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The first things that come to my mind about our last meeting are ‘Face-book-update’ and role-play day! 😀

We began with showing our expression at that time in the circle. We were making a big circle and showing our expression without saying anything. I thought that some of my friends were ‘pretending’ their mood; they showed happy, curious, sad, and everything, but I guess they all felt sleepy. 😛

This topic was about instructional variable and we did motivation role-play to understand about it. This topic consists of introductory focus, personalization, feedback, assessment and learning. Introductory focus is saying about lesson beginning that attracts student attention and provides a conceptual framework for the lesson. Teacher should make her/his first meeting becomes ‘eye catching’ and meaningful learning. It can be a motivation to students because they LOVE the SUBJECT, not the teacher. Personalization is about linking the subject with real life situation. Wondered that my high school teacher never did like this, they always directly jumped into the lesson without motivating us. It is terrible for students like me (who already realize it) because I don’t know the purpose and objectives that we should learn about that. Students will be motivated if they know the goals and application in real life.

After a little lecturing, we were asking to do role-play. As we did before, I did a little discussion with my group; Faqih, Andi, and Nia. The idea was motivating teachers’ candidate to be better future teacher with fashionable way. I was being a motivator like Mario Teguh. I don’t think I did perfectly like Mario Teguh because I never found he ever explained about ‘fashionable teacher will motivate students’. The main point of my own motivation session was teacher should be fashionable in cover and in their soul. The reason is, fashionable teacher will be a good motivator because of they are good looking. However, fashionable isn’t always about good looking, it also about fashionable heart of teaching. Teacher should be creative, active, and lots of spirit, it comes from teacher soul and heart, and then they will be a good motivator for students. By using this, the instruction that I explained in motivation session, it could make my friends/audiences be motivated to be a teacher. If we cannot make them directly love the subject, let them love us then motivate them to love the subject. 😀

I have been trying to be fashionable-motivate-cheerful-inspiring-extraordinary teacher! I can do it, I will do it, I pray for it! 😀

Ratih Anindiya


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Never Doubt to your choise

Last Thursday, there was MMSEL section as usual. I was not in good condition. I got an acident a day before. However, I could not let my self sad. I have to be happy, because it was nothing. This condition was apropriate when the class began (opening session). Mrs. Lidya wanted to see our mood on the day. Mostly, students were in good mood include me. we showed a smile that indicated our mood.

After showing our mood, we talk about the topic ”developing interest learning activity”. It was about how to make our students interest to our students. It aims to get students attention in learning process, so students can focus to understand about topic of subject we teach. We discuss about anything that can make our students interest and why it can make our student interest. Besides that, Mrs. Lidya showed us a video. The video was about teacher that gives instructions to students or kid in learning process. This video showed us that in giving instructions to the students, teacher has to control students so they can follow teacher instructions. Then, we shared the video content to our pairs.

After we discuss it, we were asked to join to our group. We would have a seminar in that class. The seminar was about motivation. Each group has to disscuss what we would speak to the audience. One of the member group had to be a motivator that performed in front of the class. Fortunatelly, we were not in class, but outside the class in presentation or giving  motivation. The motivator of each group were; Ratih, Riyan, Fitri, and I (Arifin). At the time, we were amateur motivator. 🙂

In my mind, Ratih and Riyan give motivation about how to be a motivative teacher and get students interest in learning process. Fitri and I gave motivation about how to make ourselves believe with our decision to be a teacher. When I perfomed to give motivation to the audience, I could not focus to my topic. I tried to give motivation to my audience. It was about not to doubt to our decision to be a teacher.  We can be sure if we did not doubt to our decision. So, never doubt to the decision to be a teacher. 🙂

Nur Arifin (2009110006)


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reflection week 12

Last week was the last meeting that we have in this year for MMSEL course. Oohh.. i never realize about that, i think the time was running fastly. but, the last meeting was very interesting because some activities that we have never meet before.. 😀

At the first time, Ms. Lydia asked us to show our feelings on that time. It was funny, because some of my friends show their expressions in different ways, and it’s so funny :D. Other  friends show the sadness, happiness, and their excited. Then, we came back to our chairs.

After that, Ms. Lydia explained us about instructional variables and how to motivate our students. We did role play in groups, and each group have to did a motivation session. It was very interesting and funny, because each group show their ability as a motivator or trainer with their own way. We did it outside the class, it made us feel ashame actually, because sometimes some students passed and look at us. But, we still continue our motivation session. I get some tips and knowledge from this sessions. For example, Riyan’s group said that the teacher shoul be unique, Ipin’s group said that to fight something’s not good we have to said “Don’t or Jangan!” . My group actually consider about how to motivate the teacher, become a good teacher. We said that if we want to be a teacher, so we should not too much consider about our salary, because teaching is about how we deliver our knowledge with heart. If we do something with our heart, so it will be easy to get something great. Just keep in effort, don’t forget to pray. Everything will come running toward you, if you can do it with your heart. 🙂






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Instructional Activity

MMSEL course today is started by showing mood. Actually I got miss instruction, because I don’t know the instruction. I think we should show mood based on PPT from Ibu Lydia, but we should show our own mood in that time. So, I just smileJ. It means I feel ashamed. After that we talk about interest, how to design classroom that fulfill student interest. That will be hard, but teacher should do it to make student interest to learn. Even student have different interest, teacher able to generalize it and apply in the class.

We can make an interesting activity in the class based on our instructional variable. The variable is introductory focus, personalization, involvement, and feedback. Introductory focus is attracting students’ attention; it can be apply by using Varity method that interesting for student. Then personalization is link to students’ lives, it mean teacher able to know every student personality and emotion, so teacher should try to fulfill it when teaching material. After that Involvement, involvement is increasing intrinsic interest. It can be apply by using open-ended questions and using hand-on activities. The last is feedback; teacher should give feedback to increase student interest and self-efficacy.

Today activity also a motivation section, every group present their ability in motivate their friend. That is interesting, but I can’t perform well in this motivation section. I am sorry, because my group still confuses the flow of word that should tell to the audience. Actually the ability to motivate is very important to make student feel interesting and motivate to learn. I will learn more to do it.

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Motivator Teacher Candidate :)

This is my reflection about a great motivator in our self as a teacher,,,

Today i learn so many thing about motivation but the important thing in this part is located how we as a teacher can be an inspire people or our student by our talent. 🙂

That so many thing, I get from Ratih. I get how to be a fashionable teacher which is it must looking good inside and out side. From Fitri and Aida how to be a great teacher without thinking how much we pay to be a teacher?. From Huda we get how to serve our student which having different need and intelligence as an human being.

I believe in my heart when I feel with my heart what Huda said about teacher is only can be serve in general way but teacher also should good personal approach to their student, because teacher is come from a human with so many deficiency, error and fail but improve their ability to making deficiency, error and fail is our strength as human being.

I remember that life is so easy and sometime it’s running very complicated, but Allah always with us to support us to be stand up in here in SSE until today, like Nur Aripin said that if you want to NOT SAD so let’s DONOT SAD, if you want to NOT LAZY so DONOT LAZY and if you want to NOT GALAU so DONOT GALAU,,,

First i think that’s word very easy to said but very hard to show in the real life, but it’s really easy when you believe that you can apply that’s theory in your real life. 🙂

Actually as a teacher I feel in this university we must show how our friends can feel our spirit as student, we can making a good thing. If we can not making good thing for at least can making our self feel calm and enjoy for survive and breaking the challenge to reach our goal. 🙂

Thank you my friends,,, without you I’m cannot stand in here,,, 🙂


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Teacher = Motivator

I was not attending MMSEL class on last Thursday. So, I am going to make a reflection based on PowerPoint from last session and my friends’ explanation. On the last week session, Mrs.Lydia explains about instructional variables which are promoting students’ motivation at the class. Those are four parts of instructional variables, there are introductory focus, personalization, involvement and feedback.

Introductory focus is an opening session of the lesson which is attracts the students to pay attention to the lesson. There are four ways to giving of providing an introductory focus, there are: giving problems & questions (such as: Problem Based Learning or Project Based Learning), Inductive sequences, concrete examples, and objective & rationales.

Personalization is about how the teacher tries to make connection with students live and the material given. It can be through examples those relate with students’ daily life. On mathematics, teacher can use Contextual Teaching Learning (CTL) method to make relation between mathematics topic and examples from students’ daily life.

Teacher can use four strategies for promoting students’ involvement, there are using improvement drill, giving games, let student doing individual work spaces, and ask students to do group work.

Feedback is needed by students to increase students’ self-efficacy and their interest in learning. On the other words, teacher needs to give feedback to students in order to increase students’ intrinsic motivation to learn.

When I asked some of my friends, they said the main point of last session is a teacher is a motivator. I think that is true. Because a teacher should help students to be motivated when learning and make students interested to the subject. Teacher has big role at the class, because when a teacher stand up in front of the class, it means that she / he have obligation to deliver the materials, engage students’ understanding about the materials and make students to feel enjoy and be motivated while learning. I hope I can be a motivator teacher. 🙂


Shinta Puspita Kencanasari


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Motivators / Trainers… “Action”

The previous MMSEL class was exciting. The class full of activities (acting). At the first time, Ms. Lydia asked us to make a big circle, then we had to express our face based on the pictures in power point slide. It was a funny activity because I could see how my friends expressed their face when being sad, surprised, happy, guilty, and so on. Their faces were so funny, and sometimes disgusting. Hahahhaha :p

I was learning about instructional variables. I was so excited because at that moment, Ms. Lydia asked us to act or do role play again. But, at this moment, we had to act as motivators or trainers. I thought it was little bit difficult, because for me, motivating students or people is hard. I used to decrease my friends’ self-esteem. Hahaha. I know it’s ridiculous, but that what I heard from my friends. Therefore, I just let my friends in my group to do the role as a motivator/trainer. Finally, Ratih was ready to be a trainer. We were confused at the beginning to decide what topic would be delivered in our group performance. Eventually, we found an interesting topic which is fashionable teachers. We would train new generation of teachers how to be fashionable teachers who could be role models and center of attention.

My group got the first chance to perform. It made my group nervous. Although the performance should be performed outside of campus, which is so hot and crowded, my group just went ahead and focused on what we were going to deliver to our audiences. Ratih did her role as well. After my group performed, I got my chance to be audience. It was my time to see how my friends would be motivators/trainers. In fact, my friends did their job very well. They were excellent. Moreover, I was laughing when Ipin acted as a motivator. He was so funny. Although I realized that he didn’t apply positivism theory. He always told us by using a word “don’t/jangan” which means negative expression.

Actually in that class was learning about instructional variables, but to be honest I didn’t really get the point what instructional variable is, because I just focused on the role play. So guys, could you tell me about the concept of instructional variable. Billion thanks for you 😀

Faqih Al A



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Instructional Variables

Thursday, Desember 8th, 2011

Yeah, today is MMSEL class again, I don’t feel sleepy like last week, I have more spirit today, even though I feel tired because so many assignments, hehehehehehe.

Today, we learn about Instructional Variables, it’s about instructional that can develop students’ interesting in learning. Instructional variables consist of introductory focus, personalization, feedback, assessment and learning. Introductory focus is talking about first impression in the first meeting, like example from Miss Lydia , when we arrived in SSE in the first time, we have so many question, how the learning process will be run? We have so many feelings like scary, afraid, and curious about the learning process in SSE, Actually not only us, but most of students when they came as freshmen in their new school. It’s very important that in the first meeting, teacher must give good example to them, so that, the students have motivation to follow learning process and not afraid again. After that, we talking about personalization and giving feedback.

After we learn the material, miss Lydia ask me to discuss in group to be a motivator, and present it in front of our friends. I’m very interesting when I hear this, my spirit increase fastly, hehehehehhehe. My group consist of, Novani, Titiah, and Huda. We are a good combination in that time. We want to give motivation about multiple intelligences. We present not in the classroom, but we present in front of SSE, so it feel like outdoor class. Very interesting, hehehehhehe. We have number two to present our motivation. Huda as moderator, Novani as someone that has intelligence in Music (Agnes Mo cerai), and Titiah as someone that has intelligence in Sport (Valentina Risa), andI am as motivator. In our motivation we talk about multiple intelligences, every students is unique, so that we cannot coercive our students to be good in mathematics if the has good in music, it’s no problem, when, the study mathematics, but don’t make them o be expert in everything. Everyone has strength and weakness. So we must proud about our students has. This is the main point about our motivation.

I think enough for today, I feel happy, because today we present again and role play again like last week, hehehehehhe. Hopefully in the next meeting, there is a role play again. 😀


Evik Dwi Priagung


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We, as a Motivator :)

MMSEL class in the last meeting was very interesting! It was because of the activity. We did motivation session that made by us as a motivator. Each group have different theme of motivation session and for sure it was interesting. 🙂

Before we did the activity, we started the class by showing others about our mood todays. So, we can know what others feeling in the morning when class started. That’s funny, because my friends and I gave different emoticon that showed on their face. It was happy, sad, broken, no feeling, sleepy, etc. But, most of them gave a happy face because we know that the class will be funny and interesting! 🙂

Ok, for the first, Mrs. Lydia explained us about Instructional variables, developing interest in learning activities. Instructional variables are very important to increase students’ motivation in learning. Instructional variables consist of introductory focus, understanding personalization, promoting involvement, and feedback. Introductory focus is a lesson beginning that attracts attention and provides a conceptual framework for the lesson. In this part, we talk about how to get student’s attention in the beginning of the lesson, how to make students interest and want to know more about the lesson. We can use some tools/techniques for this, we can give problems or questions to students that related to the lesson, concrete examples, also give explanation about the objectives.

If we talk about personalization, we concern about what the teacher can do to personalize the lesson to students’ lives. We try to understand what students want and don’t go far away from what the students know and also students environment. That’s we called it understanding personalization, try to understand the students.

Then, involvement talk about the interesting way to make students involved in the activity, so they can actively participating in learning activity. Maybe we can use open ended question for strategy in promoting involvement because open ended questions is important to increase intrinsic interest and students’ motivation. Each student will feel free to share their opinion to others and maybe we can more understand about their ability and what they want to know. For the last, it’s about feedback. We can meet the students need and what they can improve.

After that, we did motivation session and we acted as a motivator. My group and I talk about multiple intelligences. For the motivation session, evik acted as a moderator, huda as presenter, Titiah as Valentino risa and I acted as Agnes Mocere. What a weird name I think. haha  -___-a Ok forget it, we continue. Agnes is a singer, and valentino as a racer. They have their own ability. Maybe they have abilities in Math, English, science, art, writing, and etc. But, they have chosen what they want to improve until they were being a people like now, as a singer and as a racer. As a teacher, maybe we can force the students to do all various intelligences. They can choose what the best one for them, they have different multiple intelligences and they can improve their abilities with their intelligences. And when we talk about motivation, we can support them to reach what they want because their life is in their hand, teacher only act as a motivator for them that always supporting them to be the best one. 🙂

Novani Lieadi


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Creating Interest in Learners

By: Matt Benge and Amy Harder

If you were to close your eyes and picture your favorite teachers, you would likely find that each was very skillful in captivating your interest. Upon further study, you might find the interest produced resulted from your favorite teachers finding engaging activities or experiences that were related to the subject being taught, such as a nature walk when teaching about the environment or a scavenger hunt when teaching exploration. This method of creating interest into the classroom, called the Interest Approach, is very effective and widely applicable (Lancelot, 1929).

William Lancelot, the “Father of the Interest Approach,” believed a learner’s interests are important in learning and that those interests play a critical role in the development of a person’s thinking ability (Lancelot, 1944). He purported a learner’s “interest existing in any given topic flows into any other as soon as a connection between the two is seen” (Lancelot, 1929, p. 55). It is the responsibility of the educator to establish the connections between a learner’s interest and new knowledge. These connections can be created through the use of the Interest Approach.

Methods for Creating Interest

Applying the Interest Approach requires some thought and effort from the educator. The general tips that follow can help you begin to apply the Interest Approach during your teaching activities.

  • Be attentive to the development of interest the learners have regarding the subject or topic at hand.
  • If the learners are already excited and interested in the topic, encourage their energy and enthusiasm for the subject to keep them interested.
  • You must work to create interest if the learners are unsure or are genuinely not excited about the topic.

Using Natural Impulses

The following is a list of natural impulses that may be appealed to when teaching. Natural impulses not only help create interest, but also aid in the facilitation of the learning environment. Natural impulses should always be used when teaching (Lancelot, 1929). The following is a list of natural impulses with examples of how to incorporate them when educating.

  1. Activity – actively engaging the learners’ minds
  2. Nature – an outdoor activity involving trees, animals, or the ocean
  3. Curiosity – creating a scavenger hunt when learning about exploration
  4. Wonder – taking a real or virtual field trip to the Grand Canyon
  5. Creativeness – learners painting a picture of the Grand Canyon
  6. Gregariousness – a group activity or project where the learners interact with one another
  7. Competition – a sport, game, or project where learners are competing against one another

Yah , through this article we can reflect that a true educator is not one who makes learners memorize information. A true educator is one who is able to assimilate knowledge within the minds of learners. As a result, learners become sound, careful thinkers. The Interest Approach is not the only element in quality teaching, but it is an important educational tool. Creating interest in the minds of learners ensures the information learned is not only retained, but applied as well. As an educator, it is your responsibility not only to teach, but also to teach in a way that will make learners want to come back for more.

For your information in this reflection , I just put an article from then  reflect to the daily life as an educator and student. It’s because of I couldn’t join MMSEL class last week :).


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