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Reflection week 4

Before you start teaching, my first observation to several different classes. Before you begin to observe my class, I observed another class. The first impression I got was amazing. Previously, I have never had a class with students whom I met in this class. class with a small number of students and students who have a troublemaker, and with discipline and enthusiasm for learning is very less.
At the time of observation in my classroom, students in my class did not have too many problems. Perhaps because the class was a science class. However, they are less motivated to learn. When teachers teach, many do not pay attention, they are busy doing other work. Since then I started thinking, what should I do to improve their motivation.
I teach beginning, I used the method of guided discovery learning. It turns out that method did not work to attract their attention. It makes them do not enjoy the learning process. Finished grade, I met a master teacher and master teacher told me that the students in my class do not like things that long-winded. Those familiar with the formula quickly.
Finally I kept thinking to do anything in class. I chose to use a math game. Hopefully the next learning more fun … ..  🙂


Reflection in school experiences 1

“Critical reading skill”

I could not go to school, SMA Yasporbi, to do observation on the first day, so I could not prepare what method should I used to face the students in the class. But it was never minds, because as I teacher candidate we should have “critical reading skill”, the skill I mean is the skill how to read the situation and we can make a conclusion to response that situation.

The condition of the class where I taught is very disappointed for some of my friends who taught in there too, because students in that school had low motivation to study math. Most of my friend’s plan was not running well. Some of them used a “sad face” after they had taught.

I tried to find the problem by asking some question to master teacher about the students who study there. I asked about their characteristic, achievement, economic background, etc. I found the problem that the students could not focus to the lesson and they had low motivation to study. Then I tried to find what method, I should used, to face them. My first plan was I taught to use worksheet, but after I thought deeply, I change my method to be an active learning by using peer discussion and Q&A.

Well the result, most of the students got involve to the lesson, even though there were 2 until 4 students still in same condition. But I think that method was good enough to engage students in that school to learn and also good for increase the motivation of the student.

I concluded that the problem on the school where I taught in school experiences program was not because they were stupid, and also not because they were naughty, but because they had low motivation to study and they did not find teacher like what they wanted.

So active learning was only one part of method, but the main points were how we can increase their motivation and how we can be the teacher like what they like. My last sentence is “you must be well in read the condition”. Because teaching is more than just theory.

Riyan Fajri



Reflection of teaching experience

In week 4 we are doing Teacher Experience (TE) in different school. I was placed in SMA Labschool Kebayoran with some of my friends. We were given opportunity to teach and to conduct classroom action research.

In first week of TE, I have been observing once and teaching once in XI social class. I observed the class on first day. My master teacher is a favorite teacher. She is very understanding. Her explanation is systematic and easy to understand.

From what I see, one of the students’ motivation in mathematics is score. They will actively participate if teacher gives them additional score, yet they become less determine if the teacher not gives a reward. The teacher is not the strict type, but she quite firm.

In  second day, I began to teach them. I was really nervous because it was my first time to teach alone. One of the difficulties that I got when teaching is to manage the class. I was overwhelm to handle the students. When I explaining, some students did not listen to me. Even tough I have run out of voice because I speak loud continuously. I have to remind them many times about our agreement that we make before which is we have to respect and listen to those who speaking in front of the class.

I asked the students to do some exercises in front of the class. I give them additional score as reward if they answered correctly. Unexpectedly more than half of the class do the exercise correctly. However, they still disobey the rules. They really noisy and even play the music loudly. I have to ask them to stop repeatedly.

From my first experience of teaching alone, I have a conclusion that I lack the ability to control and manage the class.

Rahayu Kinasih





Reflection of teaching Experience

For teaching experience, I teach a senior high school in Bekasi. That was my friend’s, Annisa Pane, English student in SSE, senior high school. We are 5 students from mathematics department and 5 students from English department. My friends and I ask a lot about that school to Pane. She gave us some information that needed, such as the environments of that school, the teachers, and the students’ characteristics. That school is quite far from my house. I have to set off from my home at 5.30 am in every day. In last week, I have been there for four times, and I will share to you day by day.

First day (Monday):  at 7 o’clock, there is flag ceremony, and we have to participate in that ceremony. We were in the teacher’s line, it seems like we are the real teacher in that school. That’s one of nice experiences. After that, we have meetings with the school vice principal, school coordinator, and master teachers. We were introducing each other, and then they distributed the schedule for us, and asked us to consult with our master teacher.  The next activity, we observed the class that we want to teach, but at that time there was no time for mathematics subject, so we only observed the students. I observed them when they were learning Bahasa Indonesia. The students, especially the boys, are very noisy and some of them annoying each other.

Second Day: I observed my master teacher when she taught in the class that I want to teach (X-A). She is very discipline and firm. After that I consult with her about what material that I should teach on the next day. From that school, I went to campus to prepare the lesson plan and the material for teaching.

Third Day: this is my teaching experience, for the first time I should teach the real class alone. I felt very nervous at that time, but the students are very kind to me. They put respect to me, it made me felt happy 🙂

Fourth Day: I observed my friend, when she was teaching in her class (X-B). The students are better than in my class. They are more active in teaching and learning activity. And my friend (Desy) can explain the material to the students better than me too. After that, I taught again in my class, but I have not enough preparation. So, I got confuse how to manage my class well and confuse how to transfer my knowledge to my students.

Aida Rahmi



Reflection on school experience

Last week was my first week on school experience terms. My school is Labschool Kebayoran. My master teacher named Mrs. Fitri Hidayani. She teaches mathematics for grade X and XI-social. I get grade X-B for my practice class.

On the first day, I and Evik observed grade X-A and B class together. I was so nervous when I meet the students of the school. They looked active and smart. I and Evik were asked to introduce our selves to the students.  Fortunately, they welcome for our coming. After introducing our selves, I and Evik Observed Mrs. Fitri. Our observation focused on how teacher’s method in teaching mathematics especially in algebra or quadratic equation.

On the second day, it was my time for me to teach my class (X-B), but I collaborated with Evik.  We taught quadratic equation especially about discriminant. In our teaching method, we applied guide discovery with worksheet. As I saw, they looked motivated in learning this. They were active and enjoyed in doing their activity. The activities were Discussion, discovery learning, presentation skill, and quiz. For this learning process, they thought that they understand about the concept of the material.

From this experience, I got a lesson learn. I have to design a motivated learning process. By doing this, I am sure our students will enjoy the class even the subject is hard. Besides that, we will help students to understand about the subject well. 🙂

Nur Arifin


reflection school experience week 1

My first reflection about teaching experience in 5th semester. I was so nervous and exciting to face the program. This semester is quite different with last semester, because we teaching individually and did our CAR (Classroom Action Research) in our class.

I got a chance to teach at private school in Menteng. First day in there, I did consultation with my master teacher; I asked about his students the characteristic and achievement in his class. I got social class; this class consists of 30 students. My master teacher said that the class is noisy and we should handle the class. When I observed my master teacher, I saw his style in teaching. He used traditional teaching method in his class, it make his student not pay attention with him. I found he cannot manage his class well, because I saw students were chatting, laughing and doing something out of topic. Students not respect to the teacher.

After I observed my class, I design my lesson plan and activities for my teaching. i teach statistic about mean, median and mode. Before I explain it, I recall them about “tepe atas, tepi bawah and mean” that they got in the last meeting. Unfortunately, they forgot all of the material. They don’t know what they have learned in last meeting. So, I teach them again about it, after that I started to explain about new material, it’s about mean, median and mode. it just the simple topic I think, but to make them more understand I should explained it in detail. After I explained, I did a game that related to the topic, I found they really fun and already understand about the topic. Besides that, from the activity I make a class into some group using cards, they should found their group based on the same card.

In the group, I gave different case to them that must be solved by them. I did monitoring and also motivation to them. I tried to be close with them; I helped and did chit-chat to know her/his feeling. In that discussion, I also tried to make them do interaction with all member, because I knew my students is so individual. I asked them to help each other. After discussion, I asked them to do 2 stay, 3 stray. First, they unfamiliar with it, but I gave instruction and motivation. If they have most stars in their flipchart so their groups become the winner. I found each group active to explain their work, and tried to make their friend understand so they can get more stars from them. Before the end of the class, I asked them to make a reflection about the class. And the reflection makes me happy, and I become addicted to teach…J

I think that’s all for my reflection this week, J

Triana Afriani



Class Regulation Help me

Start from 10th October 2011 until two week forward I am going to have school experience in SMA Labschool Kebayoran. Hmm,, quite make me tense, because I am should teach social class about limit function. Oh my God, I am really confused about how to deliver the concept of limit function easily. As we know that limit function will be a new knowledge for secondary student. After that I am also should design a CAR (Classroom Action Research) in my class. Unfortunately I just have two meeting with my student, because in the next week they are going to have a holiday. It means that I just have a time to doing my CAR when I meet my student and they are no time to observe the class situation first. Yeah, I just try to get information from my master teacher about the class condition. My master teacher said that social class is a “anak buangan”, because most of them are a student who lack ability in calculating and can’t enter science class. That’s way teaching social class need more skill and should be patient.

My first indicators about social student are: need more motivation and should make the student busy with activity to handle the class situation. Actually I want to use STAD grouping method to increase student achievement in mathematics. I am going to divide a group that have the same ability, because they are consist of fast learner and slow learner. In the first time I just want to use individual method and I will compare it with grouping method in the next meeting.

Now, I will told you about my first experience teaching in social class of SMA Labschool. I conduct an activity that consist of watching video, game, doing exercise and quiz in the last most of them need individual action. But my planning are can’t run well because I can’t connect my laptop to the LCD, I spend much time when explaining the concept, and the time are separate with the rest time. That’s way so many times that castaway and I can’t run my planning well. I should eliminate the game section, even its make my activity boring for the studentL.

Motivation that I require from the student mostly intrinsic motivation and also extrinsic, because in this meeting the student work individually and need to get good result in their quiz time by working individually. Student need to use their intrinsic motivation to understand the concept and also become extrinsic motivation when I said the quiz result will be giving to your teacher.

Actually I just have two meeting to tell. So, I just told you my first meeting for this week. I will tell the next meeting in the next reflectionJ. Now I just have a conclusion that make a class regulation are very useful for us who still practice in teaching. The student will be easy to control only with remembering them into the class regulation that already agreed in the first.