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Week Fourth: Teaching Experience

Start from 10th October, my friends and I (section B & D, 2009 cohort) are doing teaching experience. This teaching experience was designed for two weeks. Fortunately there is no class during teaching experience session, it purposed for make us focused on our teaching experience and other embedded tasks on teaching experience. This semester I placed in a famous national high school in Kebayoran Baru area. In that school I got XI Science as class that I will conduct teaching experience, classroom action research (CAR), and other embedded class. As usual, we also got master teacher as our advisor in teaching experience and I got Mr. N as my master teacher. He is very good teacher, his math acquisition is good, very good. He could deliver the lesson material without any losing grip even the class is noisy.

Mr. N gave me many lessons to be learnt, from communication, learning flow, Mathematics skill, explanation skill, class management, and creating enjoy learning environment. That is all I got from twice observation in his class. One thing that I have not understood yet is class management. He teaches in one of XI science class that contains of students who could be categorized as noisy, ignorance students. He likes has charisma that even his presence in front of the class is enough to make students calm down. That is contrast with me, even I increase my voice volume students still not pay attention.


That is only a part of unexpected condition in my class. What about the other parts? It still contrasts. I have been taught twice in that class, most of my energy ruined for gaining their attention to lesson. At first I thought there was something wrong with my teaching, however when I heard same story from my friends who taught in the same class with me, I feel something wrong not just in my side. After all, I could not blame students who acted like that in the class, as teacher I have responsibility to make learning take place no matter the cost. Starting from this statement, I tried to communicate with them more personally. This action very helpful from me, by using personal approach to them I could lead them to do task that I gave to them.

One important thing that I got from what happened in my class; to be a teacher means to be ready for whatever condition of the class and ready for whatever condition of the students.

Huda Marofiq


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Transfer Knowledge is not Enough

In school experience of this semester, I feel lucky because the school is near of my home and my master teacher very cooperative. At the first day of school experience I observed my master teacher class. At that class, I observed the students that would be my students at 2 weeks later. Some of them are noisy, but I think they are smart, actually. The students didn’t pay attention to the teacher. I guess, It was because they were bored and the activity was only doing exercise for their test in the next day.

At the second day, I started to teach at that class. First, I checked students’ presence, then started to deliver the material using power point presentation. But, suddenly I changed my strategy to deliver the materials. I think, if I only did lecturing the students would be bored. Then, I gave some mathematical problems about linear equation system with two variables. Students already got the concepts in junior high school. After that, I asked some students to go forward and wrote the answer on whiteboard. This method was success enough, although some of them did chit chat with their friends. From this situation, I learned that engage students in classroom activity is very important and will motivate them to think.

In the third day, I asked them to work in group. It was very difficult to make them work in group. Almost of them didn’t do the assignment, they only chit chat in group. Only few of them that really serious in doing the task. I said them that the task will be submitted at the end of session, but it did not make students did the task well. However, some of them very enthusiastic because the problem was about linear equation system with three variables. I gave the problem using a video to make them interested. From this situation I learned that it is not easy to make all of students in our class interested and motivated in the lesson. As a teacher we need to be creative in delivering the lesson. However, become a teacher is not about transfer our knowledge to students. It is more about how to make our students think. In my class, I tried to motivate them though encourage them and give applause for students who wrote answer on the whiteboard, although they did mistakes in answer the mathematical problems.

Ismi Apriliani



School Experience Week 1

First week, Huft. . .

Actually there are so many thing that I want to share with all of you guys, but the important thing is I MISS YOU guys, I miss our class, I miss doing role play again, hiks T.T because in teaching in real class is so different with teaching in our class (micro teaching). I’ve got school experience in GP School and I teach XI Science Class. For first day, I observe Mr.X in TOEFL class, why not math class? Because I not only observe the teacher but also observe the students, because the important thing that i have to know the condition of my class that i will teach in. And you know, I teach the most “extraordinary” class, extra noisy, extra attractive, extra and extra, also to teach them we have to extra voice, extra passion, extra spirit, and teaching strategies extra hahaha 😀 Mr.X teach about TWE (Test Writing English). The methods that used is TCL (Teacher Centered Learning) but in the end of the explanation, he try to motivate the students to stay focus with “do you want to know?” or “I think you can”. I believe that with that words, it can make students be more interest to stay focus.

In the second day, I start teach that class. The material that I teach is about sum and product of sine & cosine. This class consist of 28 students, 18 boys and only 10 girls (you can imagine how “Extra” my class :p). In the beginning of the lesson, i have to absent the students (call their names one by one) and i can remember their names 30% (Alhamdulillah ya 🙂 ). I dont want to call their name with “kamu” or “hey”. If I didn’t know the name, I will ask their friends first about his/her name then call his/her name directly. As I said in the previous reflection that it can be motivate the students when the teacher teach and we call his/her name when we giving them some instruction or other things. Honestly, I did not give up with my “extraordinary” class. I got that class and they motivate me to have to much learn about the learning strategies that can be make them (“extraordinary” students) success to be the real “extraordinary” class in positive thing (achievement, moral, etc). Believe in me, if you find the same characters of class with me, you will be missing them (“extraordinary” students) so much someday 🙂 .

Success guys: D

Mita Pustari




Happy Teaching

My first teaching experience for teaching individually was quite interesting. I got a science class of grade eleventh. I was going to teach that class alone. Hmm…it was little bit scary, but I trusted I could do it.

On the first day, I met my cooperative teacher. He was very kind to me. He explained to me much information about the classroom condition, the book used, the teaching technique and many more. After that, I was observing my cooperative teacher. He taught patiently. Nevertheless, He was teaching by using TCL. While he was teaching, I didn’t see him giving motivation, but he always gave explanation whenever students asked. Therefore, students’ need about knowledge was fulfilled. It was Maslow’s theory about need to know.

After that, I was given a chance to teach the class. On the first time, I was nervous because I was scared if the students were difficult to be organized. Fortunately, the students were very kind and they were very active in class, either asking or answering question, although I needed to ask them solving problems in front of the class. The students were smart and persistent in solving problems, although sometimes they worked together without my permission in the test.

I couldn’t deny that I applied TCL too as my cooperative teacher did. Nevertheless, I didn’t neglect students’ group work in order to make them active. I was focusing on making my students understand about the topic, therefore I was trying to explain effectively and exemplify well. I give them chances to ask, discuss, and present their mind in the class. I was happy teaching here because my students could understand what I explained.

I was emphasizing in giving problem solving to them in order to strengthen their critical thinking. Although they always said that the problems were difficult, I always motivated them and sometimes I gave some clues to open their mind in solving problems. I also let them to make reflection toward my teaching and to give criticism and suggestion. When I read all of their reflection and feedback, I found that they understood about my explanation and they were excited. Their feedback really motivated me to be a kind and a professional teacher.

Faqih Al Adyan



Teaching Experience part 1

First week in my Teaching Experience, I have so many experiences in the school. I’ve got a school near my Campus, South Jakarta. At the first day, some of my friends (who got the same school) and I have to attend the ceremony at school. In the middle of the ceremony, the school committee introduced us to the students, so the students will be familiar with us. In fact, I have a class today. But I told my master teacher only for observe him in this day. I planned that I would start to teach in class on Wednesday. Besides, my class have three times meeting for Mathematics lessons. There are on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday. In this week, I choose Wednesday and Thursday for me to teach in class.

When I observed my master teacher taught, I see the class situation was noisy enough. The teacher gives the students some notes, then gives examples, explain that in front of the class. After that, the students were asked to do the exercises. Some of them look like confused. They did not know how to do the exercises. Even though, teacher have explained them twice and detailed. This condition becomes my ‘notes’ for my teaching in next days.

On Wednesday, I have a chance to teach in class XI Science 2. I taught about Trigonometry, “Rumus kosinus dan sinus jumlah dan selisih dua sudut”. In this day, I planned to teach use Guided Discovery Learning method. I explain them first about how to find the formula of cosine for add and subtraction of two angles. I made them into some groups, and asked them to do the worksheet which I gave them. But I think Guided Discovery Learning method is not work well to them, because most of them were still confused about what they want to do with that worksheet. Even though, I have explained them for some times. Some of them look like did not want to do that. I tried to be more patience to face them. I explained more and more. Finally, the bell was ringing. It means that the lesson was finish. They have not finished their work yet. So, I explained again in front of the class to finish the topic.

The second day I taught, I continued the previous lesson. Then, I gave them the exercises. I explained about sinus and tangen too. I give them the exercises again, to make them more understand. I walk around the class to see their work, they ask me if there are any difficulties. Today, the class situation was quieter. I feel more comfort with it.

After that, I got feedback from my master teacher. He said that I have to give them more exercises and the exercises should be more varies, so it could be improve their critical thinking more. He gave me some else feedback and it can be my guidelines to improve my teaching well.

~hanna 🙂


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I hate “Labeling”

This is my fifth school experience, during this program I got many things that I should be learnt. Actually I learnt more either from the teachers or students. I always try to be enjoyed in doing this program.

Well this is my experience in the first week,,,

I was very surprised when my lecturer announced about the school which became our partners during this program. The schools are new schools for us and it’s dominated by private school. I got a chance to take a part in one of private school in Bekasi. It’s one of high qualified private school in Bekasi. Glance, I was thinking that this is not ordinary school; teachers and students are not ordinary too. But I and my friends were very lucky because one of our friends is the alumni of that school. Then we can dig any kinds of information as we want. So, I am not really worried about this school because I have already the background J

In the first meeting we met our master teacher. They told us about the classroom situation and students achievements. They said that, “This student is like this, those students are like that,he is a trouble maker, she is a trouble maker and many more. Just because of that label, I am being afraid to face my students. I thought, what’s gonna be happen to me when I taught? There are so much imagination in my head about the students. But I might not be influenced by the issues. I should prove by myself during the observation.

I observed and try to learn what they want to during the lesson. In my observation I saw that they were very “attractive”. They were really talkative. They liked to have chat with their peers. I consider that, that’s their style in learning but teacher didn’t consider that their uniqueness. Teacher often blame to them which made them “over act” in class. Teacher often gave them negative reinforcement. Teacher seldom appreciate students’work that made students have low motivation in learning. It’ s really ironic for me when teacher respond students question. Student asked about her confused about the lesson but the teacher said,” Hey, it’s not my bussiness”. Teacher also often said,” Hey, that’s wrong”. Oh God! How come? It’s happen! Now, I can understand, why the students became so attractive even sometimes “rebel”.

I decide that I must be different with their teacher.  I try to implent their habit which is “chatting” to the learning process. I involved them in discussion, I try to remember their name one by one, and I try to appreciate of every single their work. How lucky I am, I got MMSEL class. So, I know the way to motivate my students.  Do you know? What’s happen in the class?. I found their spirit in learning. They were active in answering while I try to remember their names. It means that calling the students with their name is really touchful.  They were very active when we invoved them in discussion. Then, I can prove that the trouble makers in class is not really troubel as teacher’s labeling. That’s why I hate labeling.



Teaching Experience :D

First of all… I want to say that I really miss you all, section B 🙂 hihi

This is first reflection about teaching experience in 5th semester. I was so exciting about this program. I always have so much meaningful experience about teaching and learning through it. In addition, I curious and nervous to apply classroom action research (CAR) on my own classroom. However… we have to do it. 😀

I want to let you know that my TE’s school is located in Menteng (Let say M School). I have to teach in X grade which consist of 23 students. Actually, I was not observing my own class because of the time and rules of both school, SSE and M school. In the first day at school, I met my master teacher; he is teacher of X grade and Social XI class. We discuss about how we start the lesson and the materials that we would teach. Luckily, I could observe their teaching process on Social XI. I found that the teacher cannot manage the class well, students were laughing, chatting, and doing something annoying while teacher wrote something on board.  I thought it’s because stereotyping social class that always be noisy and ‘brutal’. Well… they are noisy but interaction between teacher and students was good, they could answer teacher’s question and wanted to ask if they do not understand. FYI, they still nice with us 🙂

This week I’m done for teaching quadratic equation. It was on Wednesday and Thursday. First time I met my ‘real’ students, I was soooooooo nervous! Mr. Z opened the class and started to introduce me. Mr. Z trusted me to lead the class directly. He allowed me to use what methods or approaches that I want to. He is really flexible to decide the classroom’s activity. While I started to teach, I also observed my classroom. This means for knowing the classroom environment, students’ motivation, blending with students and finding the topics for CAR. I used to apply group discussion after I explained the material. I found that my students had good attitude about mathematics. They actively answered my questions and could do the drilling practice. However, the discussion did not run effectively. I found that my students were doing it individually without discussion even they sat in circle of group and I always reminded to discuss. I was being a good encourager for them by giving feedback and helping the slow learner to achieve the goals. 🙂 Students have less motivation because they just thought that math is about doing exercise and solve it by themselves individually. There was no interaction between students. By identifying it, I can do something or apply one new idea for increasing their motivation. Based on my readings, I found that one idea that can help me to solve it. I will use using cooperative learning to increase students’ motivation.  I hope next week I can prove and solve this problem by using cooperative learning, which is Student Teams-Achievement Divisions (STAD). Let see then… 😀

Ratih Anindiya


School Experience Part-1



Which one that represent your self? For me, I could be both of them. I could be an energetic online teacher or teacher centered because the condition make me to do that. Teacher is decision maker in their class, she/he decide something in every single minute. Don’t be afraid to make wrong decision because I never know that decision is wrong or true if I never try to apply. Welcome to school experience year 3. The name already change, it isn’t school assistant anymore because my friends and I already got one class for every teaching practice. Well, in Senior High School in Kebayoran I called it as L school, I got class with very nice students. Why I called them as nice students? Because the class really in good performance and also achievement as general. I know it from my first observation. The class more quiet than other class and the students in the class really paying attention with the explanation from the teacher. The deplorable thing that I found is the teacher still use teacher centered as his methodology and individual task as his approach. My mind already asking, how about conducting lesson by student centered? When, I see the topic I think I am gonna be crazy if teach them by student centered, because they are not ready yet for it and the material needs more explanation from the teacher. So it will be better if I used teacher centered as my method and group discussion as my approach.

 I should make a preparation in this class as good as I can because I know I’ll teach “special” student. FYI, I already teaching in the first week of teaching experience because the school is not effective in the second week. On my teaching time, I’m little bit nervous of course. But I could handle it. In the first meeting I make grand rules with my students and also write down the agenda on that day. They are respect to me as their new teacher in their class. So, it’s easy for me to work with my plan and agenda. Some students looks like didn’t enjoy the class when I ask them to do the exercise, but they are still following the activities with high enthusiasm. Thank you for reading. 😀


My Reflection of 1st Week Teaching Experience: Unpredictable Things That Happened

I have taught two times on SMA Y at grade X. My first time was on Monday and it did not work well. The class that I will teach have arranged on Friday. Initially, my class was on X-3. But, on Monday morning, around 07.00 am, my friend that have obligation to teach on the day did not come. So, my lecturer asked us to re-arrange the class in order to save my friends. Because of I was my friends’ team, so I have to switch my class with him then teach at his class on X-1 around 11.00 am. But, I feel unprepared well. I have not finished my lesson plan, my observation sheet and my questionnaire. On my schedule, I have to teach X-3 on Tuesday and today I have plan to observe my friends class to get information of class condition in order to prepare my lesson plan well.

After I knew that I have to teach on that day, I tried to conduct my lesson plan without any information about my class. I feel bad at the day. I have to prepare my teaching on rush and I have no time to make my observation sheet and questionnaire. I was really angry to myself, because why I did not prepare myself for any unpredictable things like this and finished my lesson plan before today. I blamed myself along the day.

When I was teaching, I could not teach well. Because I had bad feeling because of I have no preparation in teaching. From this meeting, I learn that preparation is important to teaching and help the teacher to keep their spirit to teaching.

On the second TE, I entered the class and prepared my teaching equipment. I planned that I will review the materials that I have given to them about function. So, I review the materials that I have been given. Before I started the main topic on the day, I divided them into four groups. A student screamed and said “Kakaaak, aku gak mau satu kelompok sama diaa!”, and a student who sat in front of me said, “Aku maunya sama dia kakak, aku pacarnya dia”. Most of them did not want follow the group that I give. They want the group is divided by their seat. One column of the seat is one group. They do not want learn if the group is not as they want. Therefore, I follow their wanted.

I have to teach from 11.05 – 12.35 WIB, but when the clock is still 12.00 am, the bell rang four times. I wondered what is going on. My students said the bell is “bel pulang”. I found out what is going on and I went to teacher room. No one is there. I asked my friends, they said the class dismissed.

An unpredictable thing happened again on the day. I can prepare and plan the class activities well, but if the school has no coordination, it will be nothing. Then, I know a thing: A teacher need supports and motivation from their friends and school to keep their spirit and passion in teaching still alive.


School Experience in 4th Week Reflection

This is the first time I get school experience in SMA Y. I thought this school was a non-muslim school, but it was wrong. SMA Y is a school that majority their students are children of employees at BI. It is located in Pancoran area. It is still quite far from my house, Bekasi. But, it is also the same as I go to campus actually..

On Monday, I came to attend the flag ceremony in SMA Y. I had to come early, because the ceremony started at 06.30 WIB. Hufh.. School field is not too board. In one class only consists of 17 – 20 students. My master teacher is Mr. Y as a mathematic teacher in X grade. I get X.4 grade, but I did not have opportunity to observe this class when learning math with Mr. Y. I observed my friends who were teaching in others class,such as Andi in X.1 grade , Mba Shinta in X.2 grade and Riyan in X.3 grade. I also observed my friend from English Department in X.4 grade, I want to get information about this class.

On Wednesday, this was the first time I taught in X.4 grade. My class started at 11.05-12.35 WIB, and I get also in Thursday at 13.05-14.25 WIB. I think the time is late morning because usually learning math in the first hours. When I asked to my master teacher, he said that he is deliberately put math at the noon because his house is far away. But, I think that it is not effective for learning math.

In the real class, I taught by using Powerpoint to help me in teaching-learning process. My topic was about function and relation. Actually, they already get it in Junior High School, but my master teacher asked me to teach deeper about it before entering the topic of quadratic equation. In one meeting, I discussed about function and relation. There were problems in this class. First,how to get student’s attention in class. I’m really shocked when there was a student who sleep in class, then I asked Mr. Y, he said, “Biasa dia mah, sudah jangan dihiraukan”. While, I asked her friends, they said, “Sedang sakit, Kak”. So, I could not do anything, then I continued my material. Not much later, students did not focus on my material,my initiative to set up the video in order to get students’ attention. But actually,it did not exist on my lesson plan. Second, students in class looked like never to make a note. I was really confused whether they brought books in their bag. Fortunately, my activities in class involved them to do something, such as writing others example and hands on. Third, I could not monitor all students in class, although 19 students. I found it difficult when they called me to ask for help. I felt overwhelmed. Fourth, being a teacher, I have to prepare about the tools for teaching. My preparation need laptop and instruments for my activities (flipchart, colorful markers, glue tag, post it, ect). Fortunately, each class provides AC, LCD and OHP. But, others tools are not available in class, such as markers,and remote OHP. So, before starting the class, I ask to TU teacher.

On Thursday, suddenly there was a meeting of teacher at 12.00 WIB. So,I did not get the second teaching X.4 grade. 😦

Titiah Dewi Masitoh