review about that, Ms Lydia asked us to draw our future classroom. at that time, i just thinking about my future classroom that can motivate students in learning. i reflect to my experience in senior high school also in college. i choose the good one to be part of my future classroom. i drew a class with classrooms wall full of students work. and the tables for students can be moved easily. i gave opportunity for students to choose a comfortable place to learn, whether in the table or on the floor. i want my class always clean and accommodate the facilities of students. After we drew it, we have a gallery walk, i saw various picture that represent their future classroom. but, the goal is same,  the classroom will motivate students in learning.

After that, Ms Lydia divided class in to some groups based on piece of paper that we were given. my group consist of Hanna, Eki,Vani, Mita and I. we did role play about success developing learner is about, how the teacher give open ended question when begin the class, giving meaningful example also feedback for students. From other group i also learned about challenge, i saw in their role play the teacher encourages students to do the best in doing work. the teacher motivated them and trying to convince students that they can do, and it can improve of students ability. the teacher give challenge for them, if they finished their work they can take other problem. if a student cant do it, teacher give opportunity to them to discuss with others students. i saw, giving challenge to students can motivated them to do the best in doing work.

i learned a lot in MMSEL course, very inspiring. 🙂

Triana Afriani


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reflection week 10

last week i cannot come to the class because i was sick. i’m really miss this course especially the activity also my friends, 😦

In this reflection, i try to reflect the material of 10th week based on my friend explanation. My friend told me, last week she learned about self regulation, teacher characteristic and classroom environment. there are activity at that time, such as discussion group and two stay three stray. a lot of material that i missed last week. 😦 so, i searching some of the material on internet to find out the meaning of that. but, honestly i still confuse to understand it.:(

In my opinion, self regulation in learning is an important aspect of learning and achievement in academic context.Students who are self regulating are much more likely to be successful in school, to learn more also to achieve their goals. so, it is important for students feeling in control of learning and the value of intrinsic over extrinsic motivation.Beside that it is important for teacher to design classroom environment that can develop self regulation in learning.

In my opinion self regulation, teacher characteristic and classroom environment can increase student’s motivation. its related each other. it can influence each other. if talking about teacher characteristics, remain me about my teacher in senior high school. he is a good teacher for me, he have good classroom management skill, he can handle the class also make class active. besides that, he always gave positive expectation for all students in my class. he belief that all of us become success in the future. he always motivate me, to show my best in every part. friendly, humble, humor and care to all of us. he always make classroom environment become comfort, and i enjoy it. i think teacher plays an important role to make good classroom environment.

I think that’s all my reflection. 🙂

Triana Afriani



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i not stupid movie

The previous meeting on MMSEL course was exciting and interesting. We just watched the movie, the title of the movie is “I Not Stupid”, and it’s produced in Singapore. I Not Stupid was inspiring; it was touching me as teacher candidate. The movie tells about three students which are in EM3 class. EM3 class is where students who have low ability in learning. They refer to a class that cannot be saved. The environment not support them, they usually bully them as the stupid students.

Now, I will tell you about the three of students on that movie. First Terry, he is from rich family, beside that he is the kind of children that obedient with his mom. He always followed his mom.  He wants get freedom and does anything based on his belief. Also he want his mother belief on him, terry is not a kid anymore. Based on Maslow theory, terry needs love and freedom from his mom, not just the material.

Second, is about student who is talented in drawing. He is Liu. Unfortunately, his talent cannot be accommodates in his family because of his mother wants him become good in math and English. His mother think if Liu good in English and math, he become successful person. She do anything like did violence to reach her ambition. When his mother sick, Liu study hard to make his mom happy. he get extrinsic motivation from his mom, he study hard and try to learn English and Math. Different with Liu, boon hock have difficulties in learning because of he must help his family. But, he can prove that he can get good score in math. He gets extrinsic motivation from his teacher that can motivate him to learn.

I think that’s all for my reflection,

Triana afriani


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teaching experience week 2

This is the second reflection about teaching experience in week 2. It was great and fun because I met them 2 times. I really miss them and to be addicted to teach. They gave me spirit to show my best in teaching.

In the first meeting, I was observed all of them and tried to know them. I designed the activity for my class before I teach them. I learned from first meeting, when I divided class into some group randomly by the activity, it made groups not balanced.  So, in the second meeting I tried to divide group based on student’s ability. Ya, because in this teaching experience I also doing my CAR (classroom action research), I tried to use one of method to my class. My CAR is about “cooperative learning group increase student’s motivation in doing mathematics problem”. And the problem of my class is my students are individual. Therefore, I still used grouping based on student’s ability and used reward for groups. First, I gave them exercise that should be solved in groups and every question has different point, so they more motivated to collaborate with their groups to solve the problem. I saw they actively discuss about the question even though there are students in group don’t want give contribution. So, I tell them to give assessment to each member about their contribution. So they tried to actively in group and discuss about it. Surprisingly, when one a group finished they asked additional question so that they got more point, and was followed by another groups.

In the third meeting, I recall them about previous meeting, I’m happy because my student really understand about the material that I gave them. In the third meeting I still used grouping, I gave more motivation to them in group. I tried to monitor each group when solved problem. I encourage some students that passive in groups. And I realized when the teacher closed to students, they respect to their teacher.

in the second week, I learn about how gave feedback influence students motivation. Like I did, when I gave them feedback in their work. They happy when read it, and also want to improve their work.

Wow, teaching experience in this semester was great. I learn more from it.

Triana afriani



reflection school experience week 1

My first reflection about teaching experience in 5th semester. I was so nervous and exciting to face the program. This semester is quite different with last semester, because we teaching individually and did our CAR (Classroom Action Research) in our class.

I got a chance to teach at private school in Menteng. First day in there, I did consultation with my master teacher; I asked about his students the characteristic and achievement in his class. I got social class; this class consists of 30 students. My master teacher said that the class is noisy and we should handle the class. When I observed my master teacher, I saw his style in teaching. He used traditional teaching method in his class, it make his student not pay attention with him. I found he cannot manage his class well, because I saw students were chatting, laughing and doing something out of topic. Students not respect to the teacher.

After I observed my class, I design my lesson plan and activities for my teaching. i teach statistic about mean, median and mode. Before I explain it, I recall them about “tepe atas, tepi bawah and mean” that they got in the last meeting. Unfortunately, they forgot all of the material. They don’t know what they have learned in last meeting. So, I teach them again about it, after that I started to explain about new material, it’s about mean, median and mode. it just the simple topic I think, but to make them more understand I should explained it in detail. After I explained, I did a game that related to the topic, I found they really fun and already understand about the topic. Besides that, from the activity I make a class into some group using cards, they should found their group based on the same card.

In the group, I gave different case to them that must be solved by them. I did monitoring and also motivation to them. I tried to be close with them; I helped and did chit-chat to know her/his feeling. In that discussion, I also tried to make them do interaction with all member, because I knew my students is so individual. I asked them to help each other. After discussion, I asked them to do 2 stay, 3 stray. First, they unfamiliar with it, but I gave instruction and motivation. If they have most stars in their flipchart so their groups become the winner. I found each group active to explain their work, and tried to make their friend understand so they can get more stars from them. Before the end of the class, I asked them to make a reflection about the class. And the reflection makes me happy, and I become addicted to teach…J

I think that’s all for my reflection this week, J

Triana Afriani



Hopes, Belief and expectation

On the third meeting of MMSEL course, we learned about hopes and belief, but before we started the lesson, ms. Lydia remain us and make agreement about the rule on this course, i hope everyone in this class respect and obey the rule. The next activity, ms. Lydia asked us to drawn our dreams and hopes in 5-10 years later. hoho i cant drawn well, i just drawn the simple one to represent my dream and belief. The picture talk about my dream that i want to be a teacher after i graduated from SSE, i plan 2 years after it, i want to continue my study, i dont know where, but not mathematics again i think, hhe. I also want to be an educator, lecturer and teacher for my students in everywhere. Then, the most important thing i want to make my family in the future and now always happy  . this activity was fun and meaningful i think, everyone shared about their dream and hopes differently and make me more motivated to make my dream comes true.
The next activity ms Lydia divided class into some groups. We did jigsaw to discussed about belief. There are 5 kinds of belief, those are Belief about future outcomes its about the target and expectations in the future, for example “ i come to class to get A in every course”. Belief about intelligence its about the ability and effort to reach something. And also belief about capability, value and cause of performance. After that, ms Lydia asked us to write about our belief and expectation about study in SSE also learn MMSEL course.
This session was fun and effective, i enjoy in this claa 

Triana Afriani


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reflection week-2

In the second meeting of MMSEL class was wonderful and very exciting. Before we started the class, we did a game. The game is simple, we just remembering our friend’s breakfast. But, it’s really fun and helps our lecturer to remember our name. Hoho, I think it’s one way to remember the name of our students later and i think it is important for us as a teacher candidate to know the name of our student  not calling them by the number, so, it make us close to them.

The second part of this meeting, we did gallery walk. Every group presented their discussion about learning theories. Hmm, it remains me about the theories that I’ve learned in educational psychology.  And in this part, my group explained about social cognitive and related to the motivation. After that, Ms. Lydia explained about Maslow’s theory. Ya, we did a discussion about the hierarchy needs of Maslow’s theory, some of us give opinion about it, and at that time I felt confuse because the opinion it’s not same with my previous knowledge. But, from Ms. Lydia I knew that concept of Maslow’s theory based on development of age.

The next activity is we did silent reading about self determination and self worth. In self determination, it divided into 3 (competence, autonomy, relatedness). To make us more understand, Ms Lydia asked us to do role play about the topic. Each group has different kind of topic. My group presented about competence, it’s about how we give feedback to students, so it can increase their motivation. By this activity, I got more understand about self determination and self worth because I got the visualization and learn each other. Overall this meeting is very helpful for me to prepare become a good teacher later.

Hmmm, I really enjoy in this class J


Triana Afriani




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Reflection week 1

The first meeting in MMSEL course, i am so enthusiastic to enter this class because i met new course and also new lecturer. However, i felt sleepy and tired because we begin the class at 08.00 AM and after this course I’ll continue with different course. But, after mrs.Lydia began the class I’m not felt sleepy again, because of the activities.

In the first meeting, we discussed about motivation. Ya, motivation are a desire to achieve a goal. Motivations are divided into two, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation is from our self, like we go to school because we want get A in every subject, while extrinsic is from the external, like we go to school because it’s obligatory or because of our parents. After we discussed about motivation is, mrs. Lydia asked us to share our motivation to someone next to me. I think it is the interesting part of the lesson, because i can share my motivation with my friends also know her/his motivation. WHAT IS YOUR MOTIVATION TO BE A TEACHER? Hmm, it made me flashback to 3 years ago when i decide to became teacher. Initially, I never dreamed to become a teacher although my mom always told me that I should be a teacher. Become a teacher it’s not my passion, because be a sport physician is my passion. But all change, when i got scholarship in SSE. Before i join with them, my mom invite me to join her class to show me how it feels to be a teacher, moreover she gave me a chance give the explanation to them. At that times, i felt different when i did sport and teaching. I don’t know the feeling is, but i started to love teaching. I love met students and did interact with them. They motivated me to become good teacher that can help and also motivated them in the lesson and achieve their goals. Ya, i can’t be a sport physician but with teaching, i can built, help and teach someone become sport physician, doctor, etc. And now i’m sure that be a teacher is my passion. And I’m proud of it.

And the last lesson, mrs lydia gave us task to discussed theories of motivation. But time is up, so she asked us to do presentation next week. J

Overall, i really enjoy in this class J


Triana Afriani



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