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Movie Review : “I not Stupid”

At week 6 of MMSEL, we watched a movie. Title of that movie is “I am not Stupid.” This movie very related with motivation. So many things that we can learn from this movie. In this posting, I will try to explain some parts of that movie which related to motivation theory.

In that movie, there are 3 main characters. They are 3 junior high school students that very close. Name of the first character is Terry, the second is Liu, the third is Ang. They are in the EM3 stream which is have a bad stereotype in society. Most of people in Singapore think that students in EM3 do not have expectation to be a successful person. That stereotype effect students motivation to learn in school.

In that movie, there is a scene that show the class of main characters get a new homeroom teacher. The teacher said to students that she was also bad in mathematics when she was in school. Then the students like very happy because they feel that they are in same condition with their teacher. But, teacher give them encouragement. After she told them that she was bad in mathematics, she also told them that she tried to be friend with mathematics and it helped her to increase her score in mathematics. Ang as the smartest students got inspiration from his teacher’s story. Then since that day, they decided to be friend with mathematics, learn hard and try to understand it. We can relate it to theory of motivation, especially about external motivation. Extrinsic motivation is reason(s) that arise outside of our self. The reason can be other people or environment. In this case, students get motivation from the teacher.

Story of Ang in this movie also can relate to goal setting theory. “It states that specific and challenging goals along with appropriate feedback contribute to higher and better task performance. In simple words, goals indicate and give direction to an employee about what needs to be done and how much efforts are required to be put in.” Ang have strong desire to get good score in math and he study hard to make it happen. And he success to do that. In goal setting theory, there is an explanation about goal commitment. “Goal setting theory assumes that the individual is committed to the goal and will not leave the goal. The goal commitment is dependent on some factors. There are: goals are made open, known and broadcasted, goals should be set-self by individual rather than designated, Individual’s set goals should be consistent with the organizational goals and vision.” In this movie, we see that Ang is very committed to his goal. Although he is very busy at home (take care his young brother, help his parents to sell noodle), he do math exercise to understand mathematics.

There is other story from Liu. Liu is a student who are very talented in drawing but he is weak in math. But, his mother do not like it. His mother wants Liu become good in math, she thinks that mathematics is the key to be success people. Because of that ambition his mother do anything include hit him. One day, Liu’s mom are sick and doctor said that her life expectation is short. Liu is sad to hear that and he do anything to make his mother happy and healthy. Liu study hard to get good score in math. Unfortunately, when his teacher announce the score he still get a bad score. He is confuse, how he can tell that news to his mother because it will make his mother sad and her health will decrease. We can relate it to theory about Maslow’s hierarchy. One of it is about love, in this case Liu as a young son will do anything to make his mother proud of him include study hard in mathematics although his capability in math is weak. People need love in life and will do anything to get it. We can see it in Liu’s story.

This movie inspired me to keep in high spirit to reach my dreams even thought there are so many challenges to make it comes true.

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I not stupid, i’m just UNDERPRESSURE!

This meeting was a bit relaxes session because lecturer promised us to watch a movie. The title was I not stupid. However, it took some couple of minutes for finding the CD of its movie. Before we watched and Ms Lydia prepared the movie, she gave us reading about today topic and related to the movie. This was about the influence of goals on motivation to learn.

Mainly, this is a Singaporean movie. The story was mainly about 3 students who strives their best to be so-called smart. The first student was a poor boy who has to take care on his sister and mother’s store while he is doing his school assignments. His teacher said that he was a quite smart but lazy student. He wanted to be a smart student so that there will be no one who underestimates him. He wanted to be perceived as a smart student by his peers, teachers, and family. Second student was a boy that comes from the lucky family, because his family is rich, has a big house, and also has a company. He did not have a good growth in his life because he never had a decision to his life, even he could not make a drink for himself. His parents do not provide a challenge for him to do something. In other words, he only sits but he can get everything he wants. Other student was a boy who lives with fear. Every time he makes bad scores, his mother would beat him using a rattan. His mother always judge him as a lazy student, doctrine it every day. He even tried to do a suicide. He strive his best to not having a bad score so that his mother will not be beating him anymore.

By this movie and related in to reading material, first and second character include example of performance-avoidance goals; goals that focuses on avoiding looking incompetent and being judged unfavorably. This last character goal also gave the example of social goals; goals to achieve particular outcomes or interactions. In addition, this movie was reminding me about multiple intelligence, some people are expert on one thing, but they left out on some other thing. Last character was really bad on math but he was perfectly good on drawing.

The crucial issue of this movie was the important of social relationship (parents, peers, and teacher) for students’ motivation in learning. This movie also showed that teacher could make student learn better if they can motivate them. When the new math teacher taught, she could manage the class, care and understanding each type of students, and also giving vary assignments. Feedback for students could be ‘wake up call’ to increase motivation of them. She was being an extrinsic motivation of students, and when the time goes by, one of her students realized, that trying harder and learning better could make him understand mathematics.

I really agree that the goals will give a strong effect to our motivation. I felt it everyday. Goals for me are just like our destination. Belief is our starting point. Needs are our logistic to arrive at dreamland. The motivation itself is the fuels to move our body so it can be keep moving forward or backward. Belief, needs, and motivation are supporting each other to achieve our goals. Well, I do believe that every goal made for motivating me to learn. Therefore, to be a teacher, I have to understand my students’ goals so I can motivate them.

Ratih Anindiya


Never Say Stupid !!!

Last Thursday was one of the wonderfull days.  We had MMSEL class as usual, but there was an usual activity. We watched movie at this session. The tittle of the movie was “I not Stupid”. That was a good movie. It was so many value that we can learn from it. One of the most valuable thing is that we can not say people are stupid just because they are not good in mathematics and english.

Based on my experience from the movie, I watched there were three school boys as the main figure of this movie. They were best friend, so they always help each other when one of them got a problem. They were known as the stupid boys, because they always got a bad mark in mathematics and english. Because of this, they got so many pressure from their environment. This condition made them feels not good.

The first student was told as the obidient boy. He always obey his mother instruction and decision in doing anything. It made he can not do anything, because whenever problem came, his mother helped him. Besides that, he came from rich family, he become a pampared boy. He never think about making a decision to do something. But, he always try to help his friend.

The second student was a diligent and brave boy. He always helped his best friend when they got a problem. Besides that, he always helped his mother in her business. Her aunt and her causin always bully him because he was not good in mathematics and english.  But, he was not in under estimate and not give up from the condition. He studied harder and harder to got a good mark. He finally succeess in learning. He got a good mark from mathematics subject.

The third student was the tragic boy. He was not good in mathematics, but his mother forced him and give punishment to learn hard about mathematics to get good mark. He was in under pressure because if he did not get a good mark, he will not success in the class. That condition did not make him stop to draw. Drawing was his hobby, but his mother did not support it. Actually this student had belief in intelligence, because even  he was not good in mathematics, he try harder and harder.

Fortunatelly, they had a good teacher that always support them in doing anything. The teacher explained to them that mathematics is a friend. Because of this statement, they tried to know about mathematics and learn it well. We can say that teacher was success to chance their students perception about mathematics.

From this movie, I got a message about not to say stupid to people just because they were not good in academical achievement. Everyone had their own ability and their own way to develop it. Their way is important to determine their goal in their life, because we had different goals in this life.


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Perspective of Stupidity

In this week sixth of MMSEL class, we have different activity, and I like it; watching a movie. The title of this movie is “I Not Stupid”. This movie is one of inspirational movies that I have been watched. This movie is telling many stories that usually happened in our daily life such as friendship, school, bully, gossip, motivation, trusty, and belief. The big picture of this movie is about endurance / patience in facing problems that strongly influenced by motivation.
Brief story about this movie is about students who sit on EM3 class. This class has an unmotivated teacher who teaches in mathematics. The teacher said that EM3 students are hopeless. However, the situation changed when they have new teacher who motivate them in learning Mathematics. In this class there are three students who become central of the movie.

First student is Terry who very obedient and has middle-low intelligence. He has a mother who very obsessed with English and very authoritarian. His father is an entrepreneur who facing decreasing market shares in his business. He also has sister who very labile and like other adolescence, want to become free. Second student is Kok Pin who shows talent in art but his parents obsessed in Mathematics & Science, so he forced to be mastered at mathematics and science by using negative reinforcement by his mother. Third student is Boon Hock who has capability in mathematics but face problem in learning because he has to help his family who has low income.

These three students share same problem, having parents who see them as stupid students and desired them to be mastered in Mathematics & English. Besides that problem, they also have their own problem which increases their problems. For example, Terry always needs other people to protect him (needs of safety) from someone who bullied him. Other problem is Boon Hock who actually has talent in Mathematics but has limitation on learning time. He has to help his family in food court, studying, and babysitting his sister at once. However I think he is most lucky one, because his mother is not as extreme as Terry’s or Kok Pin’s mother. He also show increasing mark after he motivated by EM3 Mathematics’ new teacher.

Another example is Kok Pin who always receives punishment when he got bad mark by his mother. Actually, his mother is undesired those reinforcement but her friends suggested to use negative reinforcement. This reinforcement becomes extrinsic motivation which pushes Kok Pin to study hard and get good mark (showing goal of performance). Even though he has learnt very hard he still got bad mark and it make him feel scared to going home. In the state of scare of his mother and her punishment, Kok Pin decided to commit suicide by jumping from the building (failure that decreasing self-esteem). Fortunately, police officer catches him (even at first there is misunderstanding) and save him from his death which is has been in front of his eyes (needs of care and love).

I Not Stupid


Like another predictable movie, this movie also provides a happy ending. First, Kok Pin won drawing competition in USA and also recommended to study there. Then, Terry’s father and Kok Pin’s father making peace. Even, Kok Pin’s father help Terry’s father to regain market share. At the end, this movie implicitly told us to beware of our action who judges someone as stupid. Maybe, at that field s/he has weaknesses, but in other filed s/he could be far mastered compare with us. So, it is very unwise judging someone (especially students) just from one perspective, we have to see them from different and many perspectives, especially for us as teacher candidates who will be deal with various students in the class.

Huda Marofiq

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Let’s them express, what they wanna do………

I Not Stupid, What a nice movie it is!

My first impression when I saw this movie is “it is going to be sad”, because I assumed that Korean drama always melancholic and dramatic. Well, that’s why I must be ready with a piece of tissue J

This movie is kind of education movie, so many lesson learnt that I can reflect to my life. Especially me who am going to be a teacher, I learn the way of their teacher in treating the students. I like the way in motivating the students. What I still remember is when she was appreciating her student’s drawing (it such an external motivation for him). Actually, her student was drawing during her lesson but what she did to him?. Did she get angry? No…. she was not angry any more. She felt happy and appreciated what the student did. “What a nice drawing it is!”. That’s the teacher said to him. The students was so happy, he felt that there was still a person who appreciate his drawing. That’s why, he is so enthusiastic while the teacher asked him to make drawing for her (in this case, teacher wants to increase students self-efficacy which is beliefs about capability). He felt that no one care with his drawing even his parents. He never gets any support from his parents especially his mother. His mother always pushed him to master in mathematics and English. Her mom thought that for defending his self to the community, he should master in English and mathematics. She was so worried to her kid, when he just put his focus on drawing. How came drawing help him to defend in community? (By this condition we can see that the needs of belonging which is about love and acceptance from family was not really fulfill – regarding to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs).Oh God!!! I was really hurt by that. Did she ever notice that her kid was so talented?. At this moment, if I can face that people I will tell something to her and said. “Hey Miss, How lucky you are having him as your kid”J. But I guess, it’s not really realizing her. The wise way was the teacher’s way. She sent his student’s drawing to drawing competition. And fortunately, that drawing was becoming the winner. So, since that moment her mother noticed that his kid is so talented. Waw… what a great things she’s did!

Ya that’s story was really inspired me. Interesting!!! Well, as a teacher candidate who is also going to be a parent in school, let’s appreciate our students work and try to understand what our students needJ.


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“I Not Stupid” Class – Week 6

This week was totally different with the five previous weeks. Why? Because we have one main activity that we liked so much. Yap, the activity was watching a movie. The title from that movie is I Not Stupid. At first, I assumed that the movie was boring and not so understandable. I thought that the movie is talking about motivation, which is quite far from comedy and fun things. When Ms Lydia asked us to choose between Facing The Giant and that movie, I personally prefer to Facing The Giant. But, It was also okay for me to watch I Not Stupid, since I haven’t watch that movie yet at that time.


Unfortunately, the movie was so entertaining!!! My first thought that the movie will be boring and not understandable is totally wrong. I Not Stupid was packaged in a funny way, but still had the messages that can be used by the audience. This movie was talking about the friendship between 3 friends (Terry Khoo, Liu Kok Pin and Ang Boon Hock) in the sixth grade. They class, EM3, is known as the class for the naughty and unmotivated students. So, people also judged them as the naughty and unmotivated students. They experiences were so interesting. There were friendship, competition, self-concept, honesty, and many other things that existed in that movie.


From that movie, I also got many things that related with my learning experiences about motivation. First, I remember again about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. For example, the intrinsic motivation shown when Boon Hock’s motivation is raised intrinsically when his teacher (Ms Lee) said that he can master Mathematics if he loved and befriend with it. The extrinsic motivation shown when Kok Pin made his mother’s illness become his motivation to get 90 for his mathematics test. This condition also shown that setting goals is influencing someone’s motivation in doing something. I also reflected on the belief about intelligence. The other students besides Terry Khoo, Kok Pin and Boon Hock are the example of students with entity. They labeling themselves as not capable to get better score in their test. They also assumed that they were in EM3 because of their parents’ heritage. The incremental shown by the three students. They believed that they were able to get the better score if they put more effort to get it. Finally, they used their results as the facts that they can improve their ability better.


This movie was so inspiring and really taught us about motivation. This movie also motivated me personally to become an inspiring teacher what Ms Lee show in the movie. This is important to create an inspiring and meaningful learning experiences for the students. 🙂


Jonathan Saputra



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When People said you are stupid!!!,,,

Today I learn about motivation, actually that is great motivation for me. Today Mrs. Lydia show to the all of student to watching a movie. The title of this movie is “I’m not stupid”. When I watch this movie I feeling so sad, and here what I feel about this movie. This movie can make me sad, laugh, and proud with the basic essential of friendship in this movie. This movie begin with a class condition that telling about 3 friends in a class with different background, there are terry Kok Pin, Boon Hock and Terry. They are classmates in “EM3” stream. In Singapore, may be it same as in junior high school in Indonesia.

Boon Hock every day helping out at the food stall of his family when I see Boon Hock I feeling like I in the past time, I must help my mother to get money when I was in junior high school. I teaching my friends and I save the money for pay my school, but I’m still happy hehe. Kok Pin is creative and a born artist but his parents want he focus on his Math, I’m very sad when his mother fell that she must “me-Rotan” or hit by Rattan to her son, because she only want Kok pin smart in mathematics and she heard from her friends, that her friends child’s can increase the score of mathematics when he force her child by hit the child by rattan. I think that was stupid idea because it only can hurt the child double, first we hurt the body because we hit them and the second is the heart because we force something with bad way, why we not using a reward as the forcing tools?,Terry lazy a student and very obey with the parent regulation. When I see this child I feel that he is just want to become good child for his mother and father.

The story is beginning when the father of Terry want to make a new case for his product company, that is Ba Qua, the jerked meat from pig. This project will be held in the company which father of Kok Pin work. But unfortunately the Kok Pin’s father and Terry’s father do not get along, because there is a trouble with them. When Kok Pin’s father want to pick Kok Pin from his school, he park his car in behind of Terry’s father car, so Terry’s father car cannot move anywhere. The trouble coming up, Terry’s fathers speak very loud, and make the traffic in that way. And because of that when Kok Pin’s father explain about new concept to promote the Ba Qua, Terry’s father does not like about the concept and in the last of the career Kok Pin’s father is fired from his job.

The Kok Pin’s family has the other trouble that is Kok Pin’s mother has a sick that is blood cancer, so it make a very serious trouble. But from that situation Kok Pin think that he must to be the best one in math to make his mother proud with Kok Pin. And he tries to learn very hard until the exam. And when he get the result he get rank top 3 in the class with score 56, but when he tell his mother in the hospital suddenly his teacher come in and tell to he and his mother that Kok Pin get the best artist in America drawing competition, but at that time Kok Pin’s mother get fainting and need so much backbone marrow donor. And his teacher spread the news to all of person that he know and wow, the overwhelming response. So much people responses this news and so much people want to be volunteers to donor their backbone marrow.

Terry the lucky one volunteers which have a chance to donor their backbone marrow to Kok Pin’s mother. And from this one the Kok Pin’s father have a miracle from god that is he got project from Terry’s father that was disappointed with the old one Kok Pin’s father company. Kok Pin’s father and Terry’s father work together to make a new way for promote the Ba Qua. And in the end the Kok Pin’s mother was health again, she win from her fighting with the blood cancer, and Kok Pin’s father have new job and new career. And Terry grow to be a great child because in one story he and Boon kidnapped by the ex employer from Terry’s father. And they can run to saving their life by not obey what the kidnapper say.

Boon become a great child too because he always get the best score in the mathematics because he feel mathematics is easy when we already know the outside and the inside on math it’s self and Kok Pin become great artist because he get the scholarship from America and all people support him to take that scholarship. From this story I try to reflect about the theories of motivation that I have learned.

I start from Kok Pin’s story like Maslow’s theories (1967) about “belongingness and love needs, esteem needs and self actualization” he only want that his mother love him and can proud with him, he want that his mother believe that he can proof he have ability in math, so because of that he try to study very hard to get the best score and his mother doesn’t hit him by rattan anymore.

From the Boon’s story I feel like what I do in a few years ago, Maslow (1976) said in “basic needs or psychology needs” that needs of life, safety, health is basic of need in human life. So what Boon do is the way of him to survive in life? He helps his mother to take care the shop, he want to get money to pay the school, to buy a food again and of course to survive in this world.

From Terry story I think he doesn’t freedom for choosing the best of what he feel or he want. For example, every day in the morning he always does not have a chance to put the jam in the bread, so i think he only needs to get his freedom hehe.:)

And if I see the all of contain of this movie is about the factor which can influence the motivation of people. For example Boon because he wants to get money so he much helps his mother to get money, to pay his school. Like Slavin. E Robert(1994:91) said that if you believe you can reach your goal so you will be get it, Boon can show that, he always get the best score in mathematics because he believe when he understand the mathematics inside and outside, so he can understand about that. And the main motivation in here is NEEDS. Needs for survive, needs for freedom, needs for esteem and self actualization.

so from this movie i can take that maybe some people cannot do anything better that what you do, but it’s not because he/she stupid, it’s only because he do not understand very well in that thing. but i believe he also have the great skill that you never see before.


I am not Stupid too!

The last meeting of MMSEL class was so interesting. We just watched a movie with title “I not Stupid”. That movie is so interesting and very inspiring me as a teacher candidate.  This movie tell about three students who are all in low level class, the hopeless bunch in the “perfect” education system, where the smart ones gets the recognition of being smart and the weak ones are branded unfairly as stupid, useless and of no use to the society which favor prioritizes degrees, science and math.

One of Students is under pressure of his mother who pressures him to get 90 points in his exams, but he will never be able to do it. It was not because he doesn’t want to study, but it because of Math and Science is not his expert. As we know that he is good in painting, but his mother still force him to get good mark in math test. In that situation, I think this student can’t develop his ability to draw. Forced by his mother also can decrease his self-esteem, he’ll think that he is stupid and useless, but actually he is not. But I like a moment when there is one teacher who come and always support him in whatever situation. This teacher like his painting and doesn’t force him to get good mark in math lesson because she know that he is good in painting.

Another life from one student named terry who is rich, but does not even know how to make coffee and is often too scared to stand up for his much braver friends as his mother taught him “It’s none of you businessssssss”. You know that one thing that terry didn’t have is freedom. He never can decide one best thing for his life because he always listen and do whatever his mother saying. Based on Maslow theory, everyone need physiological, safety, and loves to make them feel comfort with the environment. But from this point of view, what Terry get for their life? He just has material that he needed, safety from his parents (not environment), how about loves and freedom? He can’t do anything that he wants to do and he doesn’t ever know how about the environment. So, parent’s love and care is not about the material, but also give freedom and let the children know the environment deeper.

Then, one other student who should taking care one stale of his mother, taking care of his younger brother while his mom works, doing a lot of homework even though he is hopeless to do it.  But, he motivated after being inspired by a new math teacher who actually cared about her students, studied hard to better himself, because he knew he could.

So, from this movie I learnt many things that students need person who can motivate them to reach their dream. There is no stupid student, but there are students who doesn’t have teacher who can understand and motivate them. Very inspiring movie 🙂

Novani Lieadi



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I Am Never Stupid

The previous meeting of MMSEL class was exciting. Why? It was because the class was just watching a movie, wonderful movie. The movie was “I Not Stupid”. The movie was very amazing because it was very touching. It told us about the effort of students with learning disabilities who stayed in the low level class. They were very unfortunate because they always got un-motivating teachers who made their self-esteem down. The teachers used to underrate the students. They didn’t believe in students’ abilities just because they stayed at the worst class. It was not fair because the teachers didn’t give them opportunity to expect their future. People also judged that those students will never be able to success. It was really ironic because those students need motivation to strengthen their belief in expectation. People never let them to expect brighter future for their life.

Moreover, the three mates who were the main actors had problem in their family. One student had been fulfilled their physiological needs more than the two others. Nevertheless, he was not given opportunity by his parents to develop his belief in ability. His parents always spoiled him and never let him to do something hard. It made him felt useless in the life. He was never able to help people. It really distracted his self-determination because everything he did was controlled by his parents.

Another student found difficult to study because he had to help his mother handling the store. It affected his academic because he always got bad score, whereas he had a very potential ability in academic. Helping his mother made him distracted to develop his ability. It made him didn’t realize his self-efficacy.

The last student was very-very tragic. His mother forced him to master in English and Mathematics, whereas they wasn’t his interest. He was genius in art; painting, but his mother didn’t agree with him. She always hit him every time he got bad score. It made his need of safety in his own home wasn’t fulfilled. Even, he intended to commit to suicide. He needed to actualize his talent in art, but no one care about it.

Fortunately, a new teacher came to their life. She was a very motivating teacher and always believed in her students’ ability. She helped her students to achieve as well as possible. She never underestimated her students. It made the three mates strived to learn hard. Their scores increased, even one of them could achieve high score above the average. And the potential student in art was free to express his feeling into painting. Even, the teacher helped him to actualize his ability by sending his painting into international competition and won the 2nd winner. The teacher really fulfilled their needs in learning. The movie was very inspiring.

Faqih Al Adyan



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“I not Stupid’ Movie Session. :)

Hmmmm, today is MMSEL class and I got beautiful class in that day, why? Because I watched an amazing movie that can motivate me and teach me to always say thanks to God about what I have. But before I told about film, first of all, I want to tell the activity before we watched the movie.

In the first activity, we talked about our midterm. Oh My God, I feel so afraid and so nervous about the task. It’s wonderful task. Hehehhehehee, because we must do presentation in group and make a report about our school experience. But, it’s okay, hopefully all of us can do the best and get better. Amin. 🙂

Okay, after talking about the midterm task, we continue about watching movie, actually this activity will be replace by the discussion because some of reason, hehehhe, But, thanks again, the reason can be erase and we could watch the movie that has title “I not Stupid” from Thailand. Only the little story, this film tell about children that has special ability, I mean not ability like six sense but they has ability to draw well, so that he can be a second winner in the drawing competition in USA, the another about students that don’t like math but he try to love and know deeper about math, so that he can get good mark in math.

Okay, now I will talk about reflection after I watched this film. So many things that I got, I learn that if we want to reach my dream, we must belief that we can reach it, don’t be lose and we must struggle harder to get it. I see that, the students in that film has Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation to reach their want. For example, one students want to be a smart student, because he want all people around him give appreciate to him, so that he work harder to get good in math, until he get 92 in his final exam. It’s really inspiring me. I also see his intrinsic Motivation, because he has a big struggle to reach his goal. He also has view that ability and intelligence is not stable can be increased by effort (Incremental view of Intelligences). I hope I can do like this.

Another story about student that has ability to draw, but he is not good in math. I can see his effort to be good in math, even he must hit by his mother or his mother not allows him to draw. I think, this student has a little good self-efficacy, because he knows that he is good in drawing, he still draw even though his mother not allow it. I think his mother can decrease his self-efficacy. Maybe, the mother purpose is good, but the way is not good. It can make her children not save and feel sad, so that make him to do something unexpected, for example he try to kill himself. From that situation, I can see that environment in the family can influence someone habit. It’s appropriate with Maslow Theory. Everyone need physiological, safety, and loves to make them feel comfort with the environment. But this needs must be controlled not too much, because the effect is not good too if we give it much. For example in this film, Terry, a rich students, always get what he want, they get psychological, safety, and loves need to much, it make him depend on his family, and it difficult to make him to decide something. So, in the conclusion, it good we get all of the need, but it must be controlled.

in the same time, I more understand that everyone has a strength and weakness. we must to appreciate it, this film also make me more grateful to God about everything that God given to me. All of us is different and it make us rich. it’s not about who you are and what you have, but it’s about how you can improve it so that everything that you have can be useful for other. It’ just my opinion. 🙂

Okay, I think enough for my reflection. For the note, this film makes me crying and laughing in the same time. Heheheheheheh. Great Film.


Evik Dwi Priagung



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