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Reflection week 3

Today, I come late again. This time I was late 30 minutes, so can not attend classes with a maximum. Hopefully in the next days do not come late again. amin ….

The meeting this time is different from the previous meeting. We were asked to describe the ideals of our next five to ten years. So many dreams that I want, so I am confused what to draw. Besides, I’m also not good at drawing. Finally I describe a face with lots of dreams. My picture is not beautiful, so I had to describe the image that I created. Hopefully me and my friends can reach our dreams. amin … ..

Next, Ms. Lydia gave papers on trust and we divide into groups to do the jigsaw. The paper contains some of the beliefs, beliefs about future outcomes, beliefs about intelligence, beliefs about ability, and beliefs about the value. After reading and sharing in a group of experts we return to our home group and share what we have in the group of experts.

Finally, we put our beliefs and expectations of learning and studying alone MMSEL in SSE in a piece of paper. After writing down all our beliefs and expectations, we turn to our friends and analyzed our beliefs and expectations based on what we have learned.

Oia, how about experient school friends? What experience do you get? would have been nice is not it? I’m waiting yes you interesting stories. See you … ..

Nia Salamah



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Better that Stronger

This is my 3 reflection in MMSEL class, day to day i feel loving so much this class, today Mrs. Lydia tell to us about dream. Before we start this course today, Mrs. Lydia ask to all student about our dreams in 5-10 years later, I still remember that I the first one of the student who must sharing in the class room.

I said to the class in after I graduate from SSEI will get my first experience as a teacher in 2-3 years before IContinues my study in ITB or Japan Institute of technology (KOTODAi) after that i want to bring my mother to Makkah. I want to make my mother happy because I feel from I born until today I feel that I never make my mother proud with me, I just like child who always make my mother crying every time T.T. i also want to buy a Ferrari especially Modenna Ferrari because it’s so cool and very fast, I like fast!.

I also want to be a professor in Indonesia, with the doctoral degree from University of Indonesia with the faculty is International relationship. And I will be declaring myself as an educator in the rest of my life. Amin! When I tell about my dream i feel very said and very confidence becauseI feel comeback as Asyah that I know before.

Today i also learn about motivation and this is a summary from the article that i got from Mrs. Lydia

The influence of beliefs on motivation to learn, beliefs is a cognitive idea we accept as true without necessary having definitive evidence to support it

1.Expectation: Beliefs about future outcomes

A belief about future outcome, expectancy contradiction with value theory, that is a theory that explain learner motivation by saying that learner will be motivated to engage in a task to the extent that they expect to success on the task times the value they place on the success.

2. Beliefs about intelligence

Entity view of intelligence is the belief that intelligence is essentially fixed and stable over time. Incremental view of intelligence is not stable and can be increased with effort

3. Self-efficacy: beliefs about capability

The belief that one is capable of accomplishing a specific task

Factor influencing of self-efficacy is past performance on similar tasks is the most important to raising expectations and providing information about the way a skill should be performed (Bandura, 1986, 1997; Kitsantas, Zimmerman, & Cleary, 2000). But self-efficacy can be reducing if we always remember something bad in the past time.

4. Beliefs about value

The benefits reward, or advantages that individuals believe may result from participating in a task or activity. There are some types of value that is Attainments of value is the important that an individual’sAttaches to doing well on task. Utility value is the belief that a topic, activity, or course of study will be useful for meeting future goals, including career goals. Cost is a consideration of what an individual must give up to engage in the task.

5. Attributions: beliefs about causes of performance

Attribution is a belief about the cause performance. And attribution theory said that cognitive theory of motivation that attempts to systematically describe learners’ beliefs about the causes of their successes and failures how these beliefs influence motivation to learn. And will be influence learners in 4 ways there are emotional reaction to success and failure, Expectation for future Effort and Achievement.

So, today is a great day and I hope I can be better as soon as I can do it. And I get my motivation is “to be strong we must learn in the past and better in the future”


Third Reflection (Believe it!!)

Thursday, 6th of October 2011, it was a day where I learned my beloved lecture, MMSEL. As usually, there were so many activities that may make us feel happy. Not only that, the activities could motivate us to get our spirits and fresh condition. It was so important because we were still in sleepy. It was earlier than the other day. But, there were something different. Before class started, we created a new regulation for our class. No more late for next meeting.

I never think before, there was a unique activity I think. In the opening session, Mrs. Lydia asked us to draw our expectation in the future about five or ten years later. There were so many expectation that my friends have including me. Actually, my expectation is simple. I want to make my family feel happy in every aspect of their live. As the first son, it is my duty to help them, because they have so many expectations to me. I realized this activity purposed to remember students what were they expectations in their live.  Besides that, it motivated us to keep our spirits in our live as a teacher or a human being.

About one hour later, Mrs. Lydia gave us a material for the session. The general of the material is about belief. Belief is something that convinces us to do anything based on supportive thing. There were six belief in this case, they are; belief about future outcomes, belief about intelligence, belief about capability, belief about value, belief about performance. Mrs. Lydia asked us to make jigsaw learning. I got belief about capability. Based on my discussion with my expert group, there are two views in belief about intelligence. First, entity view, this view belief that intelligence is inherited from our parents. so if our parents are not good in mathematics, we are not too. Second, incremental view, this view belief that even we know that we are not good in mathematics, we still have opportunity to do the best or to get good mark.

In my opinion, as a teacher, we should show to our students that we are the people on entity view. We have to do the best for anything, even for something impossible. It is our special for us as the teacher candidates that create a new generation. Keep spirits!!! 🙂 🙂


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Influence of Beliefs on Motivation to Learn

We passed the third week of this semester and have entered to the fourth week. In MMSEL course, I think that every week gave me special impression.

At the third week, we learned about Influence of beliefs on motivation to learn. There were some activities that not only gave us new knowledge but also motivate and remind us about our dreams. Miss Lidya asked us to draw our dream for 5 until 10 years later. Actually, I am bad in drawing. But I don’t care, because I know that the essential of this activity is not about the drawing.

From that activity, I realize that I almost forget about my dream. I asked to my self, why I was confuse when I have to draw my dreams? Whereas I know that I have so many dreams. Then I answered, I am so busy with the “present life” and thought that I have not enough time to think about dreams. Hhhmm.. Now, I know that I am wrong. I have tried to do the best for “the present life” of course because I want to have a better life in the future, and its all about dreams.

If we relate it to theory of motivation, having dream is about expectations (beliefs of future outcomes). I got very meaningful understanding from this theory. The higher expectation will be followed by the greater effort. I truly agree with this theory. We have to do action to reach our dreams.

Besides theory about expectations, there is a theory of beliefs about intelligence. There two types of beliefs about intelligence. First is entity view of intelligence which is said that intelligence is stable and fixed overtime, we cannot change it. The second is Incremental view of intelligence which is said that intelligence is not stable and can be increased with effort. I agree with the second one. Because I belief that people need to do the best effort including to reach the higher level of cognitive.

Other beliefs that influence our motivation to learn is self efficacy. Self efficacy is beliefs that our self can do specific task. Factors that influence self efficacy are past performance, modelling, verbal persuasion and physiological state. I tried to look at my self efficacy in certain topic of math, and I remembered that I have low self efficacy in trigonometry because of past performance when I was in senior high school. I thought that trigonometry is like a machine gun that shoot me using so many formula. And I feel dizzy if see them. But now, I think that I have to try to love trigonometry because I am math teacher candidate and forget about my past performance. Because I live in “present life” for the “future” not for my past.

The last theory about beliefs is beliefs about value. It is about the benefits, rewards, or advantages that individual believe may result from participating in a task or activity. From this theory I understand that teaching and learning classroom activities are very important to engage students. teacher has a task to make students feel that their learning activities are valuable for them. Therefore students will be motivated to learn. I think that that is a big challenge for teacher.

Hope we will be able to apply these theories to do the best as teacher in the future.

Ismi Apriliani



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Dream Picture

MMSEL course today are really meaningful because Miss Lydia ask us to draw our dream in a piece of paper. Why it’s become meaningful? Yeah, because I draw all of dream for 5 until 10 years later. When I present my picture to my friend, Oh my God, I draw so many things. It’s mean that I have so many dream. But I think we spend time to much for present dream in the picture.

After that we have a jigsaw reading about “The Influence of Belief on Motivation to Learn”. My part is Self-Efficacy: Belief about capability. From the reading material I know that Self Efficacy is part of Self-Concept, for example Eva love’s mathematic (Self-Concept), more specify Self-Efficacy Eva belief she can solve algebra operation well. They are four factors that can increase student Self-Efficacy, past performance, observing the modeling of others, verbal persuasion, and psychological factor.

It’s time to share and listen to others. I tell to my group about what I already know about Self-Efficacy (belief about capability). After that, I hear my friend explanation. They are belief about future outcome: It’s like a future goal and they are contain a time to achieve that goal, after that beliefs about Intelligence: Separate become Entity view and Incremental view. The Entity view thinks that intelligence is essentially fixed and stable over time. Incremental view belief that intelligence is not stable and can be increase by effort. Finally Belief about value: Belief about value separate into three types. First Attainment view belief they have ability and feel expert. Second Utility value more looks something from the purpose for their self. It’s useful or not. If it is useful they will take it, but if not they will left it. The third is cost, they feel that they have so many things to do and not have more time to do another thing. . But nobody explain belief about causes of performance.

That’s all about belief that influences learner to engage in and preserver on task. We as a teacher candidate should aware about this case and know the way to overcome. Because we should assured all of student in a good motivation to have a learning experience in our class.


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make a fun picture :D

Last week, I learned MMSEL in class just in the first activity because I have to come to the school that some of my friends and I will visit to do teaching experience. First activity, Miss Lydia asked us to draw a picture that describes our own selves for next 5 until 10 years. We have to draw our dreams in a picture. I draw my self as a teacher and I draw some islands in Indonesia. There are the largest islands in Indonesia actually. Why? because it describes about my dreams .

Unfortunately, I have not told you about my picture yet, but I will tell you right now. I draw my self as a teacher because, of course, I want to be a teacher. Although sometimes I’m still feel nervous when I have to teach in class. I don’t know why, it often happens in my self.  I draw many islands in Indonesia because I love Indonesia so much. Maybe some people think that they want to go around to the world, but I’m not. It’s not my main destiny. I want to be a teacher who can teach in some islands in Indonesia. I think it will be awesome! Yeahh, I have a dream to explore Indonesia. Many places in Indonesia that very beautiful to be visited. By becoming a teacher who goes by one island to the other islands, I hope that I will know and get much knowledge about people in Indonesia. As we know that Indonesia has many differences culture. Besides, I can explore Indonesia more. 😀

Hmm now, we go back to talk about our class. :p

After that, I did not follow the class, because as I have told you before, I have to go to SMA to be place to do teaching experience. So, I don’t know more what the next activity in class. But, I have asked my friends to tell me about what they have learned in MMSEL class last week. My friend told me that the second activity is making a jigsaw reading. The material is about “the influence of beliefs on motivation to learn”. There are some topics to be read. After they told me, I think there are many types of beliefs that influence our motivation to learn about something. Actually, our beliefs come from ourselves and our environment. But it back to ourselves, how we can control our beliefs to get our expectation. We have to believe and feel confidence about our selves to reach our dreams.  I think just it. If I have some mistakes in understand this, and if you want to share with me, please do not hesitate to let me know. Thanks 🙂



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Third Week Reflection: Dreams, Belief, and Hopes

Source:The Solutionist

This week we are majority talking about dreams, our dreams. I think dreams is very powerful motivation for us in ‘enjoying’ struggle on assignments, exams, tests, and all of obstacles that appears. I also think that believing on a state where we reach (I hope surpass) our dreams is the most powerful motivation. Imagining our dreams come true is the best motivator when I fell in the deepest state of stress on obstacles.

My picture describe my dreams, it pictured me sit under the apple tree similar like Newton’s situation when he found Newton’s law after an apple fell on his head ( I hope I will face situation like him, when an apple fall then it will change the world). The first dream is about graduated S1 degree (Mathematics Education) from SSE and graduated master degree in management of education and computer science from one of the 10 best universities in world. Second dream is building a school for them who have great talent but do not have chance to get good education. Third, dream about building international standard hospital (I hope it will be the best hospital in the world). Fourth, running my own company business; I have a dream create employment(s) to decrease jobless people in this country. Fifth, I want to present happiness to my parent, one of them is by bring them to Mecca, to pilgrimage. Sixth, I want to marry someone, a woman who I love and love me, having children and house for my family. Seventh, I want to travel around the world. The cause of my travelling is because the world needs me to spread my knowledge of invention(s) that I have been created in order to create better world.

After showing our dreams, Ms. Lydia distributes material papers about belief. Then, Ms. Lydia divides us into several groups to do jigsaw reading. The material papers contains of several belief, belief about future outcomes, belief about intelligence, belief about capability, and belief about value. After read and share in expert group we back to our home group and share what we have got in expert group.

Last activity, we were writing down our belief and expectation of learning MMSEL course and learn in SSE in a piece of paper. After writing down all of our belief and expectations, we switch with our friends and analyzed our belief and expectations based on what we have learned.

Huda Marofiq


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