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Reflection Week 1

Today was mysterious class because when the class was started, I was forced by many questions. In my opinion, that questions were very substantive question. Due to that question, the destination and the expectation of my friend and I could be known.

The class was full of questions from my lecturer, Bu Lidya. We spent most of our time for that class to answer the question given. All students had the turn to come in front of the class to explain what their answer was.

First question was about what was our motivation to come to the class. One of my friends said that she came to the class because she wanted to get knowledge. Another one said that because the lecturer who was kind. The others said because of obligation, GPA, capstone graduated project, experience, parents, etc. But I, myself, came to the class because if I did not come or my absence is more than 25 %, I will fail to this subject and I can’t be graduated, so due to that reason I came to the class. J

The next question that will be answered by I and my friends were about our commitment to be a teacher. Most of my friend said that they will be a teacher and will be committed to that profession. But I said No, absolutely No. my reason is, if we reflect to our country, we have so many students-teachers but they did not have place to express their talent and most of them were idleness. Hence I chose to be a person who will make that place or who will give them an employment.

Well, before we went to the next question, I wanna ask a question to our beloved teacher, Bu Lidya, what the different between motivation and reinforcement? I still have miss conception about those words.


Riyan Fajri 2009110030


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My Reflection of My first MMSEL course

Last week, I had Motivation and Management of Students for Effective Learning Class. This was the first time I met my lecture of this course. She is Ms. Lydia. Sorry I came late for the first meeting… :). When I followed this class, I felt enjoy and fun because my lecture is beautiful, cheer, and friendly.

The first activity was about class (like and dislike). When I knew this activity, I thought about my teachers who I dislike of their characteristics in teaching. My teachers did not have well-preparation and did not objective when assessed the students. I also dislike if the environment of class is too cold and hot, because it make me not comfortable and enjoyable in teaching-learning process.

Otherwise, I like the class which my friends could understand each other in class. I meant they did not make me underestimate and down when I made a mistake. I am enthusiastic with the class which is taught by teacher who is fun, humorist, not bored, and not monotonous. After that, we connected about the class to intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Then, one by one of students gave opinion which one is intrinsic or extrinsic motivation of the list that was mentioned in whiteboard. I felt the class that I like and dislike included to extrinsic motivation because the motivation came from outside.

The second activity was about understanding our motives for becoming a teacher. The first was my friends. His name was Huda. He said that the reason to be a teacher because teacher was still needed, always youthful and everlasting heroes. My motive to be a teacher was because I love teaching. I also had experiences about teaching when I was child. I taught my neighbor at my home. Then, my love of teaching continued when I was junior high school. I taught elementary school near of my home, but I taught extracurricular subject for one year. Actually, there were so many experiences about teaching, but it was one of my experiences that I remembered.  I feel that my motive for becoming a teacher is my dream that came from intrinsic motivation.

The last activity was about theory of motivation. Ms. Lydia divided students into several groups to discuss about theory of motivation. My group consists of Huda, Evik, Novani and I discussed about sociocultural theories but we did not get the article about it. So, we browsed it from the internet. Unfortunately, I am still confused about sociocultural perspective of motivation.


Titiah Dewi Masitoh




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Reflection week 1

22th September 2011 is a first meeting in Motivation and Management of Students for Learning Effective Learning Course.

In our class, we started the discussion about motivation. The question for discussion is the characteristics of the teacher do you like and dislike. When we have some list of those characteristics we have to choose what is the characteristics that can be including in extrinsic and also what are the characteristics in intrinsic motivation. Bu Lidya guides our discussion class about extrinsic and intrinsic motivation by those questions. Extrinsic motivation refers to motivation that comes from factors outside an individual. And intrinsic motivation refers to motivation that comes from factors an individual as opposed to the extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation is driven by an interest or enjoyment in the task itself and exists within the individual rather than relying on any external pressure.

The question that makes me reflect again is about why do you want to be a teacher. Actually I don’t know exactly the answer of that question because my motivation is extrinsic motivation, i have many factors that motivated me want to be a teacher, because of my teachers, parents, and also my friends. “Want to be a teacher” came to my mind when i was in 12th grade. My teacher always gives me advice about my study to education course. She also gives the information about SSE scholarship to me. I think that teaching not a bad profession at all. I’m here (in SSE) because of my parents’ and teachers’ support, I really want to make them proud of me.  They are my motivation. I also want motivate my students too.

Hopefully we can learn more from our reflection and enjoy the class ^^

Mita Pustari



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reflection week 1

The first time I enter this class (Motivation and Management of students for Effective Learning), I’m sure that this course will discuss about how to motivate students to make them enjoy with their learning. And I think it is true!

The teacher, Miss Lydia has explained us (the students) about Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation. She engages us to learn about that, by mentioning all the examples of Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation as many as we know. By using this method, I think I could remember the examples of Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation more easily.

After that, Miss Lydia gives us two questions, such as “Why do you want to be a teacher?” and “Who teachers you admire most from your school? And give the reasons”. When I read those questions, I became think about my memories when I still at school. For the first and the second questions, I think that I like to be a teacher because it will be very happy if we can share my knowledge to the others. We can make people change, from did not know anything to be know about everything. The other factor is because I remember my teachers when I was in elementary school. Actually, there are two teachers who inspired me. They are very friendly, care, and respect with their students. So the students feel enjoy when they learn with those teachers. Students would not feel scary when they want to ask the teacher about the material they did not understand. Those teacher makes the students, include me, feel comfort with them, with their learning. So I want to be a teacher like them, or maybe more.

The last but not least, I like so much about my friend’s words (Huda and Jonathan), they said that “Teacher is always needed by the others, and teacher is everlasting heroes”. I’m so agree with that!


Hanna Anggraeni



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First Impression that Motivate Me!

First impression, I think this is very important for a lecturer/ a teacher to building good rapport with the students. First impression determine that the student will like, respect, reject the teacher/ lecturer/ course or not. Here, I would like to share about my first meeting and first impression of MMSEL or Motivation and Management of Student for Effective Learning class, both about the course and the lecturer.

The lecturer of this course was very nice. She could communicate well with all students (based on what I saw). First, she started to explain the objective of this course, then about the assignment, especially about e-reflection of the course in every week through writing on the blog. I think, this way is one of effective way for us to learn deeper about this course, because when we write the reflection, so we have to repeat and remember the lesson again. And, about the article, I think it makes us think critically about how to find the related article with the course and make the conclusion about that article.

In the class, she asked us anything that related to this course. For example, what is our motivation to/ why we come to this course? This question may make us to thought what is/ we want to get from this course. Some of us said that want to get grade A for this course, want to get the experience and the lesson for “skripsi”, etc. And the “skripsi” is one of my motivations too. It reflects what our target in this course, right? As well as the other next questions, why we like or dislike with some course? (What the causes) and why/ how the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation impact to our study.

She also gave us brief explanation about some material and asked to us again to think, pair and share about why do I want to be a teacher and who are (3 persons) the most admire for me (inspire me) to become a teacher.  I shared that I want to be a teacher because when I was in senior high school, some of my friends believed me that I could teach them, and it makes me confident to be a teacher. And for the 3 persons whom inspire me, for example, my elementary school’s teacher who did believe in me and built the sense of my confidence reach the achievement in school.

And the last lesson, we studied about the theories of motivation, like behavioral theories, humanistic theories, cognitive and social cognitive theories, and social theories. We learnt it in group, and my group should discuss the cognitive theory. By this activity, we recalled our knowledge about that theory that has been studied in Educational Psychology course.

From this meeting, I impressed that the course will motivate me to become a good teacher, and hopfully the lecturer, Ms. Lidya, will motivate and inspire me too 🙂

Aida Rahmi



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Reflection week 1

This week, we learn about intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. intrinsic motivation is motivation that comes from within oneself to be able to achieve a dream or goal in life. Extrinsic motivation is motivation that comes from outside (friends, parents, environment) and be able to help him in his dreams or life goals. Such as our motivation to come to campus. Many of the factors that make us come to campus, could be because their needs or because of other goals (teachers, friends, etc.). These factors are influenced by intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

Intrinsic factor in the last long in a person as long as he still has a purpose in life or dreams. Extrinsic factors will usually disappear when the factors that motivated also missing. To achieve this goal, we need the intrinsic and extrinsic factors. If we only have one of his course, chances are we will have difficulty in reaching our dreams or goals.

One teacher once told me, intrinsic factors and extrinsic factors can we assume like a goat with a shepherd. At the time of the goat herders brought into a field of grass, maybe the goat will not eat the grass there, because he did not have the motivation to eat, in the form of hunger motivation. Although the herders led to pasture, goats will not eat it because it does not have the hunger but the goat was thirsty and need water. So the goats continue to feel thirsty and what is done herders became futile. Similarly, when a hungry goat, goat herders need to take her to the pasture.

Conclusion The above story is that we need a tool or extrinsic factors as our bridge to achieve a dream. As teachers, we also need to understand the needs of our students, so that we can provide to suit the needs of students. So that students can achieve their dreams. Extrinsic and intrinsic factors play an important role in supporting the achievement of life goals.



Nia Salamah



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MMSEL Reflection on first meeting

On last week, 22 of September 2011, I learned a new subject for this semester. The subject is about Motivation and Management of students for effective learning. This subject talks about our motivation and students motivation. On the first session, we were asked why did we want to be a teacher. It was an interesting class, because we have a new lecturer named Mrs. Lydia, and there were many activities.
On the opening session, each students introduced themselves to Mrs. Lydia. We were asked by some question. Not only that, we were asked why did we come to the class. We had so many reasons to answer the question. Besides that, we were asked again, why did we want to be a teacher. I think this is a special question. we can reflect to our first decision to be a teacher. For my self, the question had implicit meanings. It remained me, why I want to be a teacher.
From the question, I think I forgot something that is important for a teacher. A motivation, that’s I think. Oh no, I did not realize that I loose my motivation, whereas I am a teacher candidates. It was so bad. If I loose my motivation, maybe I can not improve or develop education in Indonesia. Not only that, I can not create a new generation. It is worse. From this, I have some connection to improve my motivation to be a teacher. Being a teacher is good, but a teacher without motivation will make no change for a new generation and my students will have no motivation in learning.
Fortunately, I learn this subject. It will enable me how to build a motivation for me and my students especially in teaching and learning. I wish I can follow this subject well, so I can apply this knowledge in real life context. Keep spirit, and do the best… 🙂 🙂
Nur Arifin (2009110006/B)


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Reflection week 1

The first meeting in MMSEL course, i am so enthusiastic to enter this class because i met new course and also new lecturer. However, i felt sleepy and tired because we begin the class at 08.00 AM and after this course I’ll continue with different course. But, after mrs.Lydia began the class I’m not felt sleepy again, because of the activities.

In the first meeting, we discussed about motivation. Ya, motivation are a desire to achieve a goal. Motivations are divided into two, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation is from our self, like we go to school because we want get A in every subject, while extrinsic is from the external, like we go to school because it’s obligatory or because of our parents. After we discussed about motivation is, mrs. Lydia asked us to share our motivation to someone next to me. I think it is the interesting part of the lesson, because i can share my motivation with my friends also know her/his motivation. WHAT IS YOUR MOTIVATION TO BE A TEACHER? Hmm, it made me flashback to 3 years ago when i decide to became teacher. Initially, I never dreamed to become a teacher although my mom always told me that I should be a teacher. Become a teacher it’s not my passion, because be a sport physician is my passion. But all change, when i got scholarship in SSE. Before i join with them, my mom invite me to join her class to show me how it feels to be a teacher, moreover she gave me a chance give the explanation to them. At that times, i felt different when i did sport and teaching. I don’t know the feeling is, but i started to love teaching. I love met students and did interact with them. They motivated me to become good teacher that can help and also motivated them in the lesson and achieve their goals. Ya, i can’t be a sport physician but with teaching, i can built, help and teach someone become sport physician, doctor, etc. And now i’m sure that be a teacher is my passion. And I’m proud of it.

And the last lesson, mrs lydia gave us task to discussed theories of motivation. But time is up, so she asked us to do presentation next week. J

Overall, i really enjoy in this class J


Triana Afriani



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Reflection of the 1st Week

At the first week we learned about what is motivation, intrinsic Aand extrinsic motivation, whats our motivation to become a teacher and who is/are people that inspire us to become a teacher and why

Motivation is the reason(s) that make us do something in our life. Motivation is very important because it will determine our way to reach something that we want.

Intrinsic motivation is reason(s) that arise from our own self to do something, whereas extrinsic motivation is reason(s) that arise outside of our self. The reason can be other people or environment.

All of the things that we do have motivation, including why we want to be a teacher. Especially for me, the motivation is very important, because it will sustain me to do hard and smart work to reach my goals.

I want to be a teacher because I think that teacher is a profession that can be a bridge to reach my dreams in life. Teacher is the one who have direct interaction with students, so teacher will know what students need to improve their ability in life. Become a teacher is the way for me to get the basic knowledge and ability about how education should be conducted.
Although, at the first time I graduate from High School I thought I didn’t want to be a teacher.Teacher is the one who educate people. The meaning of educate people is not only delivering material in class, but its more about forming students’ mindset and make them eager to learn (seek information/knowledge/ability,etc) that they need. I thought that responsibility is very huge for me.

However now, I think that teacher’s responsibility is a challenge for me if I want to be a person that give advantages to others. That is make others’ life become better through education. Anies Baswedan said that education is the escalator for people to have better life.

There are many people that inspire me to become a teacher. The one who inspire me to become a good teacher teacher is my lecture. I think, he is an outstanding teacher. He cares and friendly to his students and always well prepare in his teaching. And his ability to motivate people is one of unforgettable things for me. He said to me that, “you are already outstanding from the fist time.” And it motivate me to proof that I can be outstanding.

Ismi Apriliani


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Thoughtful Reflection ~(”.~) (~.”)~

The first session in MMSEL subject, I found some interesting knowledge and stories about motivation from my new attractive teacher, Miss Lydea; my friends and their stories. In my opinion, motivation is force to reach goals. The causes that make me take an action to address our goals. There are two kinds of motivation, which is intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is motivation that comes from our self, or our willingness to do what we want to do. Besides, extrinsic motivation is motivation because of external rewards or desire to do something because of external factor. For example, I go to school because of my parents ask me to do it. (If not, they will yelling at me :p lol)  However, the intrinsic motivation is more consistent than extrinsic motivation. In addition, extrinsic motivation can be changed in to intrinsic motivation. There were so many examples of both of this motivation on our last session, especially in learning. I realized  that my motivation to learn mostly comes from myself, but it sometimes suddenly disapear. ah  i dont know what -_-

Teacher, classroom activities, and facilitation of learning can influence students’ motivation. As teacher candidate, i should pay attention for this. It can be a trigger to make better and faster, or can be the worse for the students. In my opinion, effective teaching and learning should be building by the teacher to motivate students. How teacher motivate students will be external motivation, but if they can motivate and construct their own motivation for them self, so that they enjoy and have willingness to learn, it could be changed into intrinsic motivation. By knowing and realizing that, I want to be friendly, fun, attractive, creatif and inspiring teacher. 🙂 amiiiiin….

Based on the theory, there are some strategies that teacher can do for reaching the hierarchy of Maslow. I just realized that my favorite teacher did it explicitly. My physic teacher was understand the uniqueness of the students and tried to reach all students’ need. (as you already know) i am hyperactive students, at that moments my teacher payed attention to me and found  my needs and interest then addressed it and gave motivation to be back on “right”way. He showed that he care about us and always appreciate our work. That’s why i do really love him. 🙂 He always being external motivation to learn something’s new and don’t afraid to try. I also hope that Miss Lydea do so or maybe more for us 🙂

I hope this reflection can inspire you.

I really enjoy firrst MMCEL class. 😀

Ratih Anindiya


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