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Reflection week 2

Last Tuesday, I was so in bad. I was come late to Campus, late for one hour! But it’s not want, it because I’ve got fever and headache, so my mother asked me to have a medicine and take a rest for a moment before I go to Campus. Because of that condition, I sent a text message for Miss Lydia first to tell her that I’ll be come late.

I arrived at Campus at 9 o’clock. I have missed some lessons. When I entered the class, I see that all my classmates were read an article. I took my chair quickly, and then I asked the article to Miss Lydia for me to read. Actually, It was about The Need for Self-Determination and Self-Worth. There is mentioned that Self-Determination consists of Competence, Autonomy, Relatedness, and Self-worth. I have not finished my reading when Miss Lydia asked us to finish our reading and share with our partner. Finally, my partner and I share each other to add our reading that has not finished yet. After that, Miss Lydia asked us to make a role play based on the article that we have read. Before it, she divided us into some groups. Each group has each topic to do in their role play. Each group did not allow telling their topic to the other group because the other group has to guess what topic that is played.

My group consists of Jonathan, Triana, Desy, Faqih, and I. Actually, we got the topics about The Need for Competence. We discuss about what subtopic we will use in our role play, because The Need for Competence is divided for four subtopics. There are Attributional statements, Praise and criticism, Emotional reactions, and Offers of Help. Finally, we decided to use Attributional statements and Offers of Help to do in our role play.

In our role play, there is one teacher and four students. Desy, as a teacher show and explain about Attributional statements and Offers of Help by her role. She gave her students a motivation words like “keep trying. I know you can do it well” or “there is any problem? Can I help you?”. Those are some examples of Attributional statements and Offers of Help.

After all groups have shown their performance, we guess what topic that other groups has played. Then, Miss Lydia gives feedback for us and explains more about The Need for Self-Determination and Self-Worth. I think her feedback has motivated us to do better for the next time. 🙂


Hanna Anggraeni



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Reflection Week 2

I was late to come to the class almost every day, it was because I woke up late and my place was far enough from campus. On that day, there was a motivation class. I arrived to the class when the presentation on motivation class was running. Some of my friends were presenting their group poster and the others were looking to them.

I came and my lecturer, Bu Lidya, asked me to join to my group. She did not really strict to the ruler and she was wise enough. She did not complain about her students who came late and I agreed with her. Because if the students came to the class even though they were late, it meant that she/he who came late had high motivation to that class. She/he came late maybe because they had external problem and we should tolerant about it and I think it was better then who came to the class without motivation to study.

After presentation session was finished, we were back to the material. The material that day was about needs theory by Maslow. I had some criticize about that theory. The Maslow Theory said that to fulfill the higher needs, absolutely we should fulfill the lower level of needs first. So logically, to fulfill the prime needs, a person must sacrifice the higher needs. For example, needs of self-esteem is higher than prime needs. So a person should sacrifice their self-esteem to get prime needs. And I think it is wrong concept if it applied to our life. Some of literature said that the Maslow theory should be reversed, and I agreed with this opinion.

Riyan Fajri 2009110030



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Role Play (Yeah,, I like It)

At the first, when the class start. Miss Lydia wants to remember our name. That’s way she gives us an activity to tell our breakfast menu and before that we should told all of name and their breakfast before us. Luckily I am seat in the front, so I just need to remember a few people. After that we should present the poster that we have done and gallery walk to another group poster. But I am got little bit confuse when hear social culture group present their poster.

In this meeting we focus more to Maslow’s hierarchy of need and the need for self-determination. Rian ask Miss Lydia about Maylow’s pyramid, Should we categorize our need like pyramid start from Physical until self actualization (with the bigger one in the based and the small one in the top)? Because some theory tells about that pyramid can be upend. I agree with Rian, I think people who can’t get the based need can achieve up need too. When I hear Miss Lydia answer, I can accept it. Because Maslow theory of need can represent the general phenomenon, although is it possible to miss the step and next the up step.

I am happy today, because the need for self-determination material should preset in role play. Every group present different role play, so another group guesses the theme of role play. I like this activity so much, because I can see the example of self determination from the role play. I also flashback and realize “hmm,, sometime I do something like that”. Like I want to look smart (the need for competence) and when in Junior High School I want always stay in “kelas unggulan” (the need for relatedness).

Like I already told before, Motivation likes energy. That’s way teacher should giving motivation for their student. Give motivation for student not only by telling but also teacher can integral into teaching and learning process. Like giving praise and critics wisely, Always show a good emotion to student, offer help, engage student to monitor their learning goal, give student opportunities to show they ability and etc.


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Reflection week 2 (Maslow, Self-determination, Self-worth)

In this second meeting, I think that the learning is very effective. From the first activity which is gallery walk, we can learn about other group’s discussion and opinion about learning theories in a short time. We compare and assimilate or accommodate the new information from others to have a new knowledge. After we did gallery work, we discuss and confirm our perception together with Ms. Lydia.

In second activity, we discuss the level hierarchy of needs by Maslow. We learn it by identifying which level a person from the problem Ms. Lydia gave to us. By doing this I can learn better and know deeper the differences of each level and how it is applied in our daily life.

We did silent reading then discuss it with our pair in third activity. The article is about self-determination and self-worth. When we read alone I can’t understand some aspect from the article, but after I discuss with my partner I can understand better and easier. We also can share our perspective of the reading.

Based on my opinion, self-determination is how a person needs to act and control her/his environment. By have chance(s) to make decision and choice will grow intrinsic motivation of person. Self-determination has three part, competence, autonomic and relatedness.

Self-worth according to Schunk is an emotional reaction to or an evaluation of the self. Self-worth is how students react to give impression to other to increase their self-esteem and achieve self-acceptance.

The last activity is role play. We make a group and each group will have a material to do the role play while other groups will guess what theme they were presented. We present it in very creative and understandable way.

That’s my opinion about our learning on second meeting. Please correct me if my opinion is wrong. Thank you.


Rahayu Kinasih



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Second week reflection

In the second week, we do gallery walk of several theories of motivation. I got the information about the humanistic theory of motivation, social-cultural, social-cognitive, and behavioral. It was very interesting study together with friends. Today we also study the humanistic theory of motivation based on Maslow’s theory. The concept of human motivation by Abraham Maslow refers to the five basic needs are arranged hierarchically. Hierarchy of physiological needs, safety, belongingness and love, esteem, and self-actualization. From this theory I can understand that every human has a different priority needs. According to the theory of needs Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which are at bottom no more to be fulfilled in part before someone would try to have a need for a higher level. For example someone who is hungry or a person who is physically in danger did not bother to maintain a positive self-concept (self image as well) than to get food or security; yet so, people who are no longer hungry or is no longer gripped by fear , the need for self-esteem is important.

The most interesting part of this meeting is now playing a role. Mrs. Lidya provide us with two articles on “Needs Self-Determination”. Each group should play the role of self-determination and self-esteem in the classroom. Lidya’s mother asked us to guess what the other group shows us in playing their role. Group I display on the need for self worth. It’s about an emotional reaction or self-evaluation. All of us can learn from each other than role playing. Playing this role can help students, especially me in learning and understanding of the material being studied. I am very pleased with the method of role play, because I can better understand what I am studying.

Hopefully at the next meeting I can find new things are more fun.


Nia Salamah



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Reflection week 2

Thursday, September 29, 2011, it was one of wonderful day. It was started in campus. The first subject of the day was MMSEL with Mrs. Lydia. In the opening session, class was started with ice breaking. The ice breaking proposed to remember what SSE students eat before they learn in class. Se had o remember and memorize about anything that SSE students eat. It was so fun; there were so many things they eat before learning. So much food. He he


About thirty minutes later, class entered to the core activities. There was a gallery work about theories of learning that related to motivation. Each of group member had to walk around the class to get more information from the others group. It was so interesting, we got so many explanation from the others group. The explanation were about; cognitive theories, socio-cultural theories, socio-cognitive theories, humanistic theories, and Maslow’s theories. By learning the gallery, I got important information about differences of Skinner’s theories and Bandura’s theories. Skinner’s theories concern to how to motivate students by using reinforcement (positive and negative). While, Bandura’s theories concern how to motivate the students with low level thinking by convince them that they can do and solve their problem.


After that, we were given a reading material and discussed it with our peers. The reading material was about “the needs of self determination”. Actually, there were three innate psychological needs to reach the needs of self determination, they are; competence, autonomy, and relatedness. We are asked to understand the material, and then we were asked to role play in group of four or five. the role play was my favorite activities. My group got “the needs of autonomy”. It means that, to get a good self determination for students, teacher should give autonomy to students about what they decide to develop their creativity in doing their assignment. In this role play, we show to the audience two different teachers. One teacher (Mita) as the powerful teacher. She didn’t give autonomy to the students to be creative in doing assignment. One theacer (Shinta) as the good teacher. She gave the students autonomy to be creative in doing their homework or assignment.


From the role play, I got a key message. As a teacher, I can force my students with so many and difficult assignment. It can decrease our student’s motivation to learn the subject that I teach. I wish I could be a good teacher that can understand my students.

Nur Arifin (2009110006)


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My reflection: Will I become a motivator teacher?

The second week of MMSEL was interesting. Why? The class was started by tell our name and our breakfast, not only that, we also had to remember our friend’s breakfast who has shared it before us and repeat it again. Fortunately, I sat on first row of seat, so I did not have to remember and repeat much “breakfast”. For me, it has a meaning: A teacher must be able to listening to his/her students, whatever the thing is (although only their menu of breakfast), then try to remember it. This is a way to know the students and find out how to motivate them.

The next activities was present our poster on last week about theories of motivation. The presentation used gallery walk method. There were five different kinds theory of Motivation, behavior theory, cognitive theory, sociocultural, social cognitive and humanistic theory.

Then, the activity was followed by presentation of humanistic theory by Faqih’s group. There are five level hierarchies of needs by Abraham Maslow: physiological, safety, belongingness and love, esteem, and self-actualization. The level was divided based on human’s age. When we were a baby, we need food, drink, and everything that is related with our physics need. Then, after the first level has fulfilled, we need security or safety from our parents or everyone around us, because babies cannot do many things to protect themselves. Next, after a baby was got enough physics need and safety, it will need love and belongingness from their parents. When a baby grows up to a child, they need to be accepted and praised by others, so they need self-esteem to realize it. Then, on the top of level, there is self-actualization level. This is a level or a stage of human that is included into growth need. The age of people who has entered this level is different. It depends on their life situation, family, etc.

The next activities were discussion about Self-Determination and Self-Worth then present our result of discussion into role-play. Both self-determination and self-worth are needed by students to be motivated at class.

Because, on self-determination there are exist three innate psychological needs: competence, autonomy and relatedness. Competence is needed because students need to get good comments, actions and responds from teachers, which is not show that his/her is stupid, incompetence, or dumb. Autonomy is needed to let students show their independence and individual ability to be motivated. Relatedness is needed because students need to be accepted and judged positively by others.

Self-worth is needed by students to protect themselves from bad score. Then, they can be motivated to get better score than before.

I think that is all about my reflection. At the end of this reflection, I want to ask myself. Could I be able to apply all of the theory above and become a motivator teacher?

Let time answer it. However, I will struggle to make the answer is YES. 🙂

Shinta Puspita K



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Second Reflection

Finally, two weeks have done! 🙂 I really enjoy this class. But, I arrived 15 minutes after the class begin and the saddest things is I sit at the back side. For one year ago I never sit at the middle or back side because I always feel uncomfortable. When I want a see slide, explanation from my lecture or presentation of my friend, I should move from one position to another position because I’m too short  at the back of my friends who is taller than me 🙂 Okay, in this meeting we have a game to train our brain for remembering something. Because I come late, I should remember what 18 friends of my class eat as their breakfast. Actually remembering is one of the activity that I hate, but some of my friend eat the same food so I could remember easily. I would like to say I DON’T WANT A COME LATE ANYMORE, I DON’T WANT A SIT AT THE BACK SIDE ANYMORE, hope that I could fulfill my promise to myself 🙂

One of my topic in this time is talking about hierarchic of Maslow, Maslow said that human have 5 level of needs those are physiological; safe; love and belonging; self esteem and self actualization.

As the closing activity my friends and I doing role play based on lottery that we get. My group present about self-worth. Self worth is the opinion about our self as human being, as part of the community. It’s easy for my friend to guess what my group try to present. Well done actually. That all about my reflection. Thanks for reading 🙂


Dian Eki Purwanti



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What is the thing that motivates you?

This is my second reflection of the second meeting in MMSEL course. The interesting thing that I liked in the second meeting is Ms. Lydia try to remember all of her students in my class. I like the way she did. Finally, she success to recalled our name. After that, she asked us to make “gallery walk” about the theory that we have discussed in the previous meeting. My group consists of Jonathan, Hanna, Fitri, and me. We discussed about cognitive theory, and when the “gallery walk” one of us stay to present our work and two of us stray to observe and listened for other group’s explanation. Hanna was ill and didn’t come to the class on the previous week.

The next activities, Ms. Lydia explained us about Maslow’s theory. This theory told us about 5 levels hierarchy of needs such as, Physiological Needs. This level is about the motivation that comes from our cloth (sandang), food (pangan), and place (papan) needs. The second level is about Safety Needs. This level told us about a motivation that comes from the need to have assurance of safety, serenity and peace. The third level is about Belongingness and Love Needs, which the motivation comes from our needs of love, friendship, and togetherness. The fourth level is about Esteem Needs, which the motivation comes from needs to be appreciated and recognized by others. And the last level is Self-Actualization Needs. This is told us about the motivation that comes from needs to develop ourselves (e.g. Hobby, passion, etc.).

After that activity, Ms. Lydia gave us some article about the theory of Self-Determination and Self-Worth that influence students’ motivation. Self-Determination is divided into 3, such as: Competence, Autonomy, and Relatedness Needs. We are asked to read those articles by ourselves. Then we shared it to our group, and created a role play about one topic in those articles. Our group creates a role play about Relatedness. Through this activity, I become more understand about the theory that influence student and our motivation.

Thanks 🙂

Aida Rahmi



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Week Two: Breakfast, Poster, Role Play, & Maslow

Week two of MMSEL class was started by remembering classmates’ name and their breakfast from the first row to the last row. Hahahahaha, it was hard enough to remember classmates breakfast, because some of them have extraordinary breakfast (for example me hehehe). I was fortune enough, because at that time I sat on second row, it about at 9 or 10 chairs from first mate. The most unlucky one is my friend who sat on the last chair, Nanai. She has to remember 20+1 (include Miss Lydia)’s breakfast, wow it was hard job. 🙂

After nickname and breakfast thing, our class continue to poster presentations,we were presenting poster that we have done in first week. The presentation method is 2 stay-2 stray, so we could learn all of materials from other group’s posters. It is a good chance to present and learn from other at once. My group, consist of Evik, Novani, Titiah, and I, presented Sociocultural theory fron vygotski. Actually, the content of posters are similar (I think it same) with learning theory that we have got in first semester. So, it make us feel familiar with those materials. After poster group presentation, we continued to Maslow’s Theory. Because of one of our groups presented Maslow’s theory, so explanation about Maslow’s theory explain by Maslow’s group.

Next activity was role play. Before role play started, Miss Lydia divide us into pair work, distribute material papers and discuss with pair. The material is about self determination, which divided into 3 needs, competence, autonomy, and relatedness. After pair discussion, miss Lydia ask us to merge pairs to bigger group and sharing our findings, and also tried to make up a role play based on the selected material. It was hard at first, we must make up a-non-preparation role play, but after several minutes brainstorming we could make a good enough role play. As a result, my group could show ‘awesome’ acting.

The last activity is learn about self worth. Self worth is a emotional reaction that purposed to protect their pride and to gain acceptance or acknowledgment from others. Even, sometimes people could lies for the sake of self worth.

This MMSEL week is getting better, and I hope always getting better in next time (I am not said first class is not good). I also hope MMSEL give me knowledge and competence in giving motivation for my beloved students in the future.

Huda Marofiq


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