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2nd week reflection

This week was the second meeting with Ms Lydia in Motivation and Management of Students for Effective Learning (MMSEL). There were so many activities that we did in that time. The class is started by doing an activity named “two stays two strays”. In that activity, two members of a group must be the expert of the materials while the rest of them become the visitor of other’s group. My group was discussed about Social Cognitive Theory. Social Cognitive Theory was developed by Jean Piaget. In my group, I became the expert of my group while Aida and Fitri became the visitors of other group. I found it was interesting, because we can share what we have known before to others. It can strengthen our understanding of those materials.

After that, Ms Lidya led a class discussion about today’s topic. The topic was the hierarchy needs theory by Abraham Maslow. Ratih’s group, as the expert of that topic, presented their understanding in the front of the class. The discussion was quite alive, and I found it not too hard. This was because of I already having my own prior knowledge in Educational Psychology subject. Then, we continue to the other topic. The next topic was about self-determination and self-worth. There are several interesting activities for this topic. First is silent reading. Ms Lidya gave us a reading material and we read that silently. After that, she offered us to discuss in a group of four. We discussed about what we have read before. Honestly, I haven’t read about autonomy (one part of self-determination) but I can understand about it after discussed with my group. Last, we did a role play. The role play was still about self-determination and self-worth. Each group will show a different sub-topic from self-determination and self-worth. My group (me, Ratih, Arifin, Titiah, Shinta and Novani) got the competence as our topic. Overall, we can get the meaning that every group tried to deliver by doing the role play. So, our understanding is sharpened after those activities.

Things that I like from the activities today is the way Ms Lidya control the class. In that time, we did so many activities. We did 2 stays 2 stays, class discussion, silent reading, group discussion and role play in a meeting. This is very inspiring, because sometimes the learning activity becomes not so meaningful and effective because of too much activity in a meeting. But, Ms Lidya can create a good classroom management in that time. Personally, I got another motivation from this thing. This one will be a good motivation for me to be a good and effective teacher.


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Reflection: breakfast name, role play, presentation & discussion

From this second week, i got some interesting activities. Those are breakfast name, presentation (two stay two stray), role play and discussion. To helped Miss Lydia remember our names, then we should tell our name with our breakfast. Begins with Miss Lydia, Mba Desy and go trough from the first row till back row. Thank God, i didn’t sit on back row. Haha 😀

After that, there was a gallery walk, two stay two stray, about our latest discussion. I though that it could make me understand deeply about concept of motivation’s theory. And, i was lucky that my group had the same topic on previous presentation with topic of this session. From the Maslow’s hierarchy of need, there are 5 basic that child need to fulfill it. They are:

– physical person in survival

– safety need

– belonging and love need

– self-esteem

– self-actualization

Those can influence our live. Actually, when we born, our basic need is the first based on Maslow’s triangle of needs, which is physiological; “sandang, pangan dan papan”. Then, others need will following by time goes on. If we don’t have physiological, safety, belongings and love needs, and self-esteem need; we will have deficiency needs or we unfulfilled them then we will try to meet them.
Activity that very powerful was role play. Miss Lydia gave us reading material, then we did short discussion about it and thought 10minues role play about self-determination. Every group has different topic on needs for self-determination. I got need for relatedness with Huda, Ismi, Titiah, and Novani. Need for relatedness is when people wants others had close relation and they want their friend accept him/her with positive ‘packaging’. My group and i did awesome ‘acting’, so did the other group. 😀

By the end of this class, i can understand more about motivation’s theories; i got one good idea/games to remember names because i will be a teacher soon 🙂 ; i just realized that some people on my life used to pretend something to keep their self-worth up. Hopefully second session of MMCEL could help me to be better teacher. 🙂



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reflection week-2

In the second meeting of MMSEL class was wonderful and very exciting. Before we started the class, we did a game. The game is simple, we just remembering our friend’s breakfast. But, it’s really fun and helps our lecturer to remember our name. Hoho, I think it’s one way to remember the name of our students later and i think it is important for us as a teacher candidate to know the name of our student  not calling them by the number, so, it make us close to them.

The second part of this meeting, we did gallery walk. Every group presented their discussion about learning theories. Hmm, it remains me about the theories that I’ve learned in educational psychology.  And in this part, my group explained about social cognitive and related to the motivation. After that, Ms. Lydia explained about Maslow’s theory. Ya, we did a discussion about the hierarchy needs of Maslow’s theory, some of us give opinion about it, and at that time I felt confuse because the opinion it’s not same with my previous knowledge. But, from Ms. Lydia I knew that concept of Maslow’s theory based on development of age.

The next activity is we did silent reading about self determination and self worth. In self determination, it divided into 3 (competence, autonomy, relatedness). To make us more understand, Ms Lydia asked us to do role play about the topic. Each group has different kind of topic. My group presented about competence, it’s about how we give feedback to students, so it can increase their motivation. By this activity, I got more understand about self determination and self worth because I got the visualization and learn each other. Overall this meeting is very helpful for me to prepare become a good teacher later.

Hmmm, I really enjoy in this class J


Triana Afriani




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They said, it’s not you Desy………………….

In the second meeting of MMSEL, we learnt about some learning theories. It’s reminding us about educational psychology. Did I still remember about those kinds of theories? Ehmmmm, not really remember actuallyJ. Fortunately, Ms. Lydia provided us some articles which really helpful for us.

In the middle of the course, Ms Lydia asked us to play a role play. We should act like what article said to us. My group had an opportunity to act about “the need for competence” . hmmm Role play…….. ya… Every role play in any kind of subjects, I always get a role as a teacher. I don’t know, why do my friends really trust me to play the role? May be, because sense of teacher is already stick on me. Hehehehe “ How exaggerate I am!!!” No…no…no, Not only me who has a sense of teacher but also us, guys!!!. Yes, we are!!! We are SSE teacher candidates have already had that sense. I believe that, SSE students is really passionately to be the next new generation of teacherJ

Ya, talking about teacher, I always get a role as a teacher in any kinds of subject. But in this opportunity, I get a role as a very very very nice teacher. But actually in another role play I often get a role as a killer teacher. That’s why most of my friends really known me as a killer teacher. Then, when I act, some of them said, hahaha palsu…that’s not Desy actually? Hah??? What did you say? I was shock!!! Hmmm, just because of that predicate, they said,” it’s not you Desy”. Oh my God!!! My friends has given me label, just because of my role. As you know guys, am not like what you are seeing in the role play or micro teaching. I am just the way I am who passionately to be new generation of teacher J like all of you guys. But I am really thankfull to that oppurtunity. Because that experience teach me what’s the different between effective and not effective teacher J. How lucky I am to be here, in SSE guys!!! SSE gives us best experience to “Learn, Lead, Shape the future”, together we make a difference J




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Interesting and Informing Class

The second meeting in MMSEL class was exciting. I got valuable knowledge at that time. Finally, I knew the concept of humanistic theory of motivation based on Maslow’s theory; Hierarchy of needs which are physiological, safety, belongingness and love, esteem, and self-actualization. I learned that Maslow’s theory should not be ordered based on the level, but it’s rather be more flexible based on priority of people’s needs. For example, people might prioritize their safety to be fulfilled first rather than physiological need, because they live in condition requiring safety. And finally, I knew that Maslow proposed the theory based on development of age. For example, a baby needs physiological need (food, healthy) as the basic need. When the baby grow up become a child, he will need safety.

On the gallery walk (2 stay 2 stray) session, I got much information from other groups. I got information about motivation theory in humanistic, sociocultural, social-cognitive, and behavioral. It was quite interesting learning together with my friends, although it was confusing, however.

Then, we learned about self-determination and self-worth. It was challenging, because we we should read the reading first, then we shared our knowledge from the reading to others. Sometimes, I found different perception about the concept of self-determination and self-worth with my friends, but it wasn’t too significant. Finally, we reached same point of view.

The most interesting part of the session was the role play. Each group should show a role play about self-determination and self-worth in classroom. My group had a chance to show a role play about self-determination; competence. I learned from my group’s role play that students should be given improving and motivating feedback which the feedback should increase students’ self-esteem. Moreover, helping students in their learning is important, but we have to be careful of giving the helps, because frequent helps given to students could decrease their ability and independence in learning. I also learned about the application of self-determination and self-worth in classroom from other groups. The whole role plays were definitely interesting. It was fun we we are asked by Ms. Lidya to guess what other groups showed to us in their role play. My group could guess it correctly.

Thank you for the interesting and informing class. It gave me a lot of things to be reflected.

Faqih Al Adyan




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Reflection Week 2

In the second meeting of MMSEL we learned about the influence of needs to motivation. At the first, we did gallery walk about theories of learning and related it to motivation. After the gallery walk, I realized that actually we did maybe all of the theories in our life, like Miss Lidya said. It was about how our family, friends, etc  give us motivation. It means that actually theories was coming from our experience and it did not come from “a far far away place”, so don’t think too much about theories, just relate them into our life then for me it will be more make sense.

The second activity was reading about the need for self determination. Self determination is the need to act on and control one’s environment. I think that self determination is the needs of existence.  People need to get opportunities to take decision in their life and also need recognition from others.

In self determination there are 3 psychological needs: competence, autonomy, and relatedness. After we read about self determination, we did a role play. each group got different topic for the role play. My group got the topic about self relatedness. We emphasized it to need for approval. Although in the role play we made the topic become like a comedy, I think that actually it had a deep meaning.

Based on the theory of need for approval, people need to be accepted and judge positively by others. If I relate it to relationship between students and teacher, students need to be understood by teacher that they want teacher look them in a positive judgement. So the teacher have to avoid negative prejudice to students because it will make students become demotivated.

In the school context, I think that need for approval cannot be limited only for relationship between students and teacher, but also among students. Students need to accepted by their friends, because in the whole activity they are interact each other. My group gave an example through the role play. The role play is about a group of students that always get perfect score (10) in every subject. One day, a group member got 5 as her score. After know that, her friend didn’t want to accept her as the member of group anymore. From this role play, we tried to describe how important the feeling of acceptance for people. Approval from people relate to Maslow’s hierarchy. It include to deficiency need, people will do the best effort to get it.

Therefore, as teacher candidates it is important for us to understand about students’ self determination (in general) and need for approval (in specific).

Ismi Apriliani



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Time to Show… :)

29th of September 2011

Yes, today is one of wonderful day, I got a lot of thing in MMSEL course. In the first meeting, we introduce our breakfast to another, and then in the next friend beside of us must repeat that our said, very interesting I think. From that activity, I can know about my friends’ breakfast, and that’s right, there are so many menu of breakfast. Hahahahaha. Very fun. Some student didn’t have breakfast, and the other has special breakfast, like martabak, bubur ayam, susu, nasi udug, etc. But the most students have bakwan for their breakfast. 😀


After that activity, we focus to the topic seriously, yeah it’s about presentation. My group consist of Novani, Titiah, Huda and I. We must explain about Sociocultural Theory. Actually and honestly, I still copnfuse about this theory, I just know a little bit. Heheheheheh. So, I just explain it without a detail explanation. Hehehehehe. Sorry for the audience that got information from me.


After that presentation, we learn about topic 2, the influence of Needs on Motivation to learn. In this topic we focused on the Maslow Theory. This is the important session, I understand more about the theory, not like in the semester 1, I understand clearly about this topic. So, I’m very happy about that. This Theory explaine by my friends in the first, and then miss Lydia continued it. I got a lot of information about it. Thanks for all.


After Maslow theory, we read article from miss Lydia, the article is about self determination and self worth. We read the article and then share about what we have read to our pair. Our pair is a friend is has a far place from ours, and I got my daughter, Ayu. Hehehehehe. Ayu and I share about what we have read, She help me so much about this article. I get clearly explanantion that make me more understand about the article. She explained it well. Thank you Ayu. After share with our pair, then we share with the other pair and I got Jonthan and mbak Desy. Again, we share each other and I got a lot of knowledge from them. I’m very interesting with this session. Thank you for all, especially Ayu, Mbak Desy, and Jonathan that gave me clearly information about the article.


After share with pair, we also did role play. Wow, this is the most interesting session that I like, I love role play, I love act in front of my friend. In this session, we must play based on the article. But, we didn’t allowed to share our theme with other group. The other group must answer the theme by watch our drama, very interesting. My group consist of Ayu, Novani, Dian Eki, Nia, and Riyan. We presented about self worth. I’m very grateful, because our group can presented it well. Thank you four your collaborative friends. Thank you.


Yeah, all of above are activities that we have done in this day in MMSEl course, hopefully in the next meeting, we can learn it more interesting. Thank you for all my friends and Miss Lydia.


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Let’s we reflect! :)

This is second meeting of MMSEL (Motivation and Management of Students for Effective Learning course. Ok, now I will reflect what is happening on the second meeting. Before we started the class, we did game about remembering friends’ breakfast. Let’s guess whether I still remember about my friend’s breakfast? Hmm, Ms. Lydia ate cheesecake, mba Desy and Evik were not breakfast, Ayu ate ketupat sayur, some of us ate Bakwan, Jo ate singkong, Huda ate jo’s breakfast, ratih ate nasi uduk, Bubur ayam for Mita (not yet) haha, Eki cheetos. Others? Ah sorry I forgot their breakfast *:p*What a funny game I think. The way to remember students name is unique, use a simple game.

After that, we presented our group work like a gallery work. This gallery work was about theory of Motivation. All group’s work were put on the wall, some students stay on each group work and some students stray. We learn 5 different kinds theory of Motivation, behavior theory, cognitive theory, sociocultural, social cognitive, and humanistic theory. Sometimes, I can’t differentiate between social cognitive theory and sociocultural theory.

After go to gallery work, I get some points of social cognitive theory. That are learning theory based on the ideas that people learn by watching what others do and that human thought processes are central to understanding personality. There are personal qualities, behavior and environment for the achievement motivation of social cognitive theory. And for Sociocultural theory, there is an important concept in sociocultural theory is known as the zone of proximal development. According to Vygotsky, the zone of proximal development “is the distance between the actual development level as determined by independent problem solving and the level of potential development as determined through problem solving under adult guidance or in collaboration with more capable peers.” Essentially, it includes all of the knowledge and skills that a person cannot yet understand or perform on their own yet, but is capable of learning with guidance. So, main point of this theory is about learning with Guidance from environment to improve potential development of the students. Can you share with me about differences of sociocultural and social cognitive theory of motivation? So, I can understand more about that. 🙂

After that, we learn about Humanistic theory. There are 5 level hierarchies of needs by Abraham Maslow, physiological, safety, belongingness and love, esteem, and self actualization. The level depends on the needs of human. The basic is physiological and the highest is self actualization, the need to develop potential talents and capabilities.

Then, we learn about the need for self Determination through role play from different groups. There are 4 needs, the need for competence, autonomy, relatedness, and preserve self worth. Each group did role play that present different kinds of need for self determination. My group presented about the need for self worth. It’s about an emotional reaction to or an evaluation of the self. Do you still remember words “I’m a genius! I’m a genius!” Yes, that is one of emotional reaction. All of us can learn each other from the role play and I think this activity is effective enough to learn about new material. That’s funny, effective and also interesting right? So we can get the main concept by learning from others. 🙂

Novani Lieadi



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Loving this Class – Andi Firmansyah


My Second Reflection of Motivation and Management of Students for Effective Learning in Thursday, September 29, 2011 is very beautiful you know what in the beginning of class Mrs. Lydia asked a funny question. The question is “which what theories of psychology that we use to motivated our girlfriend or boyfriend?” and the question is pointer for Titiah Dwi Marsitoh, my classmate. The answer from Titiah is we can give him support and response as the sociocultural theory that said stimulus and response, for me that very funny because i remember someone and i think the answer from Titiah is correct.

But actually in the first before class opened for new lesson, Mrs. Lydia ask to all the group for play 2 stay and 3 spread (Actually i forget what we called this games) for explain about the poster in Plifchart that explain about Psychology theory.

This is my own summary of the Psychology theory, cognitive theory is a theory which explain about how our mind process new knowledge to assimilation with our scheme to make a new scheme. Like Jonathan Saputra said like a child see a plane, in a faraway we see very small but when near and more near the plane a very big so our mind think actually the plane is very big but when far it’s looks very small.

Behavioral theories from Skinner and Bandura, Skinner said that student will motivated her/him by repeating action of replacement like reward for correct response, Bandura said that teacher as role model of the student. And it can to motivate the student to be a teacher like Dian Eki Purwanti Said.

Social Cognitive it’s consist of sickle from Environment – Personal Quality – Behavior, i think this unique one because in this group there is a warn debate from Ismi as presenter an Ryan as Audience, in this Part Ryan give a genius question for Ismi group (I think Ryan genius) “in this picture there a sickle of a man in social path how about if a person of a social doesn’t have one of the part of this sickle?” and Ismi and Arifin answer help each other. This the interesting part Ismi was make me know something important she said that “All a person have all of part in this sickle but actually the quality of the part in each person is different, so we cannot said that any people doesn’t have one of part in that sickle”. In my mind i agree with Ismi because i do reflection in my heart at that time i think that i to be going like this one because that sickle factor and that’s true.

Sociocultural theory is the theory emphasis the control of social Relationship and Culturally role of social relationship and culturally constructed artifact in organizing thinking. The main contribution is to provide a conceptual framework for conceptualizing relations between humans and their sociocultural contact.

And the last but actually is the best is my group hehe J (Kidding my friends). Our group tell about Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs because the lesson today is tell about Maslow’s theory so my representative group, Faqih Al Adian and Ratih anindia explain about the concept. Maslow’s theory contains of 5 hierarchies of needs, there are psychology need, safety needs, belongingness and loves, esteem, and self-actualization.

Psychology need, safety needs, belongingness and loves, and esteem, called by Deficiency need and self-actualization called by growth needs in this case our group tell that psychology need, safety needs, belongingness and loves, and esteem is basic need or prior need from highest until low and the self-actualization is the peak of the person basic need.

In this part again Mr. Genius, Ryan ask a question he tell that he was read some article that explain about the Maslow’s Hierarchy of need. Some of articles said that the highest priority of need in Maslow’s theories is self-actualization and the rest will be finding after self-actualization, and the question from Ryan is what our group thing about this article statement. And Ratih answer that my group has idea that the basic need is psychology need, safety needs, belongingness and loves, and esteem is first priority and the self-actualization is the peak of the needs. And then Miss Lydia stop the discussion because the lesson was begin.

Begin from Ryan question the lesson opened, Miss Lydia tell us about Maslow theories,  need it’s mean an internal force or drive to attain a certain state or object, growth need is need in intellectual achievement and aesthetic appreciation that increase as people have experiences with them. Deficiency needs is needs that, if unfulfilled, energize people to meet them. Self-actualization is the need to reach our full potential and be all that we are capable of being.

After Miss Lydia tell about Maslow theory, she give us some articles and she ask the student to read the article and share it to our partner, our partner is friend whose seat far from us. And i get Ipin as my partner. With Ipin, I share the contain of that article and Ipin was helped me so much he explain better than me so i can know the full of contain the article better. And after than Miss Lydia tell us to make a group and take a roll paper to make a role-play base the article that we get from roll paper. And my group, Ipin, Fitri, Mitha and me will role-play as “The Needs for Autonomy”

I will tell about the other group first. Ismi Group get The need of relatedness, in this part there a Genk in school who always get 10 in every exam but in that exam there is one of member doesn’t get 10 so that member must out of the group. Ryan Group get The need to Preserve Self-Worth, in this can somebody play as a people who doesn’t learn before exam and said “Pantesan aku dapat segini” in the score bad an said “aku aja dapat segini padahal ga belajar” When he/she get the best score. Jonathan group get the need of competence in this group thye student try to explain all about competence that she/he have and show to the other. And the last group is my own group play as a teacher-researcher who gets trouble with the student under privilege, and share to the other teacher to find new solution in his action research.

And my last statement of my reflection is i need some wish word again like before, the time like a water in the waterfall very fast to leave us so be kind to other because it can help you sometime. and i feel still loving this class until now. 🙂


Reflection week 2

This is a reflection for the second week MMSEL’s course. Without the previous plan, in this second week I came late just because of “bubur ayam” huuuffftt 😦 . I am forced to buy breakfast first because I felt diarrhea and nausea before go to campus, but in the end anyway “bubur ayam” being my lunch – -” .

In 2nd Meeting of MMSEL course, we learn about “The Influence of Needs on Motivation to learn”. In the beginning (although I came late), bu Lidya class started with ice breaking session. I’ve done this before ice breaking during scout training, aim to know each other and bu Lidya also try to remember our names one by one. It can be motivate us when the teacher teach and he/she call our name when he/she giving us some instruction or other things. After that we do gallery walk about some theories of motivation. In first gallery I got in sociocultural perspective of motivation who explained by Titiah and cognitive theory who explained by Joey. Titiah explain us about sociocultural perspective of motivation’s theory. The theory is about vygotsky’s theory that social relationship can construct in organizing thinking. Because of the time I didn’t see all of galleries, but Ratih group explain again about “their” theory because in this week we learn about humanistic theory by Maslow.

Bu Lidya also gives us two articles about “The Need for Self Determination”. She asking us to read the articles and share with pair or pair checks. Actually I did not finish my reading yet, but my pair and I discuss together about all the material in the article so we discussed all the parts that have not read and not understand. After we finished read and share, We do role play about the need for self-determination and our group get the need for autonomy. Our group showing two teachers that one is a bad teacher who did not give any authority to the students and the other is a good teacher who gives authority and always gives feedback on students’ learning progress. Our group want to showing the characteristics of teacher who that represent “the need for autonomy”. Teacher can increase students’ perceptions of autonomy by giving them choices. I also can learn more about the other need of self-determination by other groups’ role play. That is interesting way to present, explain, and showing something by doing role play.

semangkA hey guys: D

Mita Pustari



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