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Reflection Movie: “I Not Stupid”

Last week, we have different activity than before. Yeah, we have a movie class 😀 for one meeting. The movie’s title is “I Not Stupid”. It’s about three children who study in the same school. People judge them as stupid students, just because they are not good in Mathematics and English subjects. Its ‘judging’ makes they always look as annoying and weak students from the people’s judge. Actually, is not true at all.

The first student is Terry. He always obeys what his mother said. It makes his friends think that he does not have any principal about himself. Sometimes, his friends feel annoyed to him because of his behavior.

The second student is Bon Hook.  He is a poor boy. Every time he back from school, He always helps his mother to serve people who want to eat in their small restaurant. He is always disturbed by his cousin and his aunt who judge him as a stupid student.

The third student is Kok Pin. He is very good in drawing. But his mother always keeps him to be a master in Mathematics and English. Those are not his patience, actually. His mother always gives him pressure and negative reinforcement when he cannot get good mark in test or when he cannot do his homework.

One day, there is a teacher who teaches in their class. She told them that to mastering Mathematics and English subject (or whatever subjects), we have to be its friends. Try to understand its subject deeply and well. Never feel afraid to learn about it more. Finally, the students get extrinsic motivation from their teacher. After that, they always study those subjects harder. They study at home, by calling private teacher, or by discuss together after they back from school. Briefly, after all those activities, they face test in their school. Bon Hook gets a good mark, Terry in middle, and unfortunately, Kok Pin did not get a good mark. It makes him feel more afraid to face his mother at home.

Then, Kok Pin’s mother was sick and he is very sad. He works harder to get a good mark so that it can make his mother feel happy, but he can’t. He still cannot get a good mark although he has try harder and more. But One Day, his teacher come to Kok Pin and his family (his mother and father) and said that Kok Pin’s drawing won a drawing competition. He gets some prizes, and it makes his parents feel proud.

The movie tells us to not judge other people in one side. Like a teacher, teacher should not judge his/her students. Teacher should consider about the other things that his/her students have. For example, Kok Pin. Although he was not very good in Mathematics and English, his teacher did not judge him as a stupid student. The teacher consider about Kok Pin’s ability in drawing. The teacher always gives extrinsic motivation to her students, and it can build intrinsic motivation for students’ self.




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I’m Not Stupid


Welcome to the class again :). I would like to say thank you about an opprtunity during teaching experience. Agenda on the sixth meeting are reading, discussion, and watching the movie. What kind of my movie? Yeah, you can see from the picture above that my friend and I watched I’m not stupid. It is movie from Singapore. One of the biggest moviegoer in the Singapore on 2002. If I’m not mistake I’m forget that I already watch this movie, because after the film running around 45 minutes  remember that I have state that I’d like this movie so much :). I’m so inspired by the new teacher of Kok Pin, Terry and Boon Hock Ang that already give the students motivation in the process of reaching their goals.


I just realized that I have watched I’m not stupid after the movie running around 40 minutes. I’m familiar with the class condition and I know what is the next episode of this movie. I’m bad in memorizing (=.=”). This movie so meaningful. I could see that the movie have some message to student, teacher, counselor, parent, and also to the government. I see that teacher have a big influence to make the student interested while learning something. Every children always hope that she/he could pass the course with the good mark. Its related with Mastery goal, usually called as learning goal, its talking about a goal that focus on accomplishing task, improvement, and increasing understanding. When the student didn’t have a goal about she/he could pass the course with the good mark, its make the student getting depression and couldn’t perform maximum in learning. Another side of this movie is talking about parent that always giving higher expectation to the student and compare their children to another children. They always think that their children is excellent when their children could pass the math and English test with the higher score above their friend. It related with performance goals that focus on learners’ ability in comparison to others. I think my reflection enough for this meeting. Beside of my explanation in this paragraph, there are still some case that could be reflect into our daily life. Thank you.


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There are no stupid students

After waiting for minutes, we got the DVD that we want. Ya, we would watch the movie about “I Not Stupid”. Before of that, Ms. Lydia gave us an article about the influence of goals on motivation to learn. We read it and then we discussed in pairs.

Time to watch the movie! I think the movie is a good movie. Because when I watched it, all my feeling was out. There were sad, funny, happy, etc. This movie told about three students who have different backgrounds. But, they have similarity about how to face of math difficulty. They are also the same from EM3 class. They are Terry, Kok Pin and Boon Hock.

Terry is a boy who always obedient to what his mother said. Because his mother feels she is a good mother who responsible to her children. His mam will give everything what Terry wants. But, his mam also who decides everything to her children. His father also will give everything what Terry wants if he get good score in exam. Terry includes in Behaviorism Theories. Terry is motivated with gift that his father gave. Because they come from a rich family. They can buy everything by money. Then, Terry study with private tutor at home. Finally, Terry’s score is 62. He has performance goals because he wants to achieve the goal of learning with good score in exam.

Boon Hock is different with Terry’s life. Boon Hock is a boy who always helps his mother works and he also take care his little brother. When Boon Hock gets bad score, he gets the inspiration from his teacher to learn math. He is motivated to study hard in exam. His goal of learning includes mastery goal because he tried to understand the material first. Ultimately, his score is 92.

Kok Pin is a boy who always try to  learn mathematics. Even his mother will punish him if he get bad score. His goal of learning is Performance-avoidance goal , because when he is asked to study math, he always draw something. In class, teacher sees Pik’s picture, but teacher is not angry. Instead, his teacher asks him to make the best picture for her. He has good skills in drawing. Finally, he still gets bad score, but he gets scholarship from his achievement in drawing.

I like this movie. This movie gives me an understanding of the characteristics of students in class. We do not judge or labeling that they are stupid, but they have advantages and disadvantages in their abilities and skills. Thank you.. 🙂

Titiah Dewi Masitoh



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I not stupid review


In week six, we watched a movie titled I Not Stupid. The movie told about three students, Terry Khoo, Liu Kok Pin and Ang Boon Hock who in EM3 class, a class for students with low grade. Terry Khoo came from a rich family, he is very obedient to adult, son of a dominate mother and a businessmen father. He is told by his mother to not meddle in others’ affair. Liu Kok Pin is very talented in art but not in academic. His reluctantly-abusive mother pushes him to have a good grade in academic. Ang Boon Hock is a boy who places high value on loyalty. After he loss his father, he and his mother are struggle to earn money.

One day, a new teacher came and become inspiration to Ang Boon Hock. He began to like mathematics and perform better although he is very busy in helping his mother and take care his little brother. He even help Liu Kok Pin to cheat in exams, unfortunately they were caught. Unable to face his mother, Liu Kok Pin attempts suicide but fails. When his mother knows, she became very angry and tries to hit him but suddenly she collapse. Doctor diagnoses her with leukemia.

In a final exam, Ang Boon Hock has the best score in mathematics while the others boys are average. Contrary to his expectation, Liu Kok Pin’s mother greets him with smile when he tells his score. She said she proud of him for trying his best. At the moment, his teacher came and informs them that Liu Kok Pin won second prize in international competition on drawing.

However, the happiness is interrupted by the rush to save Liu Kok Pin’s mother. The teacher sends messages to all of students’ parents to become a donator. Unexpectedly, the suitable donor is Terry Khoo. Although his family refuses to allow him he persists and eventually her parents understand his decision.

In the movie, the teacher has belief in incremental view of intelligence that said intelligence and ability can be increased with effort. Meanwhile Liu Kok Pin’s mother use punishment to push  Liu Kok Pin but it turns out to be contrary, Liu Kok Pins’ motivation is decrease.

After inspired by his teacher, Ang Boon Hock has mastery goal, a goal that focus on improvement of understanding. In comparison, his cousin who enter EM1 has a performance goal, a goal that emphasize looking competent and receiving favorable from others.

This movie has opened my eyes about the reality in education world. The kind of this case are still happening today and its our job to change it!

Rahayu Kinasih



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i not stupid movie

The previous meeting on MMSEL course was exciting and interesting. We just watched the movie, the title of the movie is “I Not Stupid”, and it’s produced in Singapore. I Not Stupid was inspiring; it was touching me as teacher candidate. The movie tells about three students which are in EM3 class. EM3 class is where students who have low ability in learning. They refer to a class that cannot be saved. The environment not support them, they usually bully them as the stupid students.

Now, I will tell you about the three of students on that movie. First Terry, he is from rich family, beside that he is the kind of children that obedient with his mom. He always followed his mom.  He wants get freedom and does anything based on his belief. Also he want his mother belief on him, terry is not a kid anymore. Based on Maslow theory, terry needs love and freedom from his mom, not just the material.

Second, is about student who is talented in drawing. He is Liu. Unfortunately, his talent cannot be accommodates in his family because of his mother wants him become good in math and English. His mother think if Liu good in English and math, he become successful person. She do anything like did violence to reach her ambition. When his mother sick, Liu study hard to make his mom happy. he get extrinsic motivation from his mom, he study hard and try to learn English and Math. Different with Liu, boon hock have difficulties in learning because of he must help his family. But, he can prove that he can get good score in math. He gets extrinsic motivation from his teacher that can motivate him to learn.

I think that’s all for my reflection,

Triana afriani


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Reflection: I not Stupid Movie

On the previous meeting, Ms. Lydia explained to us about the task of mid semester. We have to make a paper and presentation based on our teaching experiences. After that, she asked us which one did we want to do? Read an article that she has given to us, or watch a movie? Ofcourse we all want to watch a movie. The movie’s title is “I Not Stupid”. I tells us about three students in the slowest class. Each of the has unique problems, but I know that the problem often occure in our surrounding. First about Terry Khoo. Terry is a rich boy. His mother, Mrs. Khoo is authoritarian parents. She always tell her children that she is the best mother ever. She controls her family, especially her children. She believe that all the things that she gave or done will cause the benefit for her children. These are show as that she has beliefs about attainment value.

Because of his mother influences, Terry growth to be a boy that always following his mother instruction or rules. He become a slower boy because his mother always serve him, he also very obedient, spoiled, and believe his mother that he cannot interfered others’ business. Although his close friends need his advocacy. His mother influencing his self efficacy through her past performance and verbal persuassion. But in the end of the movie, he finally can reject the bad influence from her mother. He realyzes his weaknesses and become stonger than before. This starts froms the exterinsic motivation from his two friends, Ang Boon Hock and Liu Kok Pin.

Same with Terry, Liu Kok Pin has mother that very athoritarian. The mother of Kok Pin is very strict and angry. She want her son improve mathematical and English ability to get a certificate, because she believe that the important thing in their country is certificate to get a job or continueing study. She forces Kok Pin to master the matery of mathematic and English because Kok Pinj is very slow in those materials. She also give negative reinforcement by bullying Kok pin. The motivation in Kok Pin’s mother is about beliefs beliefs about utility value and beliefs about future outcomes.

Aida Rahmi



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Reflection week 6

At the time of watching the film I NOT STUPID, I really reflects me. I really hated it degan english lessons. During my school, I always get the english teacher who is not pleasant. My teachers actually lowers my self esteem and learning enthusiasm memtahkan me. My teachers were not able to provide motivation to improve my interest in learning.
The film is played by three actors, namely Terry Khoo, Liu Kok Pin and Ang Boon Hock. All three actors seem to represent what I feel. Terry Khoo, a child who has an authoritarian mother, all his orders and wishes must be obeyed. It really bothered her determination because all he did was controlled by her parents. I can feel what he felt by Terry, because I have a mother like terry. According to what I feel, is very disturbing my confidence. What I do sometimes right, sometimes wrong. It made me confused, what is meant by right, and what is wrong.
In the case of Liu Kok Pin, he was a boy who finds difficulty to study because he had to help her handling of the store. Actually it has huge potential ability in academics, but he always gets a bad grade. Help her mother make it bothered to develop his abilities. Between learning by helping the mother, in fact equally important and need to do. But, whichever of precedence? Meanwhile, we also have school work to be done. This sometimes makes me confused. I often experience this kind of thing. Sometimes it makes me feel tired and lazy to go to school.
Ang Boon Hock is a child who is not able to master in English and Mathematics. Actually he is very talented in the field of drawing. However, his mother forced him to master in English and Mathematics, while they did not interest him. His mother to give punishment according to me very hard. Ang Boon Hock felt very depressed, and eventually he wanted to commit suicide.
Not bad indeed, when we are forced to do a thing else I do not like. Sometimes, I demanded my mom to get a high score. But my mother never wanted to know my trouble, and what I need. It did make me feel depressed.
That is why, I cried while watching the movie, because I remembered my mother. I also believe, exactly what was done by my mother was because he loved me and wanted to give the best to me … …  🙂


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Reflection Week 6

Our last meeting was really enjoy and exciting, in the first session ms.Lydia gave us reading paper about “The influence of goals on motivation to learn” and “The influence of interest and emotion on motivation to learn”. Then Fitri and I read part by part, Fitri read about “The influence of interest and emotion” and I read about “The influence of goals on motivation to learn”. Our reading didn’t really focus because actually in this meeting we want to watch a movie, then we keep our reading and continue with watching an interesting and inspiring movie. The title of that movie is “I Not Stupid”, this is a Singaporean movie about the stories of 3 primary students. One of students have talent in drawing but low in science and English, but his mother force him to only focus on those subjects. The other one is smart students, but he needs to manage his time to study and help his mother. And the last student is spoiled by his mother and he’s not usual with solve his problem by himself.

I Not Stupid

The students who have talent in drawing more prefer to drawing than learn something that he felt hard to understand like science and english, but his mother always force him to study hard on those subjects. Because he didn’t gave any positif progress in learning science and english, his mother force him by giving punishment. His mother want him to have performance goal which can make him have a goal to competence in comparison to others because his mother doesn’t want him being humiliated by others. She thought that it will be motivate him to learn science and english. But it doesn’t work. Why? sometimes students seem unmotivated because they are anxious or depressed. He have trouble to concentrating in school, it caused his negative feelings, stressed, and he believe that he is stupid because of environment influence like punisment from his mother and other people that blame him as stupid student. It can be cause that he always fail in archieve his goals. Like what my group said in our article, “good emotion has strong effect to increase students’ motivation to learn, then teacher should be able to direct the students’ emotion in order to increase students’ motivation through positive reinforcement”.


Thank you

Hopefully all of us can enjoy our last meeting before UTS, 🙂

Mita Pustari






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I (am) Not Stupid… :D

On the 5th meeting of MMSEL Subject, I was learning in interesting way. Why? Because on that day, I watched a movie with title: “I not Stupid”. There is no writing error when I write the title, and you will see, this movie has unique title as like as the story inside.

The movie told me about three students at one school on Singapore. Their names are Kok pin, Terry and Boon Hock. They have learning disabilities and they are on “EM3” level at their school. This level is for students who have low score, so everyone who enters that class will be called a stupid student. Unfortunately, they got a teacher who cannot motivate them to study hard and labeling them as stupid and naughty students. It makes those three students has learned helplessness.

The condition changes when a new teacher comes to that class. I forget the name of the teacher; I will use Mrs. X as the teacher’s name here. When Mrs.X enters the Class, she gives students motivation by telling her story to students: “I have bad score in mathematics, but if I hates mathematics then I will get bad score in mathematics. Then, I tried to make a friend with mathematics, knowing mathematics deeper from outside and inside. After that, I get good score in mathematics”. Based on her story, I conclude that Mrs. X motivate their students to feel enjoy when they learn mathematics and show that learning mathematics is easy. Students just need to “make a friend” and “knowing deeper” mathematics itself. It influence students’ emotion and motivate Boon Hock to study hard. Finally Boon Hock can get good score in mathematics.

Kok Pin has different problem in learning disabilities. At the first time, Kok Pin will be drawing if he gets stuck when he is learning. Although her mother getting angry whenever he is drawing, but he still drawing. Based on that case, Kok Pin has good skill in drawing and it influences his personal interests in learning. When Kok Pin tried to study hard, he still gets bad score. It means that his personal interests affect his multiple-intelligence and make him hard to learn if not suitable with his learning styles.

Terry has problem with language. He cannot use English well. That is why he is dropped into “EM3” class. He also has a problem with his mental development. He always follows her mother’s say without thinking, “is it true or false”. Then, he cannot make his own decision to do something without her mother instruction. Because of his lack in languages and making own decisions, he always failed when tried to make conversation as interaction with Kok Pin and Boon Hock. Like as a chain situation, because of he cannot make a good interaction and get accepted by his friends, he has low social goals. Therefore, when Terry has low social goals then his motivation to learn is decrease.


The movie is really interesting. It also makes me feel thankful, because I have good family condition and I do not have that kind of learning disabilities.

The important question from this reflection is: “Could I be able to handle that kind of students on my class later?” Hopefully the answer is “YES”.

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Yeaaah,,, Wacthing Movie

Agenda for MMSEL course today is watching movie,, yeah, I like it so much J. I like it because watching movie is my favorite way to make me relax. I am always watching movie when I am feel bored. That’s way I am really happy, because I can learn from watching movie. The movie that we watch is “I am not stupid”. Hmm,, from the title I can imagine that is a wonderful movie.

I think too much waste time at the beginning of the movie, too much advertisement. But, wow.. I think the movie is interesting. The student said that there school is a jail. How scary that school, until the student feel not comfort in the school. I think when student feeling about the school are bad, it will be influence student motivation. Student will not happy when coming to the school and not interest to find a new knowledge in the school. When I continued watching the movie, I find the answer. The actors are stay in the class with the image “slow learner student”. Teacher in that class are not motivated the student and just underestimate into student ability. The condition impact to student parent, parent feel shame if their child stay in slow learner class. Parent will push their child without care to their child intelligence. Many parents think that mathematics and English language is an important think, that’s way the child should able and know about that. Finally come a good teacher into that class and giving the student motivation. That’s teacher also appreciate to student multiple intelligence. Teachers not push the student but give them and a energy by giving motivation.

Finally the student try to do the best in that class based on their own goal, like trying to be friend with the subject, to make their parent fell happy, motivated because the teacher, just follow the parent instruction and etc. But we should consider also into student multiple intelligence and interest. Don’t push the students to mastering subject, when they are unable to learn it. Just focus into student ability and give them spirit.


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