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Eleventh Reflection


This week, my friends and I have learned about Climate Variable that could promote students’ motivation in the learning. There are four variables; those are self efficacy, challenge, order and safety, and task comprehension. For the first time, Ms Lydia asks us to draw an ideal classroom from our opinion. Each student draws it then put it on the wall. Then we have gallery walk time, there are some visitors and architects. The architects should explain what is the meaning of their picture to the visitor and maybe getting some opinion from them. My ideal class is about moving class system. I wish have that class when teaching in the real class. After that my group has an opportunity to present a role play about “Success: Developing Learner Self Efficacy”. There are some points that should be highlight in our role play those are teacher should be open the class by open ended question; in the learning process teacher should use variety of high quality examples; provide scaffolding before expecting students to work on their own and detail feedback about learning progress. Another group presents about challenge. It’s interesting for me because teacher should give variety of challenge problem from the easy one to the difficult one. It will promote students’ motivation. They belief they can do it. In the real class, when the students couldn’t answer one question, they will need a help either from the teacher or the other friends. It will be takes time if they should solve by their self. Another condition maybe happen because the friends could answer their question one’s students would be keep trying their best to solve one problem.



Reflection week 11

At the last meeting of MMSEL course, we did some activities. First activity is drawing. Ms Lidya, asked us to draw a classroom situation. Actually, I am confuse how to draw a classroom situation because my drawing ability is not so good, but I tried to do it. I drew a classroom situation where students can discuss and become active learner. In classroom that I drew the students feel free to give opinion, to ask and answer question. There is no stupid questions in that class. In that classroom, teacher has a role as facilitator, so the students center learning work well. I also tried to draw that the teacher give opportunities to students to use technology in that class. Because in students centered learning students need some resources, not only from their text book and their teacher. Students also can get knowledge from internet, and other resources. After the drawing session, we did a gallery walk. Some of us explain to others about the meaning of our drawing,

After the gallery walk, Ms Lidya ask us to do role play. My group have to do role play about influence of challenge from teacher to students motivation. In the role play, we showed that when the students feel that challenges from the teacher is too difficult for them, the teacher do not decrease the difficulties levels. The teacher need to do other strategy. That strategy is about Zone of Proximal Development. So, teacher give chance to students to do the challenge in group, hence they can discuss and solve the challenges. When students success in solve a challenging task, it will increase their self efficacy. they will ask another challenge from the teacher.

Besides influence of challenge, there are some of topic that influence students motivation in classroom. I want to explain about success that group 1 explained through the role play. In that role play I learn that teacher need to ensure the students that they can do the task. It can be a way to increase students’ self efficacy. For example, the teacher gives open ended question to students. Then teacher trigger students to give their opinion, after that students will convey their argument. Teacher have a task to give feedback to students’ argument. Comment from the teacher can increase students’ self efficacy if it is delivered by positive way, although students’ opinion is not really appropriate. But, teacher comment also can decrease students’ self efficacy when it is delivered by negative way. Other example to make students feel success is give them an example of problem in detail. It can make students feel that they can do the next problem from the teacher.

Ismi Apriliani


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Reflection Week 11

On the last meeting, we learn about classroom climate. First, Ms. Lydia asks us to draw how a classroom climate in our mind that can make us more comfortable to learn on that classroom into a piece of paper.  Classroom climates that can make me more comfortable to learn in my mind are no discrimination, high technology, and welcome teachers. In my paper, I draw some emoticon smile and the bigger one in the middle is the teacher. I want to show that a good classroom climate is when the students and teacher(s) feel happy and enjoy in that class. And I made one big dialog balloon that represents their mind, I believe that the students will feel more comfortable if they think that they are in safety zone. It’s means that there is(are) no stupid opinion, stupid question, or stupid answer. So, students will feel safety when they want to say something in the class. Then, I also draw a round table, because it will be easier to each other (either students or teacher(s)). The last is high technology. I design that the board is already on the table. Each of students have a screen on that table and the master screen is on the teacher(s)’s screen, so the teacher still can control them to do not doing another activity on their screen and stay focus to the lesson. That screen is their board. So if they want to do exercise on the board, they can send they work to another screen then all of students (either teacher) can see and evaluate the work. It will be more efficient than board. I hope that screen can come out as soon as possible. :p

The second activity is role play.  Our class is divided into 4 groups. There are Safety, Success, Task Comprehensive, and Challenges. My group present about Success: Self Efficacy, but I will explain about Challenges. Andi’s group presents how challenges in the classroom can motivate students to learn while learn. They show us, teacher give them challenges with doing exercise. Group that already solve one problem can take another problem then teacher will be gave them more points with that. So with challenging task will be increase their motivation. This part is related to another part, safety, success, and task comprehensive. Teachers can choose the task that relate to real life problem so the students feel more interesting to solve that problem. Before the teacher gave a challenge, make sure again the teacher already gave them clearly example. Clearly example will be increasing their self efficacy. Then, help them if they had difficulties. It will be make them feel safe.

I hope that we as a teacher can make a classroom climate that increasing their motivation to learn. It really helpful for them (students)

Mita Pustari



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Reflection week 11

In this week we have three main activities in our MMSEL class, drawing, running galleries and plays a role. All three activities that help me understand what the factors or aspects that are needed in our classrooms so that our students are motivated to learn and be motivated in the learning process.

First, we draw on classroom conditions that bring a positive climate and motivate students to learn. I described a tree, which I interpret as a symbol of coolness.Convenient class is a class that is able to provide comfort and harmony in the classroom. Classroom atmosphere is clean and comfortable. The inhabitants of the class is able to provide comfort and care about each other. In addition to supporting the learning process, I also put some learning resources and computer connected to the internet in one corner of the classroom, to prepare in case students need more resources.

When finished drawing, Ms. Lidya asked us to put our pictures to the wall and do a gallery walk alternately. The class is divided into two groups, first group consists of half of the students’ will stay in the picture they explain what the meaning is behind the picture. The remaining students will present their images.

When running the gallery is completed, Ms. Lidya form a group to make plays on a given topic. My group consisted of Ruth, Shinta, Huda, Joey and I play, the role of the Public Order and Safety presented in kelas.Kemudian, after discussion a few minutes we decided to split the roles of each person. Jonatan and Huda a student who bullied Shinta and I, and Ratih became a teacher. We played pretty well, so our friends can get the message that we want to convey through role play.

The fourth group presents play based on understanding the role of task topics. They play very well played and the role they play I could get that on the understanding task, they emphasized on students’ need for autonomy by giving students the opportunity to choose tasks that students want to do. In addition, the fourth group also stressed the importance of the task for students and how to increase students’ awareness about what students should do in order to complete the task.

Gallery walk and play the role really helped me to understand the material easily. I hope I can make something more interesting in my future classroom, so students are motivated and I will enjoy the learning process, and more importantly is to make them addicted to learning.

Nia Salamah



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My reflection in MMSEL

Today i have new experiences and new knowledge.

Today Miss Lydia start our lesson by asking Faqih to stand up in front of class and retelling about the lesson in last meeting because his the last person which came to the classroom at that time,,,

Actually he is not the last person whose came to class there are Nia and the other came after Faqih standing on the front.

The lesson in that day starting from drawing a picture about an ideal class according to our mind. I drawing a simple class built by ICT Class. Which is in this class all about technology was applied in this class, every student have IPad for sharing and making they work. The class has projector and mini library and screen for projector. The table of teacher consist of a laptop with i7 processor for watching and asses the student work in the class. The class is very comport using full of AC, speaker and headset. This class conduct for high technology class,,, like my dream class,, J

And my friends have so many different perceptions about an ideal class, like green class, moving class. And traditional class but all the class have 1 main set that is clean and comport class.

Then the class continuous about the lesson, the class divides into several group base of cutting paper, and the group builds base the text in the cutting paper which has been grouping.

There are 4 groups; there are success, challenge, task comprehensives, and order. My group is Challenge, in this group we explain all about how the student can going to upper knowledge and feel for competition each other, so it will be increase the self-motivation to reach the goal to be the number one. And the teacher in this part is providing the task from easy to hard for challenge the students in this competition.

And then i will explain about the task comprehensives, in this part the the student should know about the function of lesson. Why the student should learn this lesson? What the function of this lesson? Is this lesson very important for our life? And etc.

Task comprehensives is making student understanding more deeply and more feel valuable to learning the lesson. Student will give the appreciation more if the know the real life function or the basic foundation about why this lesson so important.

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Reflection week 11

This week, we made a picture again 😀 . I felt not confidence to draw anything because I never draw something again for a long time, so I think that my picture is not good enough. Miss Lydia asked us to drawn about what kind of classroom which motivate us to learn. I drawn a classroom which there are some groups of students in discussion and the teacher moved around the class to observed each group in their discussions and guide them to make their discussion get the goals. it means that the teacher as facilitator and the students can feel free to share their opinion.

Then, I made a window as a symbol of fresh air. i also made a trash can to show the cleanliness. those are can make the students feel comfort when they are learning. i drawn a laptop and a book, to shown that the teacher use ICT and resources in their teaching and learning process. I think there are so many characteristic of a classroom which can motivate us to learn, but I just drawn some of the characteristic.

when my friend and I did gallery walk, I feel interested with Eki’s picture. because she drawn two kind of class, the first one was like moving class and the other was like traditional class. the first picture shown a class with chairs of the students that formed a circle and the teacher is in the middle of them. so the teacher can manage students easily. the students also can see each other easily.

After that, we did a role play in each group. My group is about success developing learning efficacy. Teacher starts the class with open ended question and giving students the examples. Make students believe that they can do the exercises and gives feedback. From the other group, which was about challenges, I learned that it’s about giving students structured task, like gives students some exercises from the easy one, middle, until difficult (more challenging) or higher problem. Teacher also gives support if there are some students cannot do the tasks well. The challenges tasks can make students improve their ability in doing exercises or problem from the teacher.

It was a great lesson! 🙂





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Reflection week 11

On Last week, there was MMSEL session as usual. It was also the first day Mrs. Lidya asked students to present their understanding about previous topic. It only happened for latest students that came to the class. Faqih, as the latest students came, had to present his understanding about previous topic in front of class.

After that, there was drawing session. It was like an elementary school activity, but I like it. We were asked to draw an ideal class condition so that it can support students to learn optimally in it. In fifty minutes later, we had gallery work about our picture that we had made. There were so many amazing pictures. We had different idea and complete each other, and we had to share our picture to our friends.  We did it in thirty minutes.

After the activity, Mrs. Lidya divided class into 4 groups. The next activity we had to perform our role play. Each group gets their different topic. The topic were about; order and safety, challenge,  and task comprehension. My group performed about task comprehension. It was about how teachers gave comprehension about the value of the task that they gave to students.

Besides our own group performance, I also see the other group. It was “order and safety” group. This group performed how to give an order and safety to students.  The teacher showed a physical safety such as asking students to clean their class from garbage. In the other sides, teacher gave emotional safety by giving motivation to students in doing project and gave a guardian to students, so students stay in the right way. That’s on the safety aspect. On the order aspect, teacher gave an authority to students to choose topic of students’ project. It allows students to build and develop their idea in learning process. Not only that, it is possible to increase students motivation can confidence in learning.

Nur Arifin (2009110006)


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Week 11th Reflection: Positive Climate and Motivation

In this week we have three major activities in our MMSEL class, drawing, gallery walk and role play. Those three activities were helping me understand what kind of factors or aspects that needed in our class in order to make our students motivated to learning and motivated in the learning process.

First is drawing about classroom condition that bring positive climate and motivate students to learn. Last week I drew a class with semi-circle siting arrangement, so teacher could see all students and all students could see teacher too. Other consideration was this class expected to accommodate students with visual type learning, this sitting arrangement provide equal chance to see the board. I also tried to accommodate kinesthetic learner, this semi-circle sitting arrangement provide more spaces so kinesthetic learner will have more chance to move. Besides that to support learning process, I also put some learning resources and computer that connected to internet in one corner of the class, for preparation just in case if students need more resources.

After finished the drawing, Ms. Lidya asked us to put our drawings to the wall and did gallery walk. The class divided into two group, first group was consists of half of students’ numbers will stayed in their drawings ad explain what the meaning that lay behind the drawing. The rest students will present their drawings later after Ms. Lidya give instruction to swap the position.

When the gallery walk finished, Ms. Lidya formed group to make role play about topic that given. My group consists of Ratih, Shinta, Nanay, Joey and I, presented role play about Order and Safety in the class. Then, after several minutes discussion we decided to divide the role of each person. Joey and I became students who bullied Shinta and Nanay, and Ratih become teacher. Our role play was good enough, so our friends could get the message that we want to deliver through role play.

Another role good role play was fourth group who presented role play based on topic Task Comprehension. They played the role play very well and from their role play I could get that in Task Comprehension, they emphasize on students need for autonomy by gave students chance to choose task that students want to do. Besides that, fourth group also emphasize on importance of the task for students and how to increase students’ awareness of what students should do in order to complete the task.

Gallery walk and role play really help me to understand the material easily. I hope I can create activities that more interesting in my future class, so my students will motivated and enjoy the learning process, and more important is to make them addicted for learning.

Huda Marofiq


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Refelection week 11

As usual, MMSEL course was interesting, because i got new knowledge based on the activities in the class. first, i wanna say thank you to ms.Lydia also Faqih for explain me again about the last meeting that i miss. it is about self regulation, teacher characteristic, classroom environment also mastery goal and performance goal. After Faqih review about that, Ms Lydia asked us to draw our future classroom. at that time, i just thinking about my future classroom that can motivate students in learning. i reflect to my experience in senior high school also in college. i choose the good one to be part of my future classroom. i drew a class with classrooms wall full of students work. and the tables for students can be moved easily. i gave opportunity for students to choose a comfortable place to learn, whether in the table or on the floor. i want my class always clean and accommodate the facilities of students. After we drew it, we have a gallery walk, i saw various picture that represent their future classroom. but, the goal is same,  the classroom will motivate students in learning.

After that, Ms Lydia divided class in to some groups based on piece of paper that we were given. my group consist of Hanna, Eki,Vani, Mita and I. we did role play about success developing learner is about, how the teacher give open ended question when begin the class, giving meaningful example also feedback for students. From other group i also learned about challenge, i saw in their role play the teacher encourages students to do the best in doing work. the teacher motivated them and trying to convince students that they can do, and it can improve of students ability. the teacher give challenge for them, if they finished their work they can take other problem. if a student cant do it, teacher give opportunity to them to discuss with others students. i saw, giving challenge to students can motivated them to do the best in doing work.

i learned a lot in MMSEL course, very inspiring. 🙂

Triana Afriani


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Create a Motivating Classroom :)

As always, MMSEL class in the last meeting was interesting because we did drawing and role play again. We learned about class climate through those activities. First, draw condition of class that represent effective classroom that can increase students motivation in learning process. We design our own classroom that can be effective classroom environment in supporting students’ motivation in learning.

There are one teacher and some students in the picture of my own classroom. Students work in group and make a discussion. So, they can share their opinion to each other. We draw students in group discussion doesn’t mean that the students always work in groups because it can’t be effective. Sometimes they need to work and learn individually, then try to understand about what the teacher explained. So, there is a time to learn individually and also to learn in group. In my picture, teacher was illustrated move from one side to other side. It means that the teacher walk around the class to monitor the students. If teacher found the student who can’t understand well, teacher will help them. The result of group work will be presented and explained by the students in front of the class, so each group can share each other to get other information that is meaningful for them. Then, the product of student’s project will be displayed in the class. It shows appreciation from the teacher to students.

I think class condition that I draw can represent about the effective classroom climate that can motivate students in learning. But there are some conditions also from the teacher that can create a motivating classroom. Those are order and safety, success, challenge, and task comprehension. Mrs. Lydia divides us into some groups and each group did role play to represent about one aspect. My group and I did role play about success developing learner efficacy. To develop it, teacher can start the lesson with questioning and give open ended question, use variety of high quality examples, develop lessons questioning, and also give feedback to students. So they can increase their performance in learning better.

From other groups, I also learned about order and safety, challenge, and task comprehension. I will explain more about challenge in this reflection. I learned this from group 2. About challenge, teacher increase students’ perception about their ability. Students have to know their own ability and what they can improve, but still have a confidence that they can do their best in doing work. If teacher find the student who can’t do their work, teacher can ask them to discuss with their friends so students can know about other perception how to solve the problem. After they finished their work, they can take other problem, higher problem that can increase their competence. In this case, teacher encourages students and gives challenge to the students.

We learned a lot from this activity, how to design an effective classroom climate and how to create a motivating classroom. Hopefully I can be a teacher who can make positive classroom climate, a motivating classroom that can support students’ learning. 🙂

Novani Lieadi



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